Top 10 Most Overrated Big Brother U.S. Players

As we gear up for yet another season of Big Brother U.S., it's time to take a step back and reflect on the show's history. We've seen a pantheon of houseguests, each one a unique character with their own tactics, alliances, and memorable moments. But there's an interesting debate brewing within the fan community, one that's as dynamic and intriguing as the show itself: who are the most overrated players in the history of U.S. Big Brother?

Now, let's be clear about what we mean by "overrated." These are the players who, for one reason or another, seem to get more credit than they might deserve. Maybe they've hogged the limelight a bit too much, or their gameplay has been lauded despite being questionable. Perhaps they've been brought back for multiple seasons, creating a sort of cult of personality around them. Or maybe, just maybe, it's a combination of all these factors and more.

Regardless, these are the houseguests who, in the eyes of many fans, don't quite live up to their hype. This isn't about disliking them or discrediting their contributions to the show, but rather about a critical reassessment of their status in the Big Brother pantheon. It's about questioning the narratives that have been built around them and examining whether they truly deserve their lofty reputations.
The Top Ten
1 Kaysar Ridha - Seasons 6, 7 & 22 Kaysar Ridha was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 and then returned to the house in Big Brother All-Stars. In both seasons Kaysar placed tenth.

Other than his creation of the Sovereign Six alliance what has worked for him. Sure Janelle, James, & Howie were all great, but Kaysar seems to stick out as extremely overrated. His not as great as people say he is and quickly gets evicted both times even coming back boom goodbye.

I love Kaysar, but he really didn't have a chance to win. Of course Jennifer snarked him with that infamous lie, but he was a fool to believe it in the first place.

I wish him well, and wish that he had gone further, but the fact is -- he didn't.

2 Frankie Grande - Season 16

Ugh... I for the life of me don't understand just why. Why is he getting so much attention just for being a sister to a famous pop singer whom I also do not like. Just because your someone from YouTube doesn't equal to ''oh that just makes me superior than anyone.''

WAY more sizzle than steak. Probably the greatest fake glam poser in the history of the game.

3 Brendon Villegas - Seasons 12 & 13 Brendon Josef Villegas is an American television personality and reality show contestant. Villegas appeared in two seasons of the American edition of the television series Big Brother and The Amazing Race.

The one that listens to Rachel also known as Kaysar 2.0 you wanna know why his similar to him except his better by far. In Season 12 he did good not much of a problem, but in 13 after getting evicted once comes back beats Lawon easily out the door again.

He. Is. Nothing. Without. Rachel. (and she is nothing, so that still makes him nothing)

4 Jeff Schroeder - Seasons 11 & 13

From a game play perspective, Jeff was nothing special. You could say he got lucky often, and a lot of that luck came with a heavy hand of the Big Brother Production team. The fact that they treat him as if he's some sort of Big Brother god is irritating. It's not fun to see him host the aftershows or to have any involvement in a game where he was subpar on a good day.

I can understand why we like him so much his a funny guy and he does stuff for CBS now more power to you, but I can't get over the fact of what were you thinking in Big Brother 11 backdooring Russell. The very next week bit em in the ass he was the next one out. Sure he played much better in 13, only to lose by a clown shoe lol.

5 Rachel Reilly - Seasons 12 & 13

She makes more appearances on Big Brother than anyone combined and that seems to annoy me. Great player at competitions no denying that at all, but my goodness is she so annoying when it comes to putting her on the spotlight constantly it's either woo hoo Tequila victory! or

The day she made her first appearance was the day that BB stated declining into sad oblivion.

6 Jessie Godderz - Seasons 10 & 11 Jessie Godderz also known as Mr. Pec-Tacular is an American professional wrestler signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling where he is a former two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion with Robbie E as The BroMans.

If his game was 1/10 as strong as his ego he would have won the game three times. Fact is he's nothing more than an overgrown man-child with a "little man" mentality in height and girth, and will never be anything more than that.

Mr. Pectacular he seems to appear more often then many of the others. His like a curse in that house every time he do good enough to the point where he would kinda start to notice what would happen rather it's america's vote or the infamous Coup d'Etat it just didn't matter he was clearly a threat and boom here I go To TNA.

7 Daniele Donato - Seasons 8, 13 & 22

Beast competitor great in Season 8, but for me her strategy playing too fast, too hard in season 13 is ultimately the sole reason just as Evel dick said is where I'm like what are you doing?

8 Ivette Corredero - Season 6

One of the worst representations of "The Friendship," in and of itself the worst alliance ever to appear in Big Brother. Maggie wasn't too bad, but the rest of them were absolute trivialities. She wouldn't have gotten past 10th place in a regular season.

Besides being apart of the most unlikable alliance in history the friendship. Compared to the rest of the members she was by far the worst in terms of winnings which lucky to even get to the final 2 at the very end generous maybe.

Her love for Eric aka Cappy was annoying. She hated Janelle because I think secretly she wanted to bang her, be her or both. She was just salty.

9 Mike ''Boogie'' Malin - Seasons 2, 7, & 14

The fact that Mike Boogie is regarded as one of the best players ever is extremely annoying. This man has proved that he can't do this game unless he hides in Will's shadows and tries to ride the waves that the Dr. has given him. Will basically won season 7 for him, and he failed in season 2 (although the game was different then due to the lack of a point of view), but in season 14, he proved that he could not manipulate people nearly as well as the Dr., and he couldn't beat out the other greatest player Dan Gheesling. He's definitely not one of the best.

10 Janelle Pierzina - Seasons 6, 7, 14, & 22 Janelle Marie Pierzina is an American reality show personality known for her appearances on the sixth, All-Star, and fourteenth seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

Her strategy is too win every competition. No social or strategic game.

The Contenders
11 Elissa Slater Season 15

The fact she just kept getting MVP that season was just totally ridiculous. Not as good as her sister I'll say that much.

12 Kevin Schlehuber - Season 19

Nice guy for the most part but coasted. He was carried by Paul that whole summer and made to feel safe. His fans drool over him because they have a grandpa complex so they never expected him to win stuff.

13 Brian Hart - Season 10

Everyone says how much potential he had but he played horribly and made deals with everyone. He didn't have any potential.

14 Judd Daugherty - Season 15
15 John McGuire - Season 17
16 Paulie Calafiore - Season 18
17 Dan Gheesling - Seasons 10 & 14 Dan Gheesling is an American reality television personality who appeared on the Big Brother 10, which he won.
18 Monte Taylor - Season 24
19 Ian Terry - Seasons 14 & 22
20 Michael Bruner - Season 24

everyone loves him for his competition wins, but his social game was not good, he let the more dominant players make the moves for him in the game, and never once thought to play for himself until he used what Kyle said in week 3 as a tactic to better his chances in the game. He had multiple opportunities to make a big move in the game but didn't, which costed him as he would go home in the final 6 because of Monte, who was the very person people had told him to target

21 Jen Johnson - Season 8
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