Games that are Least Likely to Come to Nintendo Switch Online

The Top Ten
1 Conker's Bad Fur Day

Reason: Too mature to be on the service, along with the fact that, like with any game rated M for it's humor made in the early 2000s, some of the humor may not fly in today's heated social climate.

2 Mortal Kombat II

Reason: Maybe the Genesis version, but as for the SNES version, it's infamous for having the game completely uncut thanks to the ESRB being founded, being the first Nintendo game to have excessive gore.

3 Aladdin (SNES)

Reason: Licensing issues, plus an official Nintendo Switch re-release.

4 Superman 64

Reason: You probably know the main reason. But also because licensing issues.

5 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Reason: Expensive and hard-to-secure rights to Michael Jackson, along with the entire premise of the game.

6 WWF No Mercy
7 Hotel Mario

Reason: Philipps owns the code and it's not worth the cost to port a crappy game.

8 Mario Is Missing!

Reason: Software Toolworks (or whoever bought them out if they are defunct) owns the source code of the game, along with the fact some of the questions in this game are outdated.

9 Stack Up
10 Mappy
The Contenders
11 Clay Fighter 63 1/3

Because of Kung Pow and/or Houngan. Can't be licensing issues with Earthworm Jim given his own game is already on NSO.

Yeah, in the 1990s, they were borderline edgy... Can't imagine them in the 2020s.

12 Gyromite
13 Beetle Adventure Racing

Reason: Obvious licensed title is obvious.

14 Robocop Versus the Terminator
15 Halo Infinite

Reason: This is an Xbox exclusive so it won't come to Nintendo any time soon.

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