Top 10 Worst Mario Games

Mario has been in great video games, but there are some that failed.
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1 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario Product Image

Aside from the horribleness of the YTPs and the game's morality on ruining, which contain some of the worst implications I've ever seen, the humor is enough to make the SJW sellouts blush, the excessive voice acting is out of place when it comes from Nintendo, this game doesn't even bother trying to tell us why we're supposed to sympathize with Mario aside from the fact that everyone likes him, and the plot is heavily unfocused. This is not the only worst Mario game ever, but one of the worst video games ever, period. I hope she doesn't even begin to describe this piece of trash.

I give Hotel Mario a 3/10.

I give many educational Mario games less than a 2/10.

I give Mario Party Advance a 5/10.

I give Mario games for the Virtual Boy a 4/10.

I give Super Mario Galaxy a 9/10.

I give Mario Bros. a 9/10 (but I give the Atari 2600 version a 4/10.

Tell me why you hate most of these games in the top 10s. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who is still furious that the Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Stupidity Star, the Super Mario games released in the 20th Century and the older Mario vs. Donkey Kong games are on the list

Let us recap.

Hotel Mario is 45% bad.
Mario's Early Years: Pre-School Fun is 73% bad.
Mario's Time Machine (DOS version) is 82% bad.
Mario's Time Machine (SNES version) is 57% bad.
Mario's Time Machine (NES version) is 26% bad.
Mario Teaches Typing is 72% bad.
Mario Is Missing (DOS version) is 78% bad.
Mario Is Missing (SMES version) is 54% bad.
Mario Is Missing (NES version) is 63% bad.
Mario Clash is 22% bad.
Mario Party 9 is 88% bad.
Mario Teaches Typing 2 is 47% bad.
Wrecking Crew is 25% bad.
Mario Bros. on the Atari 2600 is 65% bad.

M: Nice of the princess to invite us for a picnic, ey Luigi?
L: I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!
M: Luigi, look!
M: It's from Bowser!
M: "Dear pesky plumbers, the Koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom.
The princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa hotels.
I dare you to find her if ya can! "
M: We gotta find the princess! ---
L: --- and you gotta help us!
M: If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book.

2 Mario is Missing! Mario is Missing! Product Image

What does this even have to do with Mario being missing besides all the way in the beginning and the end? And why do we have to return King Kong to New York? Why are we even returning stuff, we should be saving Mario! This game.._.

If you want to save Mario, play Luigi's Mansion instead..

I played the game by curiosity, the plot is strange.. saving Mario because he ate a candy from Bowser, and then, you travel into the time, asking people for stuffs..

I almost forgot this is an educative game.

Basically Luigi (WeeGee Sprite) wonders around the city looking for Mario and asking people questions and borrowing stuff like Money and Tickets. Not my idea of Fun.

Its concept is good. Because this game is luigi's first appearance by main character. And luigi's sprite by DOS became Weegee. But game is something strange.

3 Mario's Time Machine Mario's Time Machine Product Image

This should be #1. While Hotel Mario definitely does suck, at least it's not educational. This game is about taking stolen artifacts back to their certain times and places and there are quizzes involved within the game too. How could anyone have fun with this game? It doesn't even teach you anything because you don't even know where to go or what to do. Also, the quizzes have way too many possible answer choices. This game is unplayable and the most boring game ever created. Do not ever play it!

I feel bad for the child that thought this sounded cool and wasted his money on the game. Then found out it was a historical time machine. Kids have to fill in blanks to papers about history. This is something you would do in history class! At least Mario Teaches Typing told you what to expect.

A game is supposed to be for the challenge, and fun! Not this trash heap that attempts to educate you while still making it "fun". This is like one ed game that one of you guys were probably forced to play in SCHOOL.

NES port is a load of crap. At least Hotel Mario and Mario is Missing (DOS) spawned some memes! Sure, the Nintendo CD-I games are unspeakably bad, but this? This takes the cake. The only positive in a sea of negatives is that the NES port lets you play Mario Bros.

4 Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun Product Image

God! The graphic and sounds are horrible! What was Nintendo thinking?!?! I don't understand how kids can learn from this crappy game. Most pre schoolers don't even play video games!

