Top Ten Star Wars Monsters

This is a SPECIES LIST, not an individual one. Feel free to add as you like.

The Top Ten

1 Sarlacc

So original! A monster living in a hole it the ground. It sounds stupid at first, but this is a great idea.

The sarlacc ate boba fett

2 Gnarled Rancor

That big, hideous, original monster in Jabba's Palace

3 Bull Rancor

Even stronger than a gnarled rancor, although I think gnarled rancors and cooler.

4 Exogorth

Amazing idea, mysterious, and plan awesome. This is the space worm from episode V.

5 Tyrant Rancor

Rancor a are as cool as they get. This species proves it!

6 Dianoga

This crazy awesome monster is like a cross between a squid and a sarlacc.

7 Wampa

Too much like the snow man, but still a great monster!

8 Lava Flea

A giant flea that lives by lava and can be kept as a pet. That'd be cool to see at a zoo.

9 Sando Aqua Monster

"there's always a bigger fish." A Sando Aqua monster is that bigger fish. So awesome.

10 Zillo Beast

This is in the top three for sure

The Contenders

11 Brain Worm

I'm not too big of a clone wars fan, but this is awesome!

12 Oper Sea Killer

You would think I'd be at the top of the food chain of Sando Aqua monsters didn't exist.

13 Jungle Rancor

One word; awesome! Only appears in clone wars though.

14 Colo Claw Flish

I don't know why, but I have always liked this eel like giant.

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