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Roblox is not the 1st player in the game, but I know he is really cool and tried really hard to make this game with his helpers. Also, he had a YouTube channel, so subscribe to him

I think roblox because he is the first account ever made on roblox and idek what I'm saying anymore but yeah I think its roblox.

I think Roblox is because he has the most followers and he has multiple YouTube videos about him. He also has the most item sales, and I think he's awesome. Be sure to follow me on Roblox as XboxKing51 so I can be on this list. I only friend people with Builders Club or if they are on Asimo's friend's list.

well roblox IS NOT THE 1ST PLAYER roblox is actualy the 100th player the 1st player is named rich which is terminated from roblox the website and making roblox number 1 on the player list

2 Telamon

I voted Telamon one because he is really rich, two he does not dress to impress, he dresses to make him look funny.

Guys its totally telamon, he is rich and he's not the people who try too look cool, He wants to look funny.

Guys it's just gotta be Telamon... I mean, he loves fried chicken he deserves being top.

He's out there waiting for you a trolling great collector he's got it all with powers good time he's epicly cool

3 stickmasterluke

A very good developer made a game years ago which many people are still playing, and is on the popular list to this day. I love his games and is someone who probably inspired many developers to make games. -jordanpaul2010

I was in a server once it was so cool he was so popular and good. I had to quit because he was a little too good. But he never bragged and he never got in other peoples way. When I saw his name on the leaderboard I was like is he that really popular? It didn't take long to figure out that it was actually really really obvious that he was popular if he was number three. Remember me, Luke? iDennisDailyBro6662? Probably don't.

His probably one of the best because he made one of the most played games on roblox being survive the disasters and probably has the coolest character design with the Dominus Empyreus and the classic Green Balloon.

Come on, he's stickmasterluke. Even if you don't like him, you have to admit he has a lot of influence on the game's player base.

4 erik.cassel

"You are the wind under my wings." Erik Cassel died of cancer, but I'm sure even though he's dead, he should be appreciated. Since he has been gone, the ROBLOX community has gotten worse and worse. He helped the community a lot. R.I.P. Erik Cassel "Erik is my HERO"

I feel bad for the guy... I want him back! I always send a friend request to his account, hoping someday it will give me a massage telling me he has accepted.

Eric was a good guy, a good guy I admit and everyone could. I'm not going to mention his death though.

It was sad that good people doesn't always end up good, but he will be our hero forever.

5 Crazyblox

The games Flood Escape and Flood Escape 2 are great games. So this player most likely is rich around top 100 roblox players.

How did u get up here but u are the best go crazyblox is the best nobody is better than him he is the best!

Go on "Retro Flood Escape" and you'll find out why.

He's really cool, His games are AMAZING!

6 Builderman

Lots of people think ROBLOX is the best, but it's nothing. Builderman is the real creator of roblox, the actual ROBLOX avatar does nothing, it doesn't even play roblox, but Builderman does. Builderman just made ROBLOX so he could be the first ever roblox account.

Creator of games in which in all total to more than 8,000,000 place visits... He sometimes even joins games that you can play with him in! Every time you make an account, Builderman is automatically in your friends list... If you unfriend him, you cannot get him back!

I'm gonna cry. Thank you so much builderman! You are the first friend I ever had! He is the best person on ROBLOX. Builderman, If you are reading this, Thank you so much for being everybody's friend.

Greatest guy ever! Like who else is every ones friend from their first time playing Roblox to the last! He deserves to be in the top 10!

7 Nape224

Nape quit Roblox but he knew fishhockey who was by the way a administrator, so for yall saying he is just some unknown kid he is not look up his profile

Nape224? I have never heard of this guy, I bet he added himself.

Unlike half these guys I actually know who he is and enjoy his games!

I've never heard of this guy. He's probably trying to get "famous".

8 Pokediger1

Pokes channel is clogged with clickbait and he looks all shocked when he see something "Spoopy" but in reality he is just acting and just poor content overall. 0/10

He has 1M robux! he's videos are awesome and catches online daters and gold digger.
This youtuber have a group called "Team Sloth Forever".

I think he is better than all the people you put in the list

Most of his video are fake I mean come on look at this videos -superbear112

9 Jane Doe

Dude of course because john gets ALL the attention. when ya think march 18th you think john doe not jane

Jane doe is a girl, and I am, and also I like jane doe, she is a test account but still. shes deserves higher rank

The mysterios person on ROBLOX he must be the best. is he an admin generated player what about john doe


Jane doe is the wife of john doe

10 Bereghost

Bereghodst is the best YouTuber EVER! He creates awesome video's of roblox, including: Speed run, Sword fight's on the heights, Mad murderer, Twisted racing and more! Bereghost is the best. I always watch his video's every time

He's such a great guy and he's so funny. Also, his family are hilarious and entertaining. I love watching his video and their are tons of gameplay for every age!