Nintendo is the greatest video game company ever, but they kinda suck at making educational games. Slapping Mario on the title doesn't make it any more fun.

Worst Mario game in existence and I'm a HUGE Mario fan! Hotel Mario, VB Mario Clash, VB Mario's Tennis and the SNES version of Mario's Time Machine are underrated though. This is inexcusable for a Mario game

Proton Jon: "Why is the box located here?! " beside that video this is education, this is why we have school Nintendo and not you.

5 Mario Teaches Typing Mario Teaches Typing Product Image

Yeah it came out in the early 90s, like every kid in the world had a computer back then. Maybe they just wanted to release a game to help kids type because not many kids had computers and I can't remember using them every day in Primary school.

Mario teaching TYPING! Ya gotta be kidding me here. Most traditions of Mario games are saving the princess and epic adventure like super Mario 64, super Mario galaxy, super Mario SAGA, and new super Mario bros.U. PLease Nintendo! Don't do this! It is torcher!

The Mario head is extremely amusing (Funny) but that is as far as Fun and Joy goes... If you like a game with lots of typing and little Fun... Then this is the right game for you.

The only problem is the music it was supposed to sound the music in Super Mario World, but the sound was awful in the early computers.

6 Mario Clash Mario Clash Product Image

Ok, if his sister died, his hatred is legit. But, dude, sue Nintendo, don't make bizarre Mario complaints on some random website. At least take 5 minutes to get your facts right (Toadette and Birdo aren't Peach's sidekicks and no one has ever complained about the coins in NSMB2 hurting their eyes) And, since he's not suing Nintendo, the thing about his sister probably is a lie.

Also, like I said, the guy says you save Peach and Daisy. Yet he knows Mario's voice plays on the Wii menu (his complaint is it's boring? He expected it to be fun? ). That tells me he's played it. Dude, my grandmother probably knows it's just Peach you save. Yet, you've played Galaxy and you think it's Peach & Daisy you save. Three words: Take. Your. Meds.

A lot of these are clearly added by someone who's never played Mario and was never taught the definition of the word "Fun". Super Mario Land is the only game where Daisy is saved, and dude when you're saying "Mario just walks around, you have to do quests" you're totally thinking of it the wrong way.

The game's only problem is that it's long. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't on the Virtual Boy, the console that causes eyestrain if you use it for long enough. Other than that, this is a very nice version of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, and one of the console's best games.

7 Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters Product Image

The words are spread out, the voice is bad, and the gameplay is garbage

8 New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Product Image

It seems cool that the main gimmick is coins. But what are the problems?

1. The Purpose

What Purpose is there to get loads of coins anyway? You never use those coins to buy ANYTHING so I fail to see the point.

2. When's the last time you got a game over?

You didn't because you gained massive wealth and lives.

3. The Bosses

Once again, Koopalings and Bowser. The Bowser fight here is the absolute worst in the series. It's a lazy rehash of the fight from New Super Mario Bros Wii!

Overall Rating: 5/10

Sorry, but I hate this game so much. Here's some reasons why:
1. There are 6 world instead of 8
2. It completely revolves around coins (every block, power up, enemy, etc. )
3. 100 coins still gives you a 1-Up, so you would end up with about 100 lives on the first world
4. The koopalings are exactly the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii
5. The Bowser battle is copy-pasted from NSMB Wii and is much much worse
6. The plot is unoriginal (obviously)
7. And the main reason is that this game is SO INCREDIBLY EASY. I completed this game in 1 day and only lost 2 lives, both in the Bowser battle.
Not the worst Mario game, but easily the most disappointing by a long shot. I give New Super Mario Bros. 2 a 4/10

The biggest problem with this game is that it's just kinda boring. Nothing really special happens. The gimmick of the game is coins. Great. In other words, it's hard to die and easy to win. The bosses are the krapalings again (don't take it hard Ludwig I still love you) and the Bowser Battle here is the worst in the series. Plus you do the same fight again with Dry Bowser. This game is just unoriginal and Boring.

The gameplay itself is fine, but the ridicules amount of coins Nintendo keeps advertising in this game drives me insane! Not to mention there is no award to getting all of the coins either! And plus, you can get 1ups so easily that this game becomes way to easy to beat, making it very bland and boring.

