Top Ten Super Smash Bros. Brawl Final Smashes

The best final smashes, rate on the final smash not the character.
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1 Super Sonic (Sonic)

This final smash is so much fun to use and nobody is safe when sonic uses his final smash you get to fly anywhere killing people over and over there is something that is just so much

"Now I'll Show You! " Super Sonic is invincible, flies and is fast. Deadly, accurate and lasts around 20-25 seconds, right? How is it not the best?

When super sonic activates, you are doomed. Sonic can move fast, easily kill an opponent.

This is an awesome final smash once you have mastered Sonic's gameplay. I always end up taking 1 or 2 lives of up to 3 players with this, and it gets easier to control the more you use Sonic in Brawl.

2 Grenade Launcher (Solid Snake)

Destroys everything IT'S SHOWTIME!

His grenade launcher is totally boss style and so is he!

Yea, all my friends just self destructed just as I activated his Final Smash. It's really good.

When I get it my brother just walks away from the wii, lol

3 Great Aether (Ike)

When you hear ike say "GREAT AETHER" YOU should just put the controller down cause you are done for. Ike gets some kicks in, couple of punches in, and then my favorite... You get viciously slashed soon the ground. I wouldn't be on his bad side or have to fight him

Once he has his final smash, run for your life. This guy's gonna get you and kill you like Jason Voorhees came to town.

Ike is the Boss when it comes to final smashes. To me at least. This attack helped me a dozen of matches against my brother. On a scale of 1-10 I give this an 9. Still my opinion. That's why he is one of the top 3 strongest

Ike's FInal Smash is a powerful but difficult final smash, you must hit a target to activate this then if you hit the target is nearly always killed in the carnage of Ike's sword. However it is possible to survive or dodge/block this attack. This only affacts one or two players if you are lucky or very accurate

4 Landmaster (Fox/Falco/Wolf)

The best. I can kill people twice with this every time. 2 kos per person. first I shoot them with my lazer, or ram them off the screen. then after they come back I put them on the top and push them off the top of the screen.

I do not like this one because you can die really fast. It is so weak I just can not stand for this one. How come falco and wolf has the same thing!

With the final smash, I could kill the three players twice just catching the ball once!

Instant killing is cool, however how would like to kill 1 or 2 times over! With a tiny bit of skill falco can easily fly players of screen getting as many KO's as his time limit will allow

5 Super Dragon (Yoshi)

With Yoshi as my main in every game, no question I would vote for him.

Very similar to sonic's and is just as deadly if you can use it right. It is so much fun to use, and it is a very underrated final smash.

Yoshi is so awesome and his final smash can be an instant ko if you use it right

Super fun, and good to use, just a little hesitant when spitting fireballs

6 Giga Bowser (Bowser)

This one basically lets you become more powerful for a little while. I think this final smash should have returned to ultimate because his ultimate smash is shorter

Super Giant Bowser Final Smash is awesome! Sure, you can get damage while being him, but it's still awesome, a lot better than the other Final Smashes.

Who would want to get in the way of a big, scary, dragon/dinosaur creature that doesn't even flinch when you get in the way? Not me!

He has powers when he is at his most powerful. He's more badass than Wario Man.

7 Zero Laser (Samus Aran)

The Zero Laser is so cool. I would have called it,"Big Giant Unescapable Laser of Doom", yeah. It feels good once you use it and get the feeling,"Ahh, I just owned my enemies."Try it, it is so cool.

There is a reason why this final smash can only be used each two smash balls you get: IT IS OVERPOWERED AND KILL FREAKINH EVERYONE!


Awesome, let's you turn to ZSS and is a whole straight line of doom, that if you get caught 1 hit KO

8 Blue Falcon (Captain Falcon)

Blue Falcon sweeps in and kills you immediately. Period.

You have to admit, but this is one of the best final smashes. Its even better than great aether. Captain falcon's final smash is pretty much a guaranteed KO

It's funny when you get hit.

I hate it when he does this move

9 Triforce Slash (Link/Toon Link)

This final smash is cool and it even came back with toon link in ultenmate

It is the best if everybody in the game gets hit and are in a lot of damage. Now that's a lot of damage. I love flex seal.

Link's Triforce Slash is (in my opinion) one of the best Final Smashes in the game. It's powerful, but not overpowered, escapable, but still reliable. It's what I think a Final Smash should be, a helpful, fun super-attack that deals a TON of damage, and can really help you turn the tables in a pinch, but doesn't go overboard and let you kill everyone twice.

It's pretty obvious. This is an all out trapped final smash. You're toast if you're caught.

10 End of Day (Captain Olimar)

Very lethal final smash. With this smash, all of your opponents can take monster damage, and the only way it wont kill them is if it's on a big stage. But you can get over 100% damage!

There is no way that you will escape this Final Smash without taking damage. It affects the entire stage, can trap your opponent in the ground so they can't escape, causes damage with the Bulborbs, and finishes them off with the ship crashing. A truly epic attack, worthy of such a great character.

I'm not just saying this because I like pikmin games, but his final smash is the best. He digs everyone into the ground and flies off and your opponents lose from 100-to 300 percent of damage. And than crashes back down to the stage kocking out almost all of his opponents.

The final explosion is very deadly, and the bulborbs guarantee 40% damage in your opponents.

The Contenders

11 Beast Ganon (Ganondorf)

Just like everything else about Ganondorf, this thing hits you HARD! If you get stuck in front of him, it is impossible to dodge, so if you have a high damage percentage when that happens, your death is definitely upon you.

If you are in front you're slaughtered

That big lion rhino thing is awesome if your looking at his face your a dead man

If Ganondorf gets his final smash, you are skrewed

12 Critical Hit (Marth)

You'll be totaled and totally screwed if you're hit.

