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21 Cartoon Network Characters Meet Up at Oracle Arena and Play 1 on 1 Basketball Against Robin

The Teen Titans will be exposed by Ice Bears ankle abusing skills and 3'point bombs while my brothers will posterize the titans and hit step back jump shots when you and so will everyone else

22 The Return of Sugilite
23 The Truth About Lion

Steven and the Crystal Gems finally find out where Lion came from.

24 A Friend for Greg

Steven wants to get his dad to hang out with other people more, so he gets Greg and Kofi to start hanging out, and they eventually become best friends.

25 Opal Love

Amethyst gets addicted to being Opal to the point where she thinks she's in love with Pearl.

26 What's a Date?

Peridot learns what a "date" is, and asks Lapis on one. The night ends with the two cuddling and watching the stars. <3

27 The Beauty Pageant

Lapis gets mad when she finds out Steven signed her up for a "beauty pageant" which she thinks is "stupid". Connie loves the thought though, and tries to show Lapis how to work it on the stage, even though Connie's never did a pageant either. Lapis messes up big time, by being awkward, but wins for "being herself" and not hiding her true beauty by acting like something she's not. She thanks Connie for her help, hugs her new friend, and gives the tiara to Connie.

28 I Won't Say I'm In Love

Peridot has been feeling really weird lately. She acts like a fumbling idiot around Lapis, she's always fuzzy and warm on the inside, and she can't stop thinking about her. She doesn't know what's up, so she goes to Steven and finds out she has a crush on Lapis.

29 Rose's Return

Steven's gem cracks, and his mom forms out of one half of the gem.

30 Yellow Diamond Comes to Town

Yellow Diamond visits earth, and the gems have to finally face her.

31 Chrysocolla

When her planet gets destroyed, Amethyst's childhood friend comes to earth,they spend the day together, but then jasper comes to earth and they fight her.

32 Homemade Gem

Steven finds a part of Peridot's advanced Gem-tech that can create Gems out of almost everything. He uses it to bring his favorite items to life.

33 Steven Universe Meets Adventure Time (Crossover)
34 Pearl Falls For Amethyst
35 Ronaldo Asks Kiki On A Date
36 Amethyst Goes To Jail
37 Pearlmethyst
38 10,000 Pals for Steven (10,000 hour Special) V 1 Comment
39 One Coarse Gem
40 A Pal For Steven

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