Hottest Babes on Survivor

Who are the most beautiful, in face and body, to ever be on the American television show "Survivor"?

Please give reasons why you vote for each particular lovely.
The Top Ten
1 Jenna Lewis

Originally on Survivor: Borneo and later on All-Stars.

2 Colleen Haskell

Arguably Survivor's first (chronologically) sweetheart, appearing on the initial season of Borneo.

3 Alicia Calaway

First on Survivor: The Australian Outback and later on All-Stars, finger-wagging and all.

4 Jerri Manthey

Possibly Survivor's first (chronologically) villainess, she appeared on Survivor: The Australian Outback initially, then later on All-Stars and Heroes Vs. Villains.

5 Amber Mariano

Now Amber Mariano, she originally appeared on Survivor: The Australian Outback before winning All-Stars and then competing with her husband on Survivor: Winners at War.

6 Elisabeth Filarski

Now Elisabeth Hasselbeck, her first claim to fame was on Survivor: The Australian Outback and then appeared on "The View" for many years.

7 Jessie Camacho

She was one of the lovely women of Survivor: Africa, being voted off second after experiencing severe stomach pains. Formerly a beauty queen.

8 Lindsey Richter

Appearing on Survivor: Africa, she was outspoken and feisty, eventually being voted off in 11th place.

9 Kelly Goldsmith

One of the lovely women of "Survivor: Africa," she tangled with Lex van den Berghe and became the first member of the Africa jury. Later, she cast other contestants for Survivor: Vanuatu (Islands of Fire).

10 Kim Powers

Cast on Survivor: Africa, she wound up on the wrong side of the power alliance and was voted off in 6th place. Later, she married Alex Bell from Survivor: The Amazon.

The Contenders
11 Candice Cody
12 Christina Cha
13 Penny Ramsey
14 Shawna Mitchell
15 Courtney Yates
16 Sarah Jones Busty beauty of the Marquesas, famous for being "Cleopatra" as Maraamu paddled to shore.
17 Gina Crews One of the lovelies on Survivor: Marquesas, her tribe was decimated and she was on the outside alliance anyway.
18 Neleh Dennis This then-21-year-old Mormon beauty from Utah made it all the way to the Final Tribal Council, where she lost the title of Sole Survivor in a close (and controversial) decision, 3-4.
19 Tanya Vance
20 Stephanie Dill
21 Erin Collins
22 Deena Bennett
23 Christy Smith
24 Chelsea Meissner
25 Andrea Boehlke
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