Top Ten Questions and Plot Holes in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

This list covers the many plot holes in The Rise of Skywalker, and there are lots! Parts of this will overlap with the Biggest Problems list that I made a while back too.
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1 How did Palpatine end up alive on a distant world?

First time we see him in the flesh, he's hooked on some crazy machine. He's also on the world of Exegol, far away from where Endor's Death Star blew up. Further more, he says he's "already died before", which probably could explain things, but not so much coming back to life. I don't buy into "Sith magic" as a thing, for the record.

Reasons. Actually he did mention in Revenge of the Sith that Darth Plageius taught him everything. He may of taught him how to rebuild life.

2 How did the second Death Star's remains end up on a completely different moon?

You gotta understand how the first two death stars (ANH and ROTJ) were destroyed, they were gone in an almost complete explosion (yes, it was primitive filming at the time). Almost all particles and structures were completely wiped out and disintegrated in the explosion. Yet the remains of the ROTJ Death Star are located in one of the moons and one of the moons alone.

3 How can Finn feel the Force?

Major spoiler that most people probably overlooked: Finn somehow can feel the Force in this movie, and at some points, he wanted to tell Rey about it but never got the chance. His apparent Force sense managed to help tremendously in the Battle of Exegol. However, you have to understand that Finn has no real past to speak of, unless he was connected by some chance to a Jedi or another Force user (possibly Mace Windu). It's hard to say just how Finn was able to feel the Force.

I bet he's related to Mace Windy.

4 How come the Sith dagger hasn't been worn out from erosion?

Naturally films don't really pay much attention to how much weathering and erosion play a part in decomposing things. Therefore, it's pretty crazy that the Sith dagger that the group finds manages to somehow be a central puzzle piece to reaching the remains of the Death Star, and even crazier that given that the thing has been in the desert for THAT long it has not eroded. Maybe some Sith magic, again.

Maybe Sith artifacts like that don't erode.

5 What's the deal with the lightspeed skip?

This is probably the most forgettable one since it happens at a midway point between locations, but there's quite a few lightspeed skips done in the Millenium Falcon. Poe who's piloting it goes from planet to planet with lightspeed skips near notable gravity wells (planets). This contradicts something in Empire Strikes Back, where the Rebel fleet had to flee into space before launching the lightspeed maneuver.

This is the only actual plot hole on this list, all the others have explanations.

6 What's the deal with TIE fighters chasing the Falcon during the lightspeed skip?

Unlike the last hole, this one contradicts something that was in the last movie, where they talk about how ships have been unable to track other ships through hyperspace. The Supremacy, the big star destroyer in that movie, apparently had new state-of-the-art technology that allowed it to happen but of course this star destroyer was destroyed. Yet the First Order managed to put this kind of technology on the fighters that were chasing the Falcon through hyperspace jumps.

7 How was Luke Skywalker's old X-Wing repaired?

Seriously that thing has been submerged under the water in the last movie and confirmed in the Visual Dictionary of The Last Jedi to have been wrecked by Luke himself before it was submerged. With it being submerged that long the electronics would have short-circuited long ago.

8 How was the blue lightsaber repaired?

The blue lightsaber as I like to call it is referring to the one Anakin Skywalker had, which passed down to Luke, was lost in Empire Strikes Back along with his hand, ends up in The Force Awakens, with Rey wielding it until the moment it got split in half by the Force users Rey and Ren. Accordingly it is the same one from those movies, but I'm left wondering if it really is, as there's no sign of visible tear on the thing, or if it is a completely different blue lightsaber altogether.

9 How was the secret armada of Star Destroyers maintained so well, only to be used by Palpatine when the time came?

There's so much I wanted to say about this one. How were the Star Destroyers constructed over there? How come Palpatine never did this well before in the other movies to take over the entire galaxy? And more importantly, the importance of Kyber crystals, which are used to power the Death Stars and their reactors, and just how much of the resource was used up. So how did these Star Destroyers, each equipped with planet-killing lasers, end up having this much Kyber in them?

That's a lot of Star Destroyers. It looks like the Sith preferred quantity over quality of the fleet ordered by the Emperor. It's poorly built.

10 How does Ben Solo leave Kef Bir?

After the lightsaber duel with Rey and Ren and Han Solo's fantastic appearance as a memory to Kylo, Ben Solo sets off, but exactly how? Rey stole his specialized TIE fighter and fled to exile in Ahch-To. Ben was on the Death Star wreckage, and his only real options are to find locals who have spaceships or to find a derelict one that was actually operable in some way. But it's never explained.

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11 If the point of "Rey Skywalker" is that found family is real, then why would Rey kiss her family member, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren?

Found Family is important in Star Wars. Rey Skywalker tarnishes this importance by implying that kissing someone from your found family (even though he was not technically a Skywalker) is not incest, which means that found family doesn't matter, which is not true!

12 What happened to all the Porgs on the Millennium Falcon?
13 Why rely upon Force-healing for so much of the plot when it is almost never used in other movies?
14 How did Maz get Luke/Anakin's lightsaber?

Not really a plot hole for Rise of Skywalker, more like one for Force Awakens instead.

15 Why does Kylo Ren become a good guy so quickly and so completely?
16 Where Did Rey's Golden Lightsaber Come From?
17 Why didn't Finn reveal that he could use the force sooner?

Honestly people, of COURSE Finn could use the Force, the ability can blossom in ANYONE. The real question is: Why didn't he reveal it sooner? (or at all) Finn had so much potential and they threw it away!

18 How did Luke and Leia know that Rey was a Palpatine?
19 Who was Rey's grandmother?

Nobody Palpatine would NEVER have a love intrest plua he killed his own family and other people's loved ones plus he hated love himself.

20 What is Finn's real name?
21 Where is Sith Jarjar?
22 Did Rey and Ben's force dyad have any side effects?
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