Stupidest Ideas for Children's Cartoon Episodes

Here are some stupid ideas that should never exist, two of them are already in other lists, but the others were invented by me

The Top Ten Stupidest Ideas for Children's Cartoon Episodes

1 Chloe and Panda Have Sex (We Bare Bears)

Chloe and Ice Bear is better

2 Different Way (SpongeBob Squarepants)

This one is so horrible, it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time, let me tell the history of this, in the list of episodes that should be created in season 10 of Spongebob, somebody added an episode called Different Way, despite at first looking like something normal, somebody had an idea that had this episode become incredibly infamous in this website and changed the history of TheTopTens forever, it consisted of an episode where Spongebob peed into Sandy's mouth, that it is so gross, Dear creator of the plot of this episode, YOU ARE A RETARD! - GumballWatterson

3 Soos Goes to Burger King (Gravity Falls)

Soos? Retard?!

No words on this one, who wants to see an retard going to Mcdonald's rival? - GumballWatterson

4 Happy Doofus Shuffleboarding In The Kitchen Freeze With Coarse Meal for Gary (SpongeBob Squarepants)

This title is too long. - Jasmine21064


5 Star Becomes a Star (Star vs The Forces of Evil)
6 Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour: Official Nickelodeon Edition (Jimmy Neutron)

The pizza is aggresive! - GumballWatterson

7 Meowth's Boner (Pokemon)

Why this thing on the list? this thing was real! look at one of the pokemon episodes on season 15

Inspired by Pokeporn images - GumballWatterson

8 The Yee (The Amazing World of Gumball)

This sounds actually kind of cool to me - sdgeek2003

Plot: The Yee dinosaur becomes popular in Gumball's school - GumballWatterson

9 Chat Noir's Stinky Fart (Miraculous Ladybug)

It should be called "Robin's Stinky Fart (Teen Titans Go! )

Look better on Robin (Teen Titans Go) more than that

10 Mario goes to The Island Of Sodor (Thomas The Tank Engine)

Mario the Tank Engine. - GumballWatterson

The Contenders

11 The Guy who keeps adding Lion King characters on Top 10 Most Overrated Cartoon and Video Game Characters of all time gets killed by Lincoln Loud Clyde, SpongeBob and Plankton (SpongeBob and The Loud House crossover)

I hate that guy, but this episode should be given an Television Razzie - GumballWatterson

12 Shredder Gets a Supernanny (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Shredder throws tantrums like Caillou

Krang was not amused when Shredder watches Caillou

Krang was amused when Shredder watches Caillou

13 Caillou Gets Duct Taped (Caillou)

So the Caillou haters will be happier so they won't have to listen to his cringey whining again

14 Caillou Imitates Teen Titans Go (Caillou)

Caillou plays Robin by bossing people especially his friends and smack his newbown baby sister Rosie with his toy staff

15 Togepi Gets Steroids (Pokémon)

Brock accidently feeds Togepi Pokemon food and didn't realize there's steroids serum tainted in them and causes Togepi to have super human like musclular arms and legs and beats up Team Rocket

16 Fart Baby (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

The Collector examines the untrasound to Peter's bloated stomach after he ate some chicken wings he bought from earth when the Collector finds out that Peter has a big green gas ball his insides and Peter believes that he's pregnant to a big green gas ball and treats it like it was his future kid but the Collector wants it for his collection

Peter believes that he's. Pregnent to a fart gas that is trapped in his stomach after he ate too much chicken wings from earth and starts to treat it like a baby

17 Angelica in Dance Moms (Rugrats)

What about Angelica in “Toddlers and Tiaras”

18 The Swearing (The Amazing World of Gumball)
19 Attack On Mr. Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants)
20 The Swearing (Teletubbies)
21 Stuck in Wringer Zoda (F-Zero Gp Legend)
22 Lickity Split, You're Fired! (My Little Pony)
23 A Pal For John Tanaka (F-Zero Gp Legend)
24 Robin's Fart Baby (Teen Titans Go)
25 The Innuendo Jokes (Guardians of The Galaxy)
26 A Pal for Bubsy (Bubsy)
27 D.W. Gets A Spanking (Arthur)
28 Skeletor Twerks (He-Man The Master of the Universe) Skeletor is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Masters of the Universe franchise created by Mattel.
29 Robin Eats Babies (Teen Titans Go!)
30 The Baby Eater (Teen Titans Go!)
31 Robin's Poop Fetish (Teen Titans Go!)
32 Robin The Anti-Hero (Teen Titans Go!)
33 Teen Pregnancy Titans (Teen Titans Go!)
34 Bubsy Stuck in the Wringer (Bubsy)
35 Trigun (Cartoon Network's MAD)
36 Joco's Jokes and Puns Out of Control (Shaman King)
37 Plankton Finds a Death Note (SpongeBob SquarePants)
38 Baby Sitter Jack (F-Zero Gp Legend)
39 One Coarse Black Shadow (F-Zero Gp Legend)
40 Baby Sitter Robin (Teen Titans Go!)
41 Zoda Is Pregnant (F-Zero Gp Legend)
42 The Innuendo Jokes (Defenders of Dynatron City)
43 Robin's Splinter (Teen Titans Go!)
44 Muppet Titans Go! (Muppet Babies)
45 Looney Titans Go! (Baby Looney Tunes)
46 James gets locked in the Changing Rooms by Norman so he can do his stupid Frog Dance (Fireman Sam)
47 Quill's Splinter (Guardians of the Galaxy)
48 When StarLord Twerks (Guardians of the Galaxy)
49 Bleep 2 (Arthur)

Roadkill: Oh *bleep*!
Bionic Bunny: Language!

D.W. swears up a storm again after she heard the swear words from the movie,"Road Kill" (Parody of Deadpool) while watching it with the Tibbles

D.W.: (In RoadKill(Deadpool) Costume) (Sees fat bully kid picking on Kate by trying to sit on her and trying to break, scratch D.W.’s Crazy Bus and chewing on the Mary Moo Cow doll in the sandbox)

D.W: Hey you kid, You trying (Bleep) up my baby sister, my Crazy Bus and Mary Moo Cow! I’m gonna *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* and *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* and I’m gonna *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* your fat *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* And if you ever *Bleep* bad mouth about my Crazy Bus and my Mary Moo Cow, I’ll *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* and bury you in a *Bleep* sand! Understand?!

Bully kid :(Runs away crying ) MOMMY! That kid swear at me!

50 The Swearing (Teen Titans Go!)
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