Not a terrible game, but it does piss me off real bad.

9 Mario Party Advance Mario Party Advance Product Image

Honestly I love this game. Definitely the worst Mario Party out there no doubt about that, but hey, it's pretty good. Some of the minigames were pretty fun and quick as far as I can remember.

The party mode was though fair enough, and don't forget the casino and gadgets

An absolute disgrace to Mario Party. Everyone know that playing boring mini games on a small, cramped screen by yourself is a lot of fun right? No, it's literally the exact opposite.

Princess Peach should've been replaced by Princess Daisy. at least she wasn't as bad as usual due to her more confident role in this game as proven in this game. Daisy is much better, though. and Mario Party Advance is lame.

Why is Mario Party 9 and 10 hated so much? At least they had amazing minigames and you can play with other people. But this game isn't even fun. I haven't played it though but I will never will!

10 Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers Product Image
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11 Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Sticker Star Product Image

This was a total switch from all the good moments in all other paper Mario games, I got this game thinking it was like the other paper Mario games when in reality was just the complete opposite. This game had no allies and bad game mechanics like the stickers. the stickers made everything for me not enjoyable, because if you didn't have the right amount of stickers you were screwed witch made the game even longer. this game also had hidden luigis hidden in some of the levels, which, in my prospective thought I could play as luigi (being better than Mario in many ways),but was sadly mistaken. Nintendo what is the point of finding all the luigis in the game if you only get a luigi flag and a luigi at the credits. the story line for this game was trash, heck I don't think there was a story line in that game like all the others. over all the only major point of why this game is terrible is the lack of level ups and allies

They need to bring back the concepts that were introduced in Paper Mario and improved upon in The Thousand Year Door (I haven't played the original paper Mario sadly, but I've seen playthroughs on YouTube). its overdue. Super paper Mario was grat too but before we see a sequel to that lets go back to the good old stuff!
This game was incredibly frusturating and BORING! And I thought Mario RPG's were supposed to have good, creative stories and a simplistic yet awesome battle system!

How about Paper Sonic gets tried out?

Also, Paper Peach should be replaced by Paper Daisy & Paper Rosalina.

Either way, I'd give this game 4861 stars out of 10000.

Princess Peach shall never be the lost Princess as long as she lives. So far, her most recent kidnapping was in the old game of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team whereas Princess Peach was so rude, infantile & bossy. & very cowardly for her tall height.

Uhhh... it's Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
And this game was hard!
I got tripped up by GOOMBOSS!
My only favorite part was Gooper Blooper.
But even then, why did they decide it was a good idea to mess up Paper Mario gameplay further?
Paper Mario started it.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was even better.
Super Paper Mario wasn't even an RPG!
And now you can run out of attacks to use!

12 Mario Teaches Typing 2 Mario Teaches Typing 2 Product Image

Ah! What is the meaning of the creepy head! And why does the diobodied horror head call it's self Mario? Again solid enough gameplay, but why gosh the mario head?

It's the same thing as a first one but now with a Mario head saying Oh hello! Welcome to Mario a teachers a typing. I now your gonna be a great typist one day

The only decent thing about this game is the creepy Mario head.

I know Mario as an action platformer. Not an educational typing game.

13 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 9 Product Image

There are few features I like about this game. The graphics are good, and also the minigames, but the worst part is the party mode. I mean, what is there to like about party mode? You don't even get to wander around on your own. You are stuck in a car with three other people for the whole game. There is no certain turn limit, which is terrible. That means no last minute traps to play on your friends or relatives. The only power-ups are mushrooms. Most of the power-ups end the game even earlier! You only roll to six? Why don't you get to roll to ten? I mean, it makes sense to roll to six, but Mario Party isn't suppose to make sense! You don't get coins either! You collect stars for the whole game! Oh, what a touch to add on! The only up-side to party mode is the minigames. The minigames are awesome! I love them. They also unlocked all the minigames for you. Well almost all of them. So there is no fun in ulocking them. That means no moment when you scream in joy when you unlock that ...more

This game was amazing! It was a complete switch from Super Mario 8 to this and I got to say it's pretty great. The graphics are better, now there's stars that give you a reason to travel around the board, and the minigames are fun. I don't mind being stuck in a car with everyone else, I think that was pretty cool because you could unlock different cars to use. Overall, it was a great game compared to Mario Party 8.

