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Hey everyone, I'm darthvadern! Last week, I took a look at the minigames of Mario Party Superstars, and counted down what I believed to be the top ten best minigames from this game, which has just been around for a month now. However, there's also another side to the story, the worst minigames of this game. Mario Party Superstars is amazing, no doubt. However, nothing comes without flaws, and in fact, this game has a lot of flawed minigames. You'd think Mario Party Superstars, being remaking the best aspects of the older entries, would fix a lot of the problems in the many awful minigames it brings back, but sadly, it doesn't. It's more like they want to bring back the exact same feelings you experienced in the older days, literally. So which of these unchanged minigames led to being the worst of the bunch? That's what we'll take a look at in this list.
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1 Cast Aways

The worst minigame in all of Mario Party Superstars, is none other than Cast Aways. Dear goodness, what made and Cube think people wanted to see this mingame of all to return. I've always hated Cast Aways, and I still do it in this game. To start off, it's a coin minigame (no shocker), where your objective is to catch as many coins/bags/chests as possible, by throwing this hand into the sea, and then reeling it in. Seems like a fine concept on paper, except aiming is literally the hardest thing ever. Unless you've practised five hours straight, there's no idea of knowing when to throw the line, and if you miss, you have to waste time reeling it in. What's even more difficult however, is aiming at which lane to throw it at. You see, there are three lanes of items floating by, but for some reason, I can only get items at the far end of the lane, even if I just hold back the control stick slightly. What do I know the instructions only show a control stick for "adjusting distance". Maybe ...more

It's just an incredibly frustrating game.

Bad controller instructions.

2 Bowser's Big Blast

This one's fine, but I don't get how it works. Bowser just randomly blows up a player if you pushed the wrong button or something, I don't know...

3 Piranha's Pursuit

It should be noted that Mario Party 1's minigames are kind of awful. Being the first game, the developers didn't really have an idea of what worked well and what didn't. As a result, we got a lot of unbalanced 1 vs. 3 minigames, even more so than Goal and Spotlight Swim. Piranha's Pursuit is the most blatant example of how not to make these kinds of minigames. In fact, it could have taken the first place on this list. In some instances, I would consider it the worst Mario Party minigame of all time. However, it's not the minigame I personally hate the most, so it barely missed out on the first spot.

Piranha's Pursuit is an example of a 1 vs. 3 minigame that is rigged towards the solo player, who has to escape from a Petey Piranha raised by the other three players. The issue is that even if the team works together well, they will still lose if the solo player is just mildly competent. Seriously, Petey is so slow, and the obstacles for the solo player come so early that you are ...more

Pretty much impossible for the single player to lose even if they hit a bunch of obstacles.

4 Sneak 'n' Snore

This absolutely deserves first place forever, hiding your head in the barrel takes so damn long and I literally have to do that before Chain Chomp bursts its snot bubble.

Well I mean this is a certified classic. Sneak 'n' Snore, is widely regarded as one of the worst minigames ever created, so the fact that it got brought back to Mario Party Superstars, boggles my mind. Take Red Light, Green Light from Squid Game, except remove the part with strategy. Sneak 'n' Snore is awful not because of the concept, but because of how broken it is. You need to hit a button and then get the f out as quicky as possible, but the twist is that this chain chomp will randomly wake up and fling away everyone who hasn't hid in their barrel yet. It's a decent concept..., the problem is that you can never hide quickly enough. The delay between when you press the hide button, to when you actually hide in-game, takes a full three seconds. This was a massive problemApparently you're supposed to tread slowly, but how is this not "slowly", how am I supposed to know this is apparently fast without reading a reddit post? Either way, even with the information, I just find myself ...more

Impossible to know when Chomp will attack. Too slow for the character to put their head back in the barrel.

Slow and hard to get the timing right, at least in my experience.

5 Winner or Dinner
6 Rockin' Raceway

I personally don't understand how this one works. You're supposed to mash, but if you mash too fast in a short period of time you spin out. Personally the timing is something that's eluded me.

7 Quicksand Cache
8 Tug o' War

Whoever thought this was a good idea to add should be murdered

9 Goooooooal!!

We're now delving into the minigames that are just so unfun on a completely different level I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't existed at all. Goal, with its seven O's and all caps letters, is much less exciting than it wants you to believe. 1 vs. 3 minigames are almost always awful. Half of them are just plain unbalanced for one team, while the other half is just basic boring stuff. And Goal is one of the absolutely worst minigames of all time. The solo player has to catch incoming footballs coming in from the three from entering the goal. The issue is that there's no way of telling where the balls are headed to. Sure, you can kind of guess by looking at the direction the players are heading, but it becomes way too hectic when you've got three people to look out after. For the three, it's an easy win. The reason this minigame is even worse than the ones before is that at least they're not completely unfair. Sure, Sneak 'n' Snore is unplayable, but at least there's some kind of ...more

Jump everywhere and pray to block shots.

