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41 Alone At Sea

This episode deserves the top ten!

This episode really made me think of my cousin's abusive relationship with her husband.

Don't you think the lightning is too much.

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42 I Am My Mom

This episode and the following episode gives the fans what they really want, the plot moving forward. And it is amazing.

One of the best episodes of the series. And from the looks of it, the next few episodes might be even better - ColdTurkey

I cried so hard at the end of this don't watch if you're at school

Made me cry at the end I reccomend it

43 Are You My Dad?
44 Story For Steven
45 Message Received

"APPARENTLY MORE THAN YOU, YOU... CLOD! " My favorite moment in the entire series! Honestly this episode is super underrated! This episode solidified Peridot as an official crystal gem, which I know fans have been waiting for since she was first introduced! Great character development for peridot as well!

This episode is incredible. Not only is it the debut of yellow diamond, a Charactor Steven universe fans have been waiting for months, it is also action packed and has an amazing climax with yellow diamond yelling at peridot. Also, peridot became a crystal gem! Come on! That makes it high up alone.

I absolutely love when Peridot called Yellow Diamond a Clod, how come this is all the way at 33, it is easily top 5 no question

How is this not in the top ten?

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46 Friend Ship

It was really funny. Anyone? "I caught a Peridot! "-Steven

"Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die! " -Peridot

Pearl's character development was great!


47 Catch and Release

Bringing out the best of Peridot! She's so cute and she and Steven bonded a little awe

Am I the only one who doesn't like Peridot being reformed and changed also liked her old design better.

Peridot's true form is cute! Also, yay! Peridot redemption!

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48 Keeping It Together V 2 Comments
49 We Need to Talk
50 Cry For Help

This is my favorite episode of Steven Universe. It introduces a new story arc that is expanded upon in future episodes. Also, the foreshadowing of the betrayal is great, like when Steven asks Garnet if she'd forgive a lier and she didn't seem so sure. We also got to see Sardonyx, which was awesome. Overall this is such a well-executed episode.

One of my favorite fusions, and the plot with Pearl, and Amethyst's solo OH MY GOSH AMETHYST'S SOLO.

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52 The Good Lars
53 An Indirect Kiss
54 Monster Buddies

This episode is very emotional

55 Chille Tid

This episode was scary especially when jasper was saying you three times.

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56 Back to the Barn

This is the episode that made me ship Pearl and Peridot. - Stevenuniversefangirl

57 Gem Drill

Peridot was PERFECT in this episode. She's my favorite character, and we finally see the Cluster. We also find out that the Cluster doesn't want to hurt anyone, it just wants friends.

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58 Cat Fingers

Creepiest, weirdest, funniest, and best episode.

59 Bubble Buddies
60 Steven Floats

This episode was cool and Steven discovers his floating powers.

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