I don't like it but I'm nice enough to give it a chance and applaud Nintendo for trying something different. As much as they did wrong with the Car gimmick and linear boards I do like the boss battles and there were a few good mini games. Too bad we can only play about 4 mini games per game. Overall it's not that bad. However after this game things started to really go downhill

Why does everyone hate this one so much? Sure, they should have gone with the individual moving around instead of the vehicles, and sure, there should have been a minigame after every turn, but it was still a great game with fun boards and minigames. I think it deserves less hate. I was hyped for this game when it came out and actually enjoyed it a decent amount. Give this one a chance!

14 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Product Image

This should not be so high on this list. According to these Daisy lovers comments the game is horrible just because Princess Peach and Rosalina are in it and no Princess Daisy. They need to actually play the game and look at the gameplay and not just complain about the princess characters. Princess Peach gets kidnapped in almost every game and Princess Daisy usually only appears in spinoffs. You are not a true Super Mario fan if you only hate on Super Mario games just because Daisy is not in it.

Everyone's yelling about how this shouldn't be on the list or they will end you. I totally agree that this game is fantastic and should not be on this list, and I am 99.99% sure this is here as a joke, since this game is that good and is loved by many, but at least act like everyone is entitled to an opinion! At least be willing to hear someone who doesn't feel the same way about a game that you do, as long as they are being rational and having actual reasons and not unfairly hating it and hating everyone else with an opposite opinion for no reason.

I love Super Mario Galaxy. Its graphics had so much work and interest put into it, the soundtrack is catchy and especially strong, the story is creative, heartfelt and mainly focuses around space magic other than just anti-feminism, there are Lumas (yes, that includes Rosalina if she actually is a Luma) and the gameplay brings so much new stuff! I actually agree. I wish super Mario Galaxy were placed low on the list (or taken off for good). My most hated Mario game is Mario's Early Years. It makes Hotel Mario look like Super Mario RPG in comparison.

When I was like 7 I got this game and I thought it was, not very good.
I played it again when I was 10 and I loved it! I mean, there is nothing wrong with it being here. Everyone has opinions! Wait, the people below me know what those are, right? Let me explain. Opinions are these things that you can't see or touch and they are the exact opposite of fact. No opinion is right...but not one is wrong either. That's like saying that it's a fact that BMW is better than Volkswagen, when they aren't. Neither of them are. Some people may have the opinion that BMW is better, some Volkswagen. Diff strokes for diff folks, right?...I don't think this is working. Time to get the hypnotist watch.

You are feeling very sleepy...when I click my fingers you will all know what opinions are...

(Just kidding! You probably know what opinions are)

15 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Mario Tennis:  Ultra Smash Product Image

At first, the title catches your attention the the best. Once you played for a while, it gets boring and boring then pointless. The lack of game-modes makes it unattractive. The graphics only make it pretty good, but you'll find it very terrible to play. After a couple of tries, you'll regret your choice deeply. Mega Ball Rally only depends on AI for your teammates. What I'm trying to say is the higher the difficulity for Mega Ball Rally, the more boring it is. The more it ends quicker. Ace = Ends quickly. Pro = Ends in a while. Expert = Ends very slowly (almost when it reaches 100). Knockout Challenge however makes me wanna keep coming back more to play it only because I have a Gold Mario Amiibo. I'd rather have you play Mario Tennis Open than this. If you're still yearning back to this game because it's the only game you have, you have my deepest, saddest emotions for you because this was mediocre. Also, not to mention the chance shots were decreased (what a shame Nintendo, what a ...more

There is literally nothing to do in this game. You might enjoy it for the first few minutes you play it, but then you'll immediately regret buying it due to its lack of game modes. I don't mind the selection of characters (even if some of the voice acting is annoying), but there is literally nothing to do. This game should be free.

How is New Super Mario Bros 2 aqnd Super Mario Galaxy higher than this game? This game is horrible! It was overpriced and it was rushed! All you easy game haters need to play this game and tell me your thoughts on this game.

