Best Survivor: Millennials vs Gen x Contestants

The Top Ten
1 David Wright
2 Jay Starrett
3 Adam Klein

Seriously? Not even in the top 10? Damn

Why is he in 8th? He deserved his win

4 Will Wahl

As the first high school student, he pretty much had no clue how to run the game. Stayed with an alliance, and wanted to have a part, but was overshadowed by David vs. Zeke. Once Will got the chance to blindside Zeke, he did it, and suddenly tried controlling the game, which ended his. Not a great player, but not too bad either.

5 Chris Hammons
6 Zeke Smith
7 Bret LaBelle
8 Michelle Schubert
9 Ken McNickle
10 Michaela Bradshaw
The Contenders
11 Jessica Lewis
12 Jessica (Figgy) Figueroa
13 Taylor Stocker

Terrible player! Cheated on his pregnant girlfriend and stole half his tribe's food!

14 Hannah Shapiro
15 Sunday Burquest
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