Top Ten Worst Things About P. E./Gym Class

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1 Fitness Tests

I flunk each one with flying colour. I don't care, because fitness tests are torture and failing them are normal (in my point of view).

Yes. I take karate, and for the fitness test I have to run a mile, do push-ups, sit-ups, and wallsits. It's torture! Not the push-ups or sit-ups, but the mile and wallsits.

This test is pure torture. I'm surprised I was able to do 20 pacers at school during gym class today.

Why we even need fitness tests for? Like what is that going help us succeed in life anyways?

2 Getting Hit in the Head with a Ball

Once I got hit in the arm with a ball in football (soccer for Americans) and the teacher didn't see. People made fun of me so I didn't tell anyone. Since PE was first period, I was wandering around school with a broken arm without a cast and I had no idea.

I got hit in the face with a basketball some moron chucked across the gym. It bent the frames of my glasses and hit me hard enough that my nose started bleeding. The coach did nothing, the kid laughed, I got a low grade for sitting out the rest of class due to the horrible headache that followed. It knocked down my 4.0 gpa. That class ruined my life. It's required to graduate too.

So many headaches, so many nosebleeds, so little action from the coaches.

I got hit in the head with a basketball twice and it didn't hurt.

3 Kids Who Take Sports Too Seriously

I also take sports too seriously JUST FOR GRADES. I only pretend I am enjoying the game for the whole class and I have to resist crying whenever I am being picked last. Only if the teacher is not watching, I just ain't playing seriously.

I hate their hypocritical personalities. When I don't participate, they yell at me to do something... ANYTHING! However, when I actually do try to do something, they end up criticizing me for one teensy mistake and tell me to just not do anything. I could be so much more athletic without them.

Oh boy, I had people like this in my gym class last year. Always ruined the fun for everyone. So glad quarantine came and I don't have to deal with them anymore :)

In short, idiots who fail everything else, but are said to be doing well in school because they can kick a runt of the litter in the face. This is the devolution of education itself.

4 Pushy P.E. Teachers

My P.E. teacher is a real jerk. She told us that we still had to exercise in gym class after my friend and I did the blood drive. She said she had done it too, so we should be able to exercise even though my gym teacher literally just watches us do everything...

When I was in high school:

Everyone: (running laps around the gym)
Several kids (including me): we're tired! (starts walking)
Teacher: Come on everyone let's go!

My gym teacher is so mean. I asked if I could go to the nurse because my side hurt he said "no its because your out of shape"
He is so out of shape.

I had one who called everyone unfit just because we couldn't keep up with a couple of super athletic kids.

5 Running

I faked a headache twice during gym class in 7th grade to get out of running. The first time was back in September 2018, and the 2nd time was in March 2019.

All we do is just run. Run, run, run. Fridays are the worst. We have to run five laps in the blazing hot sun. It doesn't help that I have P.E during the hottest time of the day. Yay. Also that some of the fastest kids are in my class, it just makes everyone else look bad. Especially me and some of my friends. We're actually average, it's just everyone else is above average. And for some reason the P.E teachers expect you to be above average. I don't even try anymore. I just don't see the point. You'll be judged either way for being slow. Besides, I honestly don't care if people think I'm slow. I've got the A's in classes, you don't. Your loss for focusing on P.E instead of real knowledge. I could rant for thirty minutes straight about this, but I should probably just end it here. If you know me in real life, you'll know this is me. I am the #1 P.E hater.

How about SPORTS? Just running the whole period sucks and does not technically count as a sport

I'm tired of running...

6 That Anti-Period Teacher

Yes! Those stupid teachers that make you do it when you have crazy cramps.

Mostly applies to female gym teachers based on my experience.

7 When You Get Put on a Really Bad Team

The type of people who are selfish and want the ball and says its mine its mine, the one that gets mad over not passing the ball.

This never really got to me - the other kids on pretty much every bad team I was put on were actually trying, but couldn't help not being very athletic.

I don't care, as I am the guy who is terrible. I wish I could opt out in team games and do math instead. Math is 100x better.

I hate it so much when I get stuck on a team with people that think they're cool for not even trying.

8 When You Get Graded on How Good You are at Sports

Why would I need to know how to pass a football to be a successful human being? I understand learning grammar and basic math but the stuff they teach us in gym is utterly pointless, we're not going to take notes while playing these sports, we're trying not to pass out from the torment we're put through

This is awful. I thankfully was graded for just being present in class. I would never be good at sports due to my low physique, and if that happened I would fall at P.E.

I'm still thanking the Gods my school never went this far with PE class.

9 When the P.E. Teacher is Fat and Tells You to Run Around the Gym
10 When the Gym Teacher Measures Your Weight/Fat Percentage.

I remember back in September 2018 when my gym teacher measured everyone's height and weight and then told us to calculate our BMI on our phones or computers. I had a BMI of 16 or 17 (and still do to this day in 2022) and that made me feel very self conscious. What didn't help was the fact that my gym teacher told me I was "underweight" (even though a 16 -17 BMI is healthy for a 12 year old) and I went home that day in tears over what my gym teacher said to me.

