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21 Loving You For No Reason
22 He's Into Her

This story must be listed on the first place. It has a vey unique plot. Grammars and punctuations are correct. I am rarely interested and I rarely finish reading stories because I could correctly predict the next scene since other stories are cliche. But, this story is very different. It will haunt you in your dreams because of the characters. You will fall for them, not only to their looks but to most of their personalities. You will never understand me unless you try reading it on your own. Your curiousity will make you crave for more. Every chapters has lesson and 'unexpected' twist. You cannot predict the next scene easily, you gotta think really hard. Haha! Kudos. I never though I'll go crazy for it.

This should be on top. not a typical love story.. you'll experience all emotions, you'll cry, laugh, love and br thrilled all at a time. You'll learn many things. This is the best story!

23 548 HeartBeats
24 Will you be his baby maker
25 The for Bad Boys and Me

I love this story very much this is AMAZING! And the story is good and the flow of it

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26 Talk back and you're dead

TBYD for the win especially the crazy trios and SamanTop Loveteam. I super Love it

Ganda neto. Manhid lang and Hindi kikiligin. Kung di mo pa to nabasa, YOU'RE DEAD! Haha

27 The Despicable Guy V 1 Comment
28 Hopeless Romantic

Maganda na sana pangit nga lang yung ending to be honest I really hate endings that is not good

29 Heartless V 2 Comments
30 I'm Dating the Ice Princess
31 You are My Home
32 Avah Maldita V 2 Comments
33 The Boy Next Door

Very touching and beautiful

34 My Perfect Sex Mate Unlimated

I don't like it because its all about sex

35 Until Trilogy

"Okay, let me breathe! First of all this story is the best! This should be in the top 1. The flow of the story was so perf. I mean who wouldn't love ELIJAH MONTEFALCO? The settings, characters and plot was the best. It made me laugh, 'kilig' and cry. This is the best! REALLY!

36 Montello High: School of Gangster

I Love this story, supeer. this is not your ordinary story. Please read, I know you will like it.

I love this story very much actually I have a book and I always read ot again and again and this story is AMAZING! I love the part that van sacrife hiself for summer and now I'm reading the snow white is a gangster the book 2 of montello high. And I'm thankful to the author of this story because she wrote a very good story:)*-*

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37 Forever : A Part Of Me
38 Seducing Drake Palma
39 Marrying Mr. Arrogant
40 If I Fall
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