I like this game

10 Flash Forward

Out of all minigames from Mario Party 10, can you believe it, they actually decided that Flash Forward, would be a good returnee. Yes, out of all the underrated minigames this entry has got, they went with probably the most boring minigame in existence. The fact that it was been brought back not just in The Top 100, but this game as well, is just embarassing. The rules are simple, be at the centre of the stage when the photo is snapped. The issue is that it's ten seconds long, and there's literally no reason to do anything until the last two seconds or so. It won't be snapped until the very end. So why fight for the podium when you'll be punched out long before the camera is even close to 0? And even excluding that gameplay flaw, the minigame itself is just boring..., you're just punching out everyone to get to the centre for a single photo. After that, it's done. Can you imagine any more underwhelming minigame than this? I don't think so. Slapparazzi from Super Mario Party basically ...more

I can't stand this mini game.

The Contenders
11 Trap Ease Artist

Trap Ease Artist is the definition of a minigame that tries to be skillful, but in the end just comes out as obnoxious luck. The concept is fine, and heck, it had potential. You have a bunch of these goombas walking around on the ground, and you have to drop a cage when there's as many goombas as possible under it. Seems cool enough. You'd think you'd have to use your sharp eye to see when you should drop it. However, the execution is far more repulsive, because it's just luck. Sometimes a lot of goombas decide to walk under you, sometimes they're not. You can't influence where the goombas will go, it's just RNG. RNG isn't necessarily a bad thing, I mean some luck-based minigames are actually fine. However, Trap Ease Artist obviously doesn't want to be luck-based. It wants you to take it seriously. Maybe if there was something to lure the goombas to your spot, it could've been better, but as it stands now, there's really nothing to do other than hope for the best. As a result, Trap ...more

12 Mario's Puzzle Party

Mario's Puzzle Party isn't necessarily a minigame I hate. It has a decent enough concept, basically being Tetris but with a Mario twist. Normally, I wouldn't have included bonus minigames on a list like this. However, this one can actually be played in the normal Mario Party mode, and it sure was the wrong one to pick. The concept of this minigame isn't bad, but it's not my kind of thing. It's just Tetris with a Mario twist, nothing unusual. However, it wouldn't have made the list if it wasn't as broken as it is. You can just spam down blocks without any second thought, and the game will just automatically play itself. Yes, it's that broken. It was broken in Mario Party 3, it was broken in Mario Party DS, and it's equally broken in Superstars. It removes any fun this minigame might have originally had because the real way to play it isn't rewarding. You get more points if you just spam down all the blocks. When there's a way to break the entire game, it's obviously going to be put on ...more

I don't think this belongs in a Mario party game. Too slow and boring.

What happened to the infinite mode?

This takes forever

13 Hide and Sneak
14 Cheep Cheep Chase

Button mashing minigames are fundamentally prone to being disastrous. These are the kinds of minigames where you need to mash one or more buttons as fast as you can, and I've never been a fan of these. You just end up being exhausted for nothing by the time you complete them, and Mario Party Superstars has two of them. Cheep Cheep Chase and Pokey Pummel. Out of the two, I vastly prefer Pokey Pummel, because while I think Cheep Cheep Chase is more aestethically interesting, Pokey Pummel has something that minigame doesn't have, a world record you can beat. Cheep Cheep Chase is less about getting the best score, and more about just trying to reach the end while ducking from spikeballs and avoid getting eaten by this huge Cheep Cheep. It's just button mashing and the occasional ducking, it's no fun. Some people may enjoy it, that's fine, I just don't like having to mash a button for 30 seconds losing my breath, while also having to dodge spikeballs with the pickiest hitboxes in all of ...more

15 Archer-ival
16 River Raiders

We'll start off this list with a coin minigame, River Raiders. The coin minigames in Mario Party are where instead of like aiming for a certain objective, in coin minigames, the aim is to get as many coins as possible, and the amount you collect, is the amount you win. As a result, these minigames don't really have a winner or loser (unless you got nothing), and they tend to feel rather lacklustre. Sure it's cool to get a few extra coins, but the minigames themselves feel rather bland due to the only thing you can do is, get as many coins as you can. And Mario Party Superstars has a whopping ten of these, and none of them are really that good aside from 2. River Raiders, is one of the bad ones, and it opens up our top ten worst list. This is a 1 vs. 3 minigame where the three are holding onto a rope latched to the solo-player's boat, and you have to get..., obviously, as many coins as you can. The issue with this minigame, being 1 vs. 3, is the unbalanced nature. The solo player has ...more

17 Look Away
18 Mass Meteor

Is it possible to even dodge the meteors?

19 Mecha-Marathon
20 Spin Doctor
21 Balloon Burst
22 Coconut Conk
23 Cashapult
24 Paint Misbehavin'
25 Honeycomb Havoc
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