Best Survivor: Borneo Players

The Top Ten
1 Greg Buis - 9th Place
2 Richard Hatch - Winner

B.B. Anderson isn't even on this list. Kinda inaccurate - he was there too. Would it kill you to put in everyone? It's just 16 people.
I know putting this on Richard Hatch's thing doesn't make sense but it's the only way it'll be seen.

3 Colleen Haskell - 6th Place
4 Rudy Boesch - 3rd Place

I consider him the best as he would have easily won the vote over Richard.

Best player. Should have won.

5 Kelly Wiglesworth - Runner Up

Deserved to win!

6 Gervase Peterson - 7th Place

Should have been third place.

7 Gretchen Cordy - 10th Place

Either her or Kelly should have one!

8 Jenna Lewis - 8th Place
9 Joel Klug - 11th Place
10 Susan Hawk - 4th Place
The Contenders
11 Sonja Christopher - 16th Place
12 Dirk Been - 12th Place
13 Sean Kenniff - 5th Place
14 Ramona Gray - 13th Place
15 B.B. Andersen - 15th Place
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