How much innovation is there? Oh wait, none. This is one major reason why Classic Nintendo is way better than Modern Mario Sports. What a weak game.

16 Mario Bros. (Atari 2000)

This is my new most hated Mario/Atari 2600 game! This game makes E.T., Pac Man, Custer's Revenge, Hotel Mario and Mario is Missing some of the best games ever! I would rather play all of the following games listed below:
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
Action 52
Sonic '06
Hotel Mario
RAID: Shadow Games
and ANY Call of Duty game* (*with voice chat) I still hate Hong Kong 97, Cheetahmen II, The Town with No Name (CDTV) and Desert Bus more, but this is my #5 worst video game of all time!

OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. This game is SO bad! First off, Everything except Mario, Luigi, and the enemies is a BLOCK. The Pow Block is the wrong color, the coins don't look anything like the arcade or NES versions, and the Bros.' hair is transparent so when you walk past a pipe, your hair, eyes, and 'stache turn green! Also, the music is EAR-GRATING!

First, everything is a block, the pipes are blocks, the POW Block is just a bland, yellow block, even the coins are blocks!

Another thing, the non-bonus levels are EXACTLY THE SAME!

Finally, the soundtrack feels like it was recorded with a potato!

Did you mean 2600? There were two problem with this. Mario's walks sounded like glitchiness of a computer. And you couldn't tell if the enemy was turned upside-down or not. The looks of that on the game for the Atari 7800 were much better.

17 Mario's Playschool

How about the Mario franchise gets back to T.V. shows & starts a series called "Mario X' that completely rips off Sonic X?

"Mario X" will always be a crossover, & so will "Pac-Man X".

This game is so underrated & Super Princess Peach shall be top 1.

This game is good!

18 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

This is where Mario began to go down hill slightly. This started the rehash era, complete with those goddamn koopalings. How the hell thought it was a good idea to rehash a boss lineup of seven over and. over. This should be in the top ten lineup. It's so freaking lazy and uninspired, like the koopalings.

Hey, people have to stop hating on the fact that the plot is rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. That is what you have to do in every single Mario game, so why are you crying over this one? Plus, Rosalina barely was around when this game came out, and Daisy has never appeared in a mains series game since Super Mario Land and probably never will. The graphics are pretty good for 2008, and I think you Peach haters have to take a chill pill and calm your balls down.

There is nothing new in this game, the plot is horrible, the levels were annoying, no hard, but annoying, the graphics are nothing exceptional, and the final boss/ending is horrible. (Spoiler Alert) you go through another one of those annoying levels and Bowser falls in lava. Big surprise. Mario and Peach get together and they leave Luigi behind. I don't know if there is anything that I can praise about this game.

Really why is this in the top 20? It is hated here just because Princess Peach and the Koopalings are in it. Seriously? Look at the gameplay and not just at the characters.

19 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

This is why they're called the lost levels when one of the earlier games were released, the Japanese people thought that some of the levels were too hard for Americans. For the English release, the hard levels were taken out. These levels are known as the lost levels. Later, they were released in America seperate from the actual games. You really can't complain; These levels were made to be impossible.

Oh my... is this game bad?! When ever you want Mario to stop, he doesn't stop! The music was FAR from the original SMB.

It could be a great challenge for all those tryhards who beat the first mario game easy peasy. Although some levels could make you rage your spine out.

What?!? This game may be hard but keep pressing on! I've finished the game an it is awesome!

20 Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 2 Product Image

I remember when I got this game. It was fun, but it was very odd and didn't feel like a Mario game. After SMB 3 came out, it felt like SMB 2 was the awkward kid who sits at the back of the classroom because he didn't fit in. It wasn't until years later when I learned it was ported from Doki Doki Panic that I realized why it was so weird and different from the others. Still a fun game, but still not a true Mario title in my opinion.

When I first played this game, I thought it was a joke. But then after reading up a bit, I realized that this was supposed to be The Lost Levels, but Nintendo of America thought it was too hard. So they took Doki Doki panic and made it into a Mario-skinned game.

This game is ok, the character selection is pretty cool, and the difference between other mario games, BUT, that difference is no good! Why raddishes! Who are they saving?! Nothing?!?! Come on nintendo, get better.