I love Bereghost videos they're really funny and entertaining. I watch his videos every single day. I'm so ADDICTED!

I'm robloxiansteve34. he is one of my favorite youtubers and I love watching him play roblox and my favorite was when he played jaws.

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11 shedletsky

I think he is the best robloxian ever.
He makes tons of awesome games, my favorite game has to be the high sky fight. He is a lovely person, I have even met him in sandbox and he said he liked my hat. GO SHEDLETSKY!

Guys he is even better than telamon he is very famous this list just forgot about him. Really, I do mean it he's souh a great robloxian, he is actually the new telamon literally he really is also john shedletsky.

He does those crappy trades to make sure you don't do yourself over when you do a legit trade. Your fault you accepted it if you did anyways.

Shed always try's to scam ever builders club member that has any limited. In my opinion shedletsky is the worst moderator

12 EthanGamerTV

I know when you are under the age of 10 you have a high pitched voice and blah blah blah, but Ethan's voice really makes me uncomfortable, and aggravated. And his game plays are too juvenile or boring...but what I hate about Ethan so much is his same aged fanbase. I bet Ethan's parents don't look at his.quote on quote fanbase. And Ethan's game I've never tried it, because when I saw Fudz play his game..the commentary was pretty boring. I mean I really, really, REALLY love Fudz's gameplays and all of the other things he does in his YouTube career. And actually I know that Dan has more subscribers and juvenile video's but I simply think Ethan is attracting more younger viewer's than dan because dan technically quitted ROBLOX...and..I just don't think Ethan deserves his successfully growing fanbase...hate on me all you want now person who has been reading this (and by the way I am not to critical at Ethan because I don't have a YouTube channel, because what is the point of making a ...more

Honestly, I don't like the kids content, but everyones like "he's A SQUEAKER" and other stuff, but most of the people on Roblox are like 7, so I don't see why there complaining, just because he has fame and they don't.

His YouTube videos are more cringy than watching an 8 year old rap. And his accent bothers me a lot (although I'm British my accent isn't so... annoying.)

He shouldn't be on YouTube and plus his videos are equivalent in quality to a rotten apple on the floor.

13 Clockwork

Clockwork is my #1 favorite admin in my opinion, dudes just so chill and funny. Also invented the famous Valkyrie helm, also made the clockwork headphones and shades line, and I love the teapot thing, something funny more mods should do. And Don't forgot the motto..


This guy is weird. He has a Teapot Turret floating above his head and have you noticed he just turns hats on their side.

Bad-ass dude. Who doesn't see a man who loves teapots and the internet when they look at him?

This guy is funny. Turns hats on their side and does some weird stuff with them.

14 John Doe

I don't understand why Jane Doe is higher than John Doe; although he's a tester, he had this massive conspiracy around the ROBLOX community about March 18th. People believed he would hack ROBLOX although he was just a tester.

This guy is more like he is in the creepypastas rather than a first Robloxian that is ever created. ROBLOX is way more better than John.

John Doe, the first man to see ROBLOX, to test it he is one reason ROBLOX has some good and very nice updates.

He is a eternal myth in ROBLOX... NOT! He is a test account

15 itskenny9031

He put himself on here I bet but either way he is awesome

He is awesome

He is my best friend! He is so nice😀

This guy is my favourite friend in ROBLOX!

16 ThatOneRacer

1st and this guy is a good developer but not that none and high rap but overall he's pretty good

17 sofiablahblah14

She's just a noob who is not known at all, shouldn't even be in this list and also rap is not high

Actually a jerk and called me out for being a "Fake Christian" in the off-topic forums :P

I'm so sorry she is pretty annoying irl not a couple in real life and disrespects opinions

Don't add people who aren't actually famous bro what

18 NowDoTheHarlemShake

I love his game The Normal Elevator and he does a really good job when making games. -jordanpaul2010

Guess what? I know this guy in real life!

He made the awesome normal elevator

I don't know dis guy but he has an awesome username

19 Matt Dusek

He is my favorite person too I really like him

He is barely online, but he has a lot of stuff.

Wheres the dueskkar before it came out and he also was the second friend of shedletsky

I think he's awesome

20 PokemonGoFamily18
21 gogotamag

Cheers love This is a tracer main

People Knew this girl why?

The heck though?

Why why why Why

22 BonnieBunny
23 Vurse

Vurse's game Speed Run 4 is a classic and I absolutely love it.

I pretty like his game

just wanna say the music on his game is awesome but don't play his game thick legends ok

Awesomely awesome.

24 chrysplaysgames


25 Widgeon

I absolutely love hostile skies you're the best ever

He's gives back to players and has amazing games.

well I like his games a lot even I played it since last year

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