Top 10 Best Ideas for Future Seasons of Survivor

As much as we love the past Survivor seasons, it's the uncharted territories of the future that truly intrigue us. What twists, locations, themes, and challenges could the future hold for our favorite castaways?

So, what are the best ideas for future seasons of Survivor? Well, you're invited to step into the role of a hypothetical showrunner here. This is your chance to cast your vote for the choices you think deserve to be at the top of this list.

In the world of Survivor, the possibilities are endless. Think about the various themes and twists we've seen over the years - from tribal swaps and hidden immunity idols to the Edge of Extinction and the introduction of fire tokens. What if we take it a step further? What if we have a season with returning players versus newbies, or a season based entirely around past players who were the first to be voted off? The sky's the limit!

Then there's the question of location. Sure, Fiji has been a fantastic host for the past several seasons, but what about returning to the African savannah or the jungles of the Amazon? Or venturing somewhere entirely new, like the icy landscapes of Greenland or the lush forests of New Zealand?

And let's not forget about the challenges. Survivor is renowned for its inventive and physically demanding challenges. Could future seasons introduce new types of puzzles, endurance tests, or even cultural challenges related to the location?

Survivor is all about evolution and adaptation, both in terms of the game and the show itself. Over the years, it has continually reinvented itself to stay fresh and engaging. This list is all about envisioning the next exciting phase in Survivor's journey. So, whether you're a superfan with a brilliant twist in mind or a casual viewer with a cool theme idea, it's time to make your voice heard. Cast your vote, shape the list, and let's see what the tribe has to say.
The Top Ten
1 Survivor: Cape Verde

Ideas for this season: Redemption Island, but only pre-merge. 4 Tribes < 3 Tribes < 2 Tribes < 1 Tribe. Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty 3. Fans vs Favorites 3. One World the entire season. Something with the Temptation Twist from the fanfic Survivor Grenada: Temptations. It's a great fanfic. You should read it.

2 Survivor: One Tribe

Just new players...all put on one island to play the entire game together. Maybe still offer team reward challenges by having the previous 2 immunity winners school yard pick their reward challenge teammates.

Where the castaways all start out on one tribe and everyone voted out is on the jury.

3 Survivor: Death Valley

This would be a really cool season. Them having to survive scorching hot temperatures... not to mention, it would be the first season filmed in the United States.

Haven't had "non" exotic place in awhile.. The desert has some challenges that could throw people off in their preparation to play Survivor..

Yes, I'm ready for non island places. SO tired of pacific island places! Come on Survivor Crew, Stop rewarding yourselves on the island and truly shoot in REAL SUVIVOR locations!

4 Survivor: Rift Valley
5 Survivor: India

No offense but some of these ideas are horrible, like quitters vs medevacs really?

6 Survivor: East vs. West

People from the east coast are on one tribe, and west coasters on the other.

7 Survivor: Madagascar
8 Survivor: Arabia

This was actually supposed to be the 4th season, but it was changed to Marquesas after the September 11th attacks.

9 Survivor: Runners Up

Love to see that! Usually this is the person who should of won the game!

10 Survivor: First Eliminated

I think this would be great. But make the first elimination a double elimination where the tribes vote at the same time. Then bring back redemption island for those who want it to stay alive or get the heck out.

My husband has said this many times. This would make a great show.

The Contenders
11 Survivor: Saints vs. Sinners

Heroes vs Villains but more heroic and more devious.

12 Survivor: Namib Desert
13 Heroes vs Villains 2

Was such a great season, would love to see again.

14 Survivor Mistakes
15 Survivor: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay

Returning players who played a physical game, a strategic game, or a social game.

16 Survivor: Tonga

Another location that was planned but replaced. This time, not for safety reasons, but due to Survivor's declining budget...

17 Survivor: Democrats vs Republicans

It would be political beliefs vs
Political beliefs and they would have to fight to the very end. It would be cool and entertaing I think at merge there would be rock draws because I have a feeling people in one tribe would stay loyal to each other and there would be fire making challenges and rock draws it would be cool. Also it would be like trump vs Hillary

18 Survivor: Rivals
19 Survivor: Celebrities VS Favorites

Imagine Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow on a island together, either pure drama or stupidity. People wold watch either one!

20 Survivor: New Zealand
21 Fans vs Favorites 3
22 Survivor: No One Remembers 2nd place

Epic season hope it comes soon or a season with more than 20 people or more than 39 days

23 Survivor: Winners vs. Losers
24 Survivor: Thailand 2
25 Survivor: Dumb vs. Dumber
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