Strongest Zodiac Signs


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1 Scorpio

Yeas... we are stronger than anyone and when everything is okay, we can blow up for no apparent reason too. If anyone bothers us, the comeback can range from a death-glare to a venomous reply, and to sticking a fork in their eye (... or am I the only one that has the urge to do that when there's a fork nearby? Oh wow, rhyme combo.)

Lucky me. What do you mean by strong? - keyson

Scorpions have a magical strength...

They can apparently manipulate you and read your mind. They are also the darkest zodiac of them all

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2 Aquarius

I Searched up Aquarians monsters and I found a mermaid and a dragon

We don't seek a fight. We fight our fear. That's us, Aquarians.


Why do aquarians have all the time on earth to sit here and job no life?

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3 Aries

I wouldn't doubt an Aries, even if Leo might sound like the strongest, some Aries are actually stronger. My mom is an Aries and hands down is she tough. I have a friend who is an Aries and my she is one fighter. She's probably the strongest friend I know. Yeah, her temper can get in her way, but that just adds on to her toughness.

Can't even spell it right huh?

Never runs out of energy and most active and aggressive

Apparently, we are so high, nobody can touch us

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4 Leo

LEO FOR LIFE! Even though my personality isn't really like a leo. - PhoenixAura81

Lion is the king of the jungle and so is the king of tge zodiacs. Its king for a reason.

I'm a leo

Lol...this is so wrong. LEO is the strongest sign, hands down. It has the strongest animal symbol (lion) and is ruled by the strongest "planet" (the Sun). So sorry but this list is completely wrong.

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5 Tarus

I'm a Tarus and I never lost a fight

It's spelt Taurus and come on their sign is represented THE BULL

Nothing can stand in the way of an angry taurus

Dude what its "TAURUS"

6 Gemini

Gemini is clearly the strongest. For an example, when someone puts them down they don't respond to the negativity from negative individuals and instead they just take it and get back up and continue being themselves as if nothing really happened. Every other sign complains when they get hate and then they starts trouble. I have a brother whose a Gemini and he doesn't appreciate hateful people like that and he does get emotional but he never responds to it because he understands he's better than everyone else and HE IS. I've never seen a sign act more mature towards the hate than Gemini. That right there takes strength to me.

Yep yep yep

They are great people

Mentally strong, and have the potential to be physically strong too

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7 Cancer

Yes Cancerians are emotionally strong and with their inner strength they can SERIOUSLY change people. Even stronger than scorpio. No lie!

Stop underrating us seriously. what Aquarius, Taurus and even Gemini (what? ) above Cancer? I only accept Scorpio above us PERIOD. Cancer = THE FORCE WITHIN. YOU DON'T TOUCH WHAT OR WHO WE CONSIDER VALUABLE. YOU THOUGHT ONLY SCORPIONS CAN HURT? THINK AGAIN. by the way Leo = looks very good to impressionable people (Leo = Jaime Lannister) but their pride is ill placed. They think they are the Lion above people when they are just a boasting douchebag. We cancers know better then boasting to impress the plebe. Aries = Bold but lacks deep motives and brains. Good to throw as canon feeder.. And Aquarius rated 2nd really? I personally know a person with almost all their planets in Aquarius they have Sun, Moon and Ascendant Aquarius. Let me tell you that the result is quite ugly frankly. You get an unstable person full of contradictions, very demanding towards others but refusing to compromise in any way een for their own good. You thought Taurus was mule headed? You clearly didn't meet an ...more

Cancers can be power houses when they are emotionally involved with what they are doing. Emotions are what this sign is about.

I'm a cancer, and my friends would call me, "Shy". I have many friends, but I am not popular, just nice to people. I'm not strong myself. - XxFoxyMeepzxX

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8 Virgo

I am a virgo, someone tried to attack me, someone stronger than me, how did I win? , use their balance and strength against them.

9 Pices

Pisces (or Pices lol) strength is very underestimated. The sign that comes of as "weak" because we rather avoid conflict and only use violence as a last resort.

Pisces is the strongest.

I would share but it's a drag and won't make difference. But think Einstein, king Shaka, Shakespeare, Jesus, Buddha to make a popular few. But that changes one's perspective on "strongest"

Haha I feel bad for my friend because her zodiac is this! =3

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10 Capicorn

Most Capricorn are cold and distant about things so we don't let emotions control us

Actualy a Capricorn is stronger than airies

My sign is VERY strong being that we are natural leaders, highly motivated and ambitious, we know what we want and go for it. We are also very practical and rational. Along with loving to stand up for rights, etc and making a difference peacefully yet firmly.

Super strong

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11 Libra

I am strong then any other

They are not weak when it come to bring harmony to other

I'm better than kint jimenea who is a scorpio

Libra squad I never lost a fight and I have been in many

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12 Sagittarius

Isn't it obvious?

Sagittarius is obviously THE strongest. they have Jupiter the strongest of all gods ruling them and they have the strongest body part (the thighs) and they have a kickass fighting spirit too. Obviously underrated sign.

I'm a Sagittarius and I have beat leos in fighting and most aries I meet have been pretty weak compared to me. I do Taekwondo but my strength is still way stronger than most other people I've met. Why do people not see sag as the strongest why!

I'm a Sagittarius, and, seriously, I'm surprised to see it in 12th. - PositronWildhawk