Top 10 Best Steven Universe Episode Ideas

These are my ideas for episodes that should be created in Steven Universe!

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1 Rose?

In this episode Steven wishes that he can see rose just once, and her room opens. He goes inside, makes some wacky things but then thinks, what if I make rose? He makes her and starts talking to her. Every day he would go into the room but rose said to stop talking to her and to not summon her again. The episode ends with her disappearing and Steven standing there crying tears of joy. - Listproffessor3030

Not really most of her episodes are depressing

Great heartfelt and beautiful idea - Martinglez

A Rose solo anything Rose would make me happy

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2 Something at the Sea

Onions father is fishing in the ocean when he encounters malachite - Listproffessor3030

Oh my god a brilliant idea! 5 stars! - Danguy10

3 That's Not a Rock


Steven buys a rock at a garage sale, but it winds up being a bad gem. - Listproffessor3030

Heh, I'm working on this.

4 Lapidot

It's a cool concept, but it might need a better name. How about How I Became the Sea? - Synchronocity

Lapis and Peridot create a romantic fuse. - Stevenuniversefangirl

I want this to happen so bad.

YES. I have a theory that they may create a temporary permafusion.

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5 Nothing We Could Do

This will be a very sad episode. Yellow diamond comes to destroy earth because peridot will not listen to her orders. They try to stop yellow diamond but she is so strong that there is nothing they can do. They fly away on a space ship and watch as earth explodes. - Listproffessor3030

6 Our Army Part 1

The gems create a massive robot that will help for the upcoming second home world war. - Listproffessor3030

7 The Second War Part 2

This is part 2 to our army. All of home world comes down to earth. Home world gems fight the robot army and malachite fights yellow diamond. - Listproffessor3030

8 Another Member

Lapis and jasper unfuse, and lapis becomes a crystal gem. At first she can't get along with the crystal gems, but she learns just like peridot did. - Listproffessor3030

9 We Did It

The gems managed to stop the cluster, which leaves yellow diamond pissed. - Listproffessor3030

Yes I'd love it

10 I'm a Fusion?

Jasper finds out that she was a successful home world fusion experiment. All of those 1000s of years of her hating fusion, and she finds out that she has been one all along. This would be an emotional jasper episode that shows that she actually has a heart. - Listproffessor3030

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11 The Break Up

I think this list was right, The Break Up is Now We're Only Falling Apart. Ruby and Sapphire break up. - LapisBob

Wow this is already going to happen,

Ruby and Sapphire break up, and the gems are worried Garnet will be gone forever.

I love Garnet as a character, but I really wanna see this
Best idea I've seen and should be higher up on the list!

12 Steven Universe Meets Star Butterfly (Crossover)

This needs to happen

13 Gold

A new gem is found. Gold. She is extremely powerful and is sent to earth with a job to do. - Listproffessor3030

14 Steven Universe Meets We Bare Bears (Crossover)

I like this idea

15 The Return of Sugilite

Garnet and Amethyst fuse once again!

16 Steven Universe Meets Gravity Falls

I would love if this happened! - Stevenuniversefangirl

17 The Gems Vs Teen Titans Go

This would be awesome. We all know who'd win. - RoseWeasley

The Titans get their butts handed to them - KalloFox34

18 Nanefua Tells A Story

Steven and Connie visit Fish Stew Pizza, and Nanefua tells them a story about her younger years and life.

19 Mayor Dewey's New Crush

Mayor Dewey finally gets the hint that Pearl's not interested, but when he discovers "Alexandrite" he develops a brand new crush. He searches all over town for her again, until at the end he finds out she was just a fusion of the 3 Crystal gems.

20 I Fell in Love at Fish Stew Pizza

Lars gets to know Kiki better and develops a "crush" on her. Steven helps Lars to work up the courage to ask her out, and at the same time avoids Sadie thinking she'll be jealous.

21 A Family Affair

Steven and Connie get scared when they notice Greg and Connie's mom have been spending a lot of time together lately, and Connie fears her mom is cheating on her dad with Greg.

22 Birthday Hurtday

Steven throws Peridot and Lapis a party together like he has for the other gems, but they end up arguing the whole time. His feelings are hurt because they ruined the party, and they later make it up to him.

Pretty good idea

23 Homemade Gem

Steven finds a part of Peridot's advanced Gem-tech that can create Gems out of almost everything. He uses it to bring his favorite items to life.

24 Cartoon Network Characters Meet Up at Oracle Arena and Play 1 on 1 Basketball Against Robin

The Teen Titans will be exposed by Ice Bears ankle abusing skills and 3'point bombs while my brothers will posterize the titans and hit step back jump shots when you and so will everyone else

25 Different Way
26 Ed, Edd n Steven

Don't ruin Steven Universe for me! - KalloFox34

27 The Truth About Lion

Steven and the Crystal Gems finally find out where Lion came from.

28 A Friend for Greg

Steven wants to get his dad to hang out with other people more, so he gets Greg and Kofi to start hanging out, and they eventually become best friends.

29 Opal Love

Amethyst gets addicted to being Opal to the point where she thinks she's in love with Pearl.

30 What's a Date?

Peridot learns what a "date" is, and asks Lapis on one. The night ends with the two cuddling and watching the stars. <3

31 The Beauty Pageant

Lapis gets mad when she finds out Steven signed her up for a "beauty pageant" which she thinks is "stupid". Connie loves the thought though, and tries to show Lapis how to work it on the stage, even though Connie's never did a pageant either. Lapis messes up big time, by being awkward, but wins for "being herself" and not hiding her true beauty by acting like something she's not. She thanks Connie for her help, hugs her new friend, and gives the tiara to Connie.

32 I Won't Say I'm In Love

Peridot has been feeling really weird lately. She acts like a fumbling idiot around Lapis, she's always fuzzy and warm on the inside, and she can't stop thinking about her. She doesn't know what's up, so she goes to Steven and finds out she has a crush on Lapis.

33 Rose's Return

Steven's gem cracks, and his mom forms out of one half of the gem.

34 Yellow Diamond Comes to Town

This list was right, YD Comes to Town is Reunited! - LapisBob

Yellow Diamond visits earth, and the gems have to finally face her.

35 Chrysocolla

When her planet gets destroyed, Amethyst's childhood friend comes to earth,they spend the day together, but then jasper comes to earth and they fight her.

36 Steven Universe Meets Adventure Time (Crossover)
37 Pearl Falls For Amethyst
38 Ronaldo Asks Kiki On A Date
39 Amethyst Goes To Jail
40 Pearlmethyst
41 10,000 Pals for Steven (10,000 hour Special)

10,000 Puffy Fluffys maul Steven to death and the other gems - Kaylow34

42 One Coarse Gem
43 A Pal For Steven

Perfect Idea! - 445956

44 Buck Dewey Becomes Jenny Pizza's Boyfriend
45 Steven the Criminal

Steven robs a bank and spends the rest of his life in prison

46 Fake/Cloud Connie’s Return

She is horribly underrated she would make an excellent antagonist for another episode

47 Blue diamond gets angry at Steven
48 Malachite Reunites
49 Brother's Little Helper
50 Summer of 4 Ft. 2
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