Because if there's one thing kids won't do, it's make fun your weight...!

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11 Failing If You Don't Change

When I was late at P.E because I was helping my literature teacher with the paper and I forgot that it was P.E and I forgot to change, so I rushed down to the gymnasium and my teacher screams at me and tells me that I failed because I didn't have proper attire.

Changing is pointless

12 Block Scheduling

I remember my middle school's finals block scheduling back in May 2019 and trust me, I hated having gym class for 2 hours instead of 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You have P.E for 2 hours

13 Getting a Low Grade for Not Showing Up One Time

My gym teacher was always late for class every day. Because I had that class first hour. When ever I got to class the locker room was locked up. We had to wait in front of the door every morning for her to open the door. Most of the time she was just gossiping with the other teachers. Once I left my backpack in the locker room and the teacher would not unlock the dooe

I hate it when that happens. My life is miserable because my family value PE grades. When I get a 0 my mom gets the belt and my dad gets the pepper spray. Help me...

Once this happened to me. It was a holiday but there was school. I got a five. It was one class and it was a holiday, yet I got a five.

Thankfully my parents don't care about PE.

14 When You Forget Your P.E. Clothes and You Have to Wear the School's Clothes.

In high school when we forgot our PE clothes we have to sit out and we get in trouble for forgetting

15 Cuts and Bruises

My old school often made us do PE on the harsh concrete in the summer, and someone ended up with a grazed elbow or knee nearly every time (I can remember being sent to the nurse at least six times thanks to that). Bruises from getting tackled and knocked down in the hall weren't that much less unpleasant either.

Burnt chicken nuggets

16 Being Bullied for Not Being Good at Sports

When I was doing Physical Education in school, we do the sport I can't stand the most (Football). Neither the teachers or the kids, pick me or my autistic friend in a good team, they put us on a team of the people we don't like.

The kids always put me in goal (I Hate) every time I miss the ball, they will rage at me. Sometimes they make me cry, my friend was also a goalie and he got abused badly.

Not everyone can be really athletic - these bullies really ought to put themselves in the shoes of some of the poor kids who suffer from things like heart problems, bad asthma, leg injuries they never fully recovered from, the list goes on.

A kid in my gym class does this and the thing I messed up on he did it about five minutes earlier. But I know he just wants to be a bully so I ignore him

When we were doing touch rugby (I mean we're still doing but), I had team with 3 boys and me (girl). 2 of the boys are too passionate about touch rugby, and when me and other boy failed with catching or passing ball, they say "You sucks" or whatever like that.

And after that game they just told me to do anything because no one will pass me ball. And then teacher came and said "you guys have to include her (me). Think about what you guys can." And it just sucks. They told me to mark other girl, and it was fine because she is also not good at it. But P.E. just sucks. I feel bad for those boys but I hate team game.

17 When Your Teachers Tell You to Run and They are Sitting Down Eating a Big Mac.

This except my teacher's always on his phone. We are on black-colored turf and he makes us play bocce ball, which is fun if it isn't that hot. It's 100+ degrees on this turf. If someone fainted due to the heat, which I almost did, he wouldn't have noticed.

18 The Locker Room

Here I am, one of the few people that actually values privacy, forced to bathe with a buch of naked guys...

Has anyone ever heard of deodorant? No? Well that explains a lot.

Bring deodorant as always. Then, unleash it everywhere.

19 Running a Mile

Back when I was in 5th grade, my teacher made my class practice for the 5th grade physical fitness test, which included running a mile. By the time I had gotten those practice tests over with, I was left wheezing and gasping for air. I knew there was no way I'd be able to do the real thing.

Fast forward to the real test in May 2017, I decided to pretend I had a leg cramp so that I'd have to walk the mile instead of running it. I even pretended to fall in front of other students and my substitute teacher. She told me to stop faking it (in a very rude tone), but I continued to walk the entire time anyways.

It would take me 12 minutes to do so. And not without being close to death.

20 When You Exercise the Whole Period
21 When People Stand There and Let the Ball Hit the Ground Instead of Saying "I Got It" and Going for It

This mainly happens in volleyball.

I feel so bad because I'm bad at volleyball and I just can't seem to hit the ball and people get mad at me, LIKE THE HECK I'm TRYING

22 P.E. Teachers Who Mock Pupils for Not Understanding It
23 Constantly Screwing Up and Embarrassing Yourself

Why everyone in the P.E. class hates me

24 Dodgeball

Dodgeball is the absolute worst especially if you are an easy target

25 When People Ask You Why Do You Not Like Gym

My teacher lets me sit out and gym. I sit on the bench, some people ask; are you ok, who do you not like Gym or why do you not play gym. Gym is torture! It's in the morning for my class.. I'm in grade 4. lot of people have to do it.. But I don't have to, but... There is games, but sometimes it's Doctor dodgeball, and stuff... It's still torture even if there is games like.. Octopus, tag and stuff..l Hate tag..

It makes me lose my only little bit of self-esteem!

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