Super Mario Bros 2 is bad only because you can't defeat Mario enemies by simply jumping on their heads. You have to pull Radishes, Bombs and throw it at them which makes Mario harder.

21 Mario's Fundamentals

Just 1 Year before the great Super Mario 64 was realased, Nintendo made a game for you to do whatever you want with the plumber... like play chess or go fish.
One intrusting note through this was the first time players heard the current voice of Mario.

Ok, so someone just copied a whole line from ScrewAttacks top 10 worst Mario games, the whole line, no need to copy, I don't see why you have to...

A bit underrated, considering it was the first time Charles Martinet provided Mario's voice.

Mario's Fundamentals is so underrated!

I'd give this game 13 stars out of 20.

22 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Product Image
23 Mario Party: Island Tour Mario Party: Island Tour Product Image

I am so surprised so many people hate this game. I honestly love it and consider it my favorite Mario Party ever due to its creativity and extremly fun maps and minigames. And I don't care what anyone says, I thought Bowsers tower was awesome

Why does Princess Peach appear in every Mario Party game? She doesn't even bother to compete for stars since Mario Party 3.

I knew this game would actually suck. I have a horrible feeling that Princess Daisy & Rosalina will not be in Mario Party 10...

Come on. How is this not on here? Bowser's Tower (the story mode) is just a bunch of minigames, which you can just play in Free Play mode, anyway. Speaking of the story, it's really cringeworthy (even more so than the other games) It goes like this: OH NO Bowser TURNED THE SKY PURPLE! WE NEED TO KILL Bowser TO TURN THE SKY BLUE AGAIN! Also, the minigames are SO BORING and are definitely the worst in the series. Oh, and I haven't even got to the worst part... THE EXTRAS. You can ONLY unlock NOISES and the BORING-AS-HELL tunes from the game. No, I'm serious. If you are interested in a little Mario Party, just get any other game in the series. I'M BEGGING YOU!

24 New Super Luigi U New Super Luigi U Product Image

When I heard this was going to be an extra feature, I was thrilled. We all know the dread of deciding who has to be Mario. Everyone is tired of being Mario. Can we be Luigi or a Toad? Nintendo screwed up with a time limit for another character. Why don't we just have a character selection in the title screen? You could be anyone you wanted to, and not just Mario or Luigi. You would get to choose from the original 4, no matter how many players.

They should've actually TRIED to make this different. It's Bowser and the Krapalings again. You're still saving Peach. This is the only time I agree that you should be saving either Mario, Daisy, or Rosalina. In any other game, I disagree. Peach is SO UNDERRATED. everyone hates her and Daisy and Rosalina will not replace her!

Shigeru Miyamoto: anyone have any game ideas. Worker: Maybe we should get NSMBU and just throw that coward Luigi on because Luigi is 30. Miyamoto: Perfect, kids will tell there mum to buy it for Christmas. 2/10 IGN

You should've seen the game's commercial. It sucks, and you cannopt deny the fact that Princess Peach is a horrible, bad-tempered coward.

This game gets a 2/10 score. It's so hard!

25 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 Product Image

I remember using to hate this game for minor reasons (yet major flaws) that don't make the game... the Mario princesses (re: their one-dimensional, filler clones and their overly annoying voices I complained about too damn much), the roster and the fact that it is not as great as many older Mario games released in the late 20th Century (the Mario Kart games that are older than Mario Kart: Double Dash are actually on par with this game. The educational Mario games make Hotel Mario look like Super Mario RPG which means they are that terrible). - The Ultimate Daredevil

What the heck?... What the!?... This Hitler Kart games rip off my favorite Wipeout games... This Hitler Kart 8 rips off Crash Nitro Kart, Sonic Riders 0 Gravity and Wipeout HD+Wipeout 2048... Oh come on... What happen if Hitler Kart 8 team will go to the Wipeout HD Universe?

Eh, it's OK, but the roster was simply disgusting. There were 5 clones, 5 babies, seven koopalings (krapalings) and DLC characters that weren't even in a Mario game. So that's half of the roster filled with crap. But other than that, the game is ok 6/10

Unfinished and disgusting.

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