I think it's the best for flat stages but amazing for all stages if you use it right

Just one hit even if your health is at zero your dead.

Easily the most useful but you can kill yourself with it

13 Triple Finish (Pokémon Trainer)

IT SO OP! every time I use the smash, my friends LITERALLY turn off the TV. its annoying, but still. LOLOLOLOL

Why he can do a fire joined with grass and water and make it giant

He is the best pokemon trainer ever

You don't want to get caught

14 PK Starstorm (Ness/Lucas)

PK Starstorm has my vote. Lucas and Ness look badass when the smash is used in midair, and the falling stars are deadly, especially towards the end of the smash because they fall fast and are tightly packed together. Plus, Lucas' PK Thunder hits multiple times and causes slight flinch, good for stopping enemies!

First of all, when playing as these two, PK Thunder can be used to grab the Smash Ball much faster. Then BOOM, you can use it literally right away! No aiming, you're of course invincible, and you don't have to do anything to hit the enemy. Just sit back and watch the stars fall.

Although this is an epic, unpredictable final smash, I agree that PK Starstorm should be given to Kumatora or Paula if they were added. PK Love for Lucas could prevent opponents from fighting, and heal Lucas in the process. That would definitely be my favourite.

It's not very cool or fun to watch, BUT IT'S BOSS. It kills EVERYBODY.

Ness' is better than Lucas' though

15 Negative Zone (Luigi)

Very good, always kills, giving way too much damage and vulnerability to everyone in a green circle. A BIG green circle. with so many "symptoms!" As in sleeping, tripping, unwanted taunting, and all with definite poison ivy and greater attack power! This move should be on the top of the list!

goodnight, because its probably the LAST freakin night youll ever see with Luigi around. no, I'm SERIOUS.

This deserves to be at least #2 next to Sonic's. Anyone who knows how to use Luigi will tell you that this brings instant KOs when complemented with his up-special attack. Quick and overpowered.

Okay, you might think I'm crazy, but if you use his up-b move on your foes in Luigi's void, you can actually have a shot on winning the battle.

16 Aura Storm (Lucario)

Lucario is my most favorite character in the ENTIRE GAME. Every time I activate final smash, I scream WATCH THEE POOWWEERR

The Aura Storm is like the Pokemon version of the famous kamehameha why isn't it in at least 4th place. This is vicious in my opinion any one agree

Number 27? This deserves to at least be in top 5! Aura powers up. Whoever put him down here must use him with no damage. Revenge served cold

Lucario can shoot a long shot of aura which can beat people who have lost health I beat all my friends with lucario's final smash

17 Wario-Man (Wario)

Wario gets significantly powered up and can fly with his aerials. The best part is that if opponents try to do air dodges, Wario can chase after them with a barrage of Uairs. His Dair sends him flying downward, but can spike foes into their doom if they are sent off stage. Depending on the character, his Wario Waft can become a potential OHKO. He is also affected by Super Mushrooms with which his power level climbs even higher. This Final Smash becomes more effective in Team Battle where your teammate can keep the opposing team of guard.

What?! This is the BEST final smash! I mean, you are totally invincible and you have the time to kill everyone at least once!

The bike just went from annoying to I'm GONNA SKIN YOU and I love it. He is overpowered and his farts are the ones I look up to.

Wario man farts like he is super man and combos with falcon punches.

18 Iceberg (Ice Climbers)
19 Galaxia Darkness (Meta Knight)

Good for destroying enemies on both sides of you, if you can aim it correctly.

Hey, the guy second to the bottom doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. How do you know what Meta Knight looks like? First of all, he conceals his face with a mask. Second of all, you are probably just a troll trying to bash Meta Knight because you're jealous of how badass he is. Bottom line is screw you man!

This can KILL YOU IMMEDIATELY! You have 90%, and you're caught. There is no way out. You have only one life left. Now you know you've just been screwed.

When your opponent has tons of damage, guess what? You can kill them with your final smash.

20 Volt Tackle (Pikachu)

now, let me just say 1 thing...PIKACHU. IS .ADORBS, but extremely powerful. if you are in his way when he activates, YOU CAN KISS YOUR BUTT GOODBYE

I also heard rumors if your lucky and you blast while right on top of an enemy then it will trigger a really cool blast and should instantly launch them off screen. It's a really rare effect but it happened to me once.

Yeah right, Sonic's is supposed to be weaker but easier to control and lasts longer!

Pikachu is cute, but he can do a lot of damage.

21 Light Arrow (Zelda)

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten any votes. If you lay it right you can kill everyone.

Go right to the edge of the screen and then use this - you have a greater chance of hitting somebody.

I would love to just play around with this FS!

So Easy to get the Smash Ball for one laugh out loud. Damage your opponet a little (20-40%) and then use this...99.9% Chance of a K.O.

22 Rocketbarrel Barrage (Diddy Kong)

This has to be the best. It's very similar to sonics final smash and to make it better you can shoot banana bombs which explode and enemies you hit in the air also get damaged. I use Diddy kongs and everyone begs for me to stop when I get the smash ball

23 Mario Finale (Mario)

So original and epic

Other final smashes are too over- powered and rated. Mario's final smash is just so original. It looks like kamehameHAA.

For the love of Pete this should be number one

Oh yah

24 Cook Kirby (Kirby)

Super easy to dodge but still my favorite final smash.

Hilarious, entertaining, powerful,... it's just like kirby himself!

Descent but ultimately ultra sword is better

Kirbys final smash is really really stupid

25 Konga Beat (Donkey Kong)

It's one of the best, but the only issue is that all the beats are quarter notes.

No way, one of the epic ones! At least it's better than falling asleep and getting peaches!

The worst final smash in history.

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