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1 Uchiha Clan

Sasuke is just way too powerful. He makes up all these new moves and its exciting when you see him fight because its almost like you never know what he is gonna do next! I am so far only on season 2 episode 15 and its getting really good. I like sasuke because of how determined he is. He even said once that he is an "avenger" for his clan that got wiped out and that he will even follow the path of evil just to kill the people that wiped out his beloved family.

Sasuke for life, like Naruto barely could defeat him that one time and it even ended up in a draw and Naruto is OP but that comes to show that Sasuke is stronger than Naruto by a little bit.

All Uchiha Members posses a different mangekyo sharingan, that are all able to do different things and most of the Uchiha members can obtain rinnegan. Madara was able to kill everybody that got in his way from getting the rinnegan, in a breeze.

The Uchihas have always been strong and have the sharingan and many other powerful powers and they are the most loved I think besides the Uzumaki Clan but they are strong smart fast, and strong in power, and when they have a goal in something they will always strive for it and achieve it no matter the cost.

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2 Uzumaki Clan

Most of the Uzumaki clan memebers have ridiculous amounts of chakra and most of them a lot of them are inanely strong for example Naruto and Nagato. Although the Uchiha has the sharingan and is a strong clan, you have got to remember that it didn't take much to almost wipe them out completely. It took basically a massive army to take out the Uzumaki clan and that army took a lot of casualties while the Uzumaki clan still had a lot of members still alive after what happened. The Uzumaki's also have some of the strongest sealing jutsus in the Naruto universe which has been used to seal the nine tails in Mito, Kushina and Naruto from what I know of. In my opinion the Uzumaki clan as a clan is above the rest, the Uchiha are extremely strong don't get me wrong, but as a clan the Uzumaki have been stronger for a long time. by the way a clan isn't a single person, it's a group of people

It took 2 people to wipe out the uchiha, and took basically an entire nation to wipe out the uzumaki. Plus, THERE WERE MORE UZUMAKI ALIVE THAN THE UCHIHA CLAN!

It took 3 villages to wipe out most of the clan, while said villages still took heavy casualties.

I like Naruto Uzumaki Because he Never gives up
I like this clan because they become the hokage now Naruto is the 7th Hokage!
I was Amazed!

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3 Senju Clan

It was the descendants of Ashura son of Hagoromo (Sage of Six Paths) that is merely explaining it to be in rival yet considered as the strongest clans.

First to hokages were in the senju clan

Senju means 'the clan with a 1000 techniques/skills' this shows how many different jutsu they have in their arsenal. Even the Uchiha can't keep up with the Senju's techniques as well as not being able to use Sharingan to copy their jutsu. Also the Senju don't just have one particular dojutsu or jutsu, they have many; this shows that the Senju's jutsu will not be anticipated. In addition to Masashi Kishimoto (the creator of the Naruto franchise) doesn' show the full extent of thte Senju's power as he mainly focuses on the Uchiha's jutsu, dojutsu and their troubled past. And finally altogether the ninja of the Senju are just stupefying and unique such as: Hashirama, Tobirama, Butsama, Tsunade, Toka, Nawaki, partially Naruto etc. The Uzumaki and Senju are related by blood and ancestry due to the marriage of Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki this means the Uzumaki are part of the Senju so their techniques were shared. THE SENJU ARE THE STRONGEST! YEEET!

They are the srtongest ninja no lie

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4 Hyuga Clan

I agree with you, but they have many good qualities. One bad one is family relationship. But byakugan and eight programmes is pretty op


Sharingan go bye-bye

Screw the Sharingan

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5 Sarutobi Clan

Hiruzen was one of the best hogake who took the use of orochimarus hands after defeating the first and second hokage. Konohamaru learn the rasengan at an age younger than Naruto. Asuma taught inoshikacho and was a temple gaurd for the diamyo. Should I go on cause it is prety obvious sarutobi clan is op

6 Ōtsutsuki Clan

They are literally the GODS/rulers of Naruto

Their leader is literally GOD

There lords of time

Naruto and sasuke the two strongest people in what is now top two couldn't even bear kaguya by themselves

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7 Nara Clan

Best clan for sure


Nara clan for life I mean were smarter then you and shadow possession so yeah...


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8 Aburame Clan

Great Variety of insects that can accomplish many things. Also nano-sized, venomous insects

Is not a great clan they have to do with bugs please don't ever compare that to gaaras sand

It's really badass and they're really strong, is like Gaara's sand but is a kekkei genkai and you can make it stronger and others things.

No one has ever seen such clan. Anyone can steal sharingan, anyone can have hashirama's cell but no one can copy them.

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9 Inuzuka Clan


There legit have dogs.

One word, dogs

Dogs op

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10 Akimichi Clan

They live the life the more fat they are the more powerful they are unlike Sasha over there

Nickname big chungus clan

Akimichi was white but then choji married Karui who is black which makes chocho who pass down their colour

I'm dying at the comment below

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? Nine Tailed Fox Clan


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11 Hatake Clan

Its Kakashi need I say more

Why do you ask? The answer is simple. Kakashi is OP.

