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1 Uchiha Clan

They are basically the driving force of the story. Naruto Shippuden is basically uchiha this, sharingan that. Sasuke this, Itachi that. I find it hard to believe that the uchiha clan were not originally in Kishimoto's first draft.

Sasuke, itachi, and madara. Plus their sharingan. What else is there left to say

They're strong when their hatred arises. - Phoenix-Tens

There visual prowess are powerful

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2 Uzumaki Clan

Uzumaki clan has shown there brilliance over generations as being hokage of the village hidden in the leaf known as healers and unique fighting styles that the sharingan has trouble keeping up with the uzumaki clan is the strongest because they have these natural leaders who don't know how to give up they always find a solution they don't fall into everyone elses way finding their own path along every route this clan is the ultimate clan by far

Uzumaki clan is the best clan to draw out many powerful Ninja's and it's one of the most valued clan and even in the ninja vest's you can see the uzumaki symbol (swirl) which means that it's an honor for the uzumaki clan

Their chakra is so powerful that they are know for storing tailed beast in them


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3 Senju Clan

Senju are the strongest and uchiha second even the uchiha admit it! And hashirama is stronger than any uchiha ever

The Uchiha have the cool factor yes, but add up the wins and losses and it's the Senju clan. Also I sorta just roll the Uzumaki clan into the Senju clan.

Lol just just too good

What Uchiha's on top. Not possible. Senju are better than uchiha.Every Indra successor( Uchiha's) list to ashes( senju and uzumaki).
Madara beaten by HASHIRAMA ( the god)
Kaunsa beaten by TOBIRAMA ( the greater of awesome Justus)
Sasuke beaten by NARUTO
Even itachi had a fight with NAGATO (second sage of six paths) he would have lost.
Mine top tens are
1. Otsutsuki ( of course they r originator of chakra)
2. Senju
3. Uzumaki ( you can see their history in Eddie village that's why above uchiha)
4. Uchiha
5. Tsuchikage's clan (don't known name)
6. Gaara clan (" ")
7.Hyuga ( bit confused between 6th and 7th. Placed in 7th as they don't have very strong leader)
8. Second mizukage clan
9. Nara and Kamikaze tied
10. Aburame, Yamanaka and akimichi clan tied

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4 Hyuga Clan

Let's be honest here, Hyūga are said to be he hidden leafs leading fight force, the Hyūga could easily shut down any person other than a jynchūriki. Even if the person was a jynchuriki the Hyūga can rupture there organs. Not only that I'd say they have the strongest Kekkei genkai that's common. You could argue with the mongekyõ sharinan but one only about 8 Uchiha in history have ever got it. The rinnegan don't count, also they're descendents of hamura ototsuski.

5 Sarutobi Clan

Hiruzen was one of the best hogake who took the use of orochimarus hands after defeating the first and second hokage. Konohamaru learn the rasengan at an age younger than Naruto. Asuma taught inoshikacho and was a temple gaurd for the diamyo. Should I go on cause it is prety obvious sarutobi clan is op

6 Ōtsutsuki Clan

Yeah I forgot that Shikamaru could beat the sage of 6 pa- oh wait, he can't...

They are the purest clan and the ancestor of all strongest clans making them most powerful

First Clan to possess chakra, founded the Hyuga, Uzumaki, Senju, and Uchiha Clans

First clan to possess chakra

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7 Nara Clan

Awesome and smart

8 Aburame Clan

No one has ever seen such clan. Anyone can steal sharingan, anyone can have hashirama's cell but no one can copy them.

My favorite clan and kekkai gekkai!

9 Inuzuka Clan

The Inuzuka clan have their ow unique jutsu and their relationship with canine makes their advantages and success high.

Inuzuka clan is the best so suk it doofus

10 Akimichi Clan

Why there fat

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11 Yamanaka Clan
12 Hatake Clan
13 Namikaze Clan

Because Minato is op

Minato is op

14 Ryuushi Clan
15 Chinoike Clan

Ketsuryugan + Blood = Death ( it can control iron )

The Chinoike clan has a strong kekkei genkai called the Ketsuryūgan. The only survivors of the clan is Chino and En Oyashiro. They were one of the strongest clans.

16 Lee Clan

Konoha green beasts

€It’s the lee clan what else is there to say

17 Kamizuru Clan
18 Kurama Clan

They can make genjutsu seem real..

19 Hozuki Clan
20 Fuma Clan
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