Top 10 School Courses That Can Benefit Any Major

As a college student, you take general education classes and major-specific courses, but there’s typically time left over for electives and other outside-your-field classes. So what should you take? Below, has rounded up the top ten courses that can benefit any major.
The Top Ten
1 Computer Science

In this tech-driven world, a certain level of computer understanding is required in many classes and fields. An introductory-level computer science course may discuss topics ranging from basic coding to hardware.

2 Composition

Strong writing skills are consistently named one of the top hireable skills. No matter the field, the ability to draft an article, proposal, script, or memo with immaculate execution is important.

3 Statistics

For those outside of math-heavy fields, a basic understanding of statistics can help you decipher workplace and household issues. Is this advertising campaign providing a valuable traffic increase? Is the return on investment worth the time? Statistics come up in all kinds of fields and projects.

4 Speech

Despite the fear often associated with it, public speaking is a frequent requirement in workplaces, classrooms, and social situations. The skills studied in speech may better not only your personal presentation, but your information organization and communication styles.

5 Political Science

A basic understanding of political science may be useful when navigating government regulations for your new startup or when flipping through the newspaper.

6 Physics

No matter which of the sciences you're studying, some background knowledge in physics can be beneficial, if not crucial, to assist your specialist knowledge in your area of research. A specific area of physics that you have good knowledge of, or in a book in your library, may turn your project around.

It may have a daunting reputation, but physics touches not only all other aspects of science, but the real world too. From why chemicals react the way they do to how your car moves, physics is an all-encompassing subject beneficial to any student.

7 Logic and Reasoning

A philosophy course in logic and reasoning can help set up a strong foundation for looking at issues, finding answers, and understanding material. Toned critical thinking skills are helpful across all majors.

8 World History

Having a basic understanding of the world around you is beneficial in any career, as well as in a myriad of social situations and academic courses. Studying world history can help you put information into perspective.

9 Finance

A strong understanding of money is crucial. Science majors need to understand the funding behind research, much like business majors need to understand the balance of risk and return. Moreover, an introductory understanding of finance may prove helpful after college when buying a house, saving for retirement, and working to pay off student loans.

10 Color Theory

From designing a website to approving the logo of your future business, knowing a bit about colors can really pay off. This art course is not limited only to those with natural artistic talent, but to students looking to better their visual skills as a whole.

The Contenders
11 English
12 Chemistry
13 Calculus
14 Mathematics
15 Home Economics
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