Clan is relly strong kakashi is very strong as his father is assasin too.

Kakashi is good

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12 Yamanaka Clan

This should be in the top 10

Ino is awesome that's it

Mind body switch... all I have to say

13 Fuccboi Clan

You choke on thousands of dicks in your mouth and ass jack ass

This should be at the number one spot

This is it chief

This clan so op they have all the kekkei genkais combined at birth, the weakest Fuccboi Clan member is probably stronger than Naruto

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14 Namikaze Clan

I love Minato.

Minato please Flying Raijin your dick into my ass.

Sexiest clan

Fast as fucc boi

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15 Ichiraku Clan

Way too overpowered for the scaling of the show. Almost broke the vibe of naruto because every time a member of this clan fought it made you feel like you were watching one punch man

10/10 most powerful clan in the universe. Easily stomps the Uchiha, Uzumaki, Senju, Hyuga, Yamanaka, Aburame, and Akimichi all combined.

16 Otsutsuki Clan

It's the strongest clan when its 1 v 1 so if they had an army of their own clan and an army of uchicha what ever its called okustski would win

17 Akatsuki Clan


It has a lot of diffrent shinobi covers a lot of op powers. top 10?

Akatsuki would whoop any clans azz, also not a clan. It’s a group

Akatsuki ain't a real clan but its strong as any I mean come on guys pain/nagati,black zetsu,Obito,sasori,kakuzu,deidara,Itachi, even orochimaru they gave all the villages hard timeand even captured almost all the jinchurikis say that's not enough.

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18 Sakura Clan


It’s called the Haruno clan

This bitch weak.

19 Ryuushi Clan

Best clan dragon sage mode

20 Madara Clan

Bro Madara is a uchiha

21 Chinoike Clan


Ketsuryugan + Blood = Death ( it can control iron )

The Chinoike clan has a strong kekkei genkai called the Ketsuryūgan. The only survivors of the clan is Chino and En Oyashiro. They were one of the strongest clans.

22 Raman Clan

Needs to be #1 even Naruto see it like a god


23 Lee Clan

Konoha green beasts

€It’s the lee clan what else is there to say

24 Tenten


Shes fugen hot mte

25 Kazekage Clan

Garra be moppin the floor with his opponents

Gaara op

One word… Gaara

Compare how many people showed up for Obama´s speech then look at how many people showed for Gaara´s speech end of story

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26 Haruno Clan

Why isn't the whole fudgen haruno clan in naruto


They are fodder clan... even putting them up this high is a mistake
Wait are we talking about the clans overall or just individuals?

27 Wasabi Clan

They are god amongst men and they run

I forgot what happens in that filler but this clan needs to be number 1 vote now!

I’m kidding they r ass

28 No Sabaku


Because Gaara is there people! give him some support!

29 ChickNug Clan

Yes just yes

30 Kamizuru Clan
31 ThiccDaddies Clan

They make u thick with their spiders and blow your mum out

32 Gui Clan

The Guy clan is one of THE MOST hardworking clans on this list, Not only do they push themselves to their limits, they are also one of the first clans to master The Eight Inner Gates Technique, Might Guy taught Rock Lee how to be a splendid ninja, Might Guy endured tougher training than even Rock Lee! The Hyuga clan, Lee clan, Seven Ninja Swordsmen Of The Mist, The Akatsuki, and The Uzumaki Clan have a hard time defeating any members of this clan, Might Guy's father defeated 4 out of 7 of the Swordsmen of The Mist. This should be at least within the top three, please vote if you agree.

33 Kurama Clan

Kurama is op but he doesn’t have a clan he has a species

They can make genjutsu seem real..

34 Yuhi Clan
35 Yuki Clan


36 Orochimaru Clan
37 Fuma Clan

Dude like come on they have the fuma shuriken totally op

38 Kaguya Clan

Their bones way too OP,imagine if they were a principal clan in the anime?

One word BONES

Shikotsumyaku and All-Killing Ash Bones? Yes please.

39 Shukaku clan

Because sleep is better then humans

40 Terengganu Clan

Because it had a nasi dagang there.

The most OP

41 Hozuki Clan
42 Sasuke Clan

The best in the game

Get girls (annoying ones by the way) Try to kill a fan and the fan DOESN'T RESIST

43 Amagiri Clan

The clan that only appears in game

44 Borusara Clan

Boruto and sarada passing down the uzumachi power

45 Uzaninjobi Clan

They are the most elite shinobi they are like the uzumaki clan but u can tell if they are because their hair changes colour and can 2 different colours at the Sam time to show there emotions.
In other words they are badass shinobi. They are like gods and goddesses among the mortals.

46 Iburi Clan

I mean, they can turn themselves into smoke.

They can turn themselves into smoke, ’ smoke!

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