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I love Raven because she is the character I can relate to and understand the most. She acts like nothing bothers her or that she doesn't really care about anything but she is actually one of the kindest and most emotionally vulnerable people in the show in her own way. She cares deeply for everyone on the team and thinks of them like the family she never had. She was never raised with the warmth and love that she deserved yet she does her very best everyday to protect people and control herself. She is a very emotionally complex person but never lets you know. She helped me a lot when I was going through a bad time in my life. I saw her as what I thought I should be and it got me through it. I am very grateful that she was there and that I discovered the Teen Titans before then. Without it, I wouldn't be who I am now.

The most powerful titan of all. The reason she seems all dead inside is because if she showed too much anger, she'd probably destroy the whole planet. For instance, in the episode where cyborg left the teen titans, starfire tried to get her to try some of her soup, Raven said she didn't need any because she wasn't upset, then her hair started to go crazy and all of the monitors cracked. She is a loyal friend and teammate. She keeps her powers controlled and doesn't go all beast mode like star fire, because if she did, she'd wipe everyone out. Also she is the funniest one, beast boy tries way too hard to be funny.

I mean, who'd you expect to be in first? She is OP even in her everyday form, and she has TWO extra-strong for Some! Sarcastic, sometimes sassy, and very strong, she also has vulnerabilities, making her capabilities balanced out as a character in a satisfying, realistic way, which could be the reason why everyone can relate to her in a way. Unlike a person who keeps the same emotions except for 1 or 2 episodes, like Starfire, Jinx and Terra, her emotions change as frequently as the weather in Melbourne. It gives her depth and meaning. So cool

Raven is the best character ever! I relate Raven to myself as I prefer to be locked up in my room reading a book than having fun with friends. Also I'm like Raven because I torment my brother (who is also like Beast Boy). Her powers have got to be the strongest as she killed Trigon. She's very sarcastic which makes her extremely funny. My friends call me Raven as I beat up the strongest boy in my school after he broke my friends arm. I love Raven so so so much and wish I was her. by the way beating up the boy didn't end up well as I ended up in detetion but it was worth being Raven for a while.

Raven is so awesome! She is so relatable to people who feel like they don't fit in. And she is by far the most powerful Titan. Even the producers of the show have confirmed it! She defeated the most powerful being in the universe. And to top it all off: she is just plain cool and funny with her sarcasm. And the joy you get when you finally get to see her smile in the show which is only like 5-8 times throughout the whole series.

I love how dark she is.
She has a complex back story and her own inner conflicts.
She is brooding and sarcastic, not silly like the other characters, and has wicked powers. Dark energy, levitation, physcic and an inner demon that escapes when she becomes too upset.

Raven is awesome! I can also easily relate to her. I had the same things happen to me some times like nobody listening to me and just wanting to go to me room. What I really want is to have a net few seasons of teen titans (no I'm not talking about teen titans go). Thumbs up for more seasons!

Raven is the BEST! She has sarcasm, she is intelligent and is a DEMON! Raven is SO mysterious! She defeated her own dad, Trigon, WHO IS KNOWN AS THE EVILEST IN THE UNIVERSE! Especially white caped Raven! Oh, and she also wears a purple cape like all the time which makes her look so as I said MYSTERIOUS! Raven SO deserves to be number 1!

She is my idol the most amazing character that I've ever seen in any movie, show or clip she is the most powerful teen titan even though she doesn't use her powers to their full extent she is powerful enough to open a portal for her father Trigon and can travel to other dimensions she honestly is my main obsession and I couldn't want to be her more. The darkness inside of her holds her back but she also has a light side (white cloak)which represents the most humane side of her while her dark side(red cloak) but the most amazing part of the show is that even while she has both her light and dark sides she still has Raven. Ravens personality and she is her own (indigo cloak). Her soul self (the raven in all black ) is the most powerful side of her when summoned this attack can even result in death. She is the most amazing character in the DC world of comics. *ADORE HER

I think she is so amazing because she is half demon. I am a 10 year old that loves seeing scary things. When she is mad, I love how her eyes turn red. she acts serious, mad, and mysterious and dark. I think she is cool because TRIGON is her dad. she is extremely beautiful without her cloak and very powerful. she always talks about making a portal.

Raven is different (in a good way) to the rest she is the perfect idol to girls like myself she is strong independent and brave without raven I wouldn't watch Teen Titans. She is also different by not showing how she feels about beast boy she loves him yet doesn't admit it which is Human. For the haters (aka my sister ) of raven just because she is a half demon doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings.

RAVEN IS AWESOME! She's the only reason I got hooked on Teen Titans! She is so cool and layed back with all the life problems she has going on. One Halloween I was Raven. Raven shows that you can choose good over a world of evil and be the light in a world of darkness. If anyone should be called the best superhero ever it should be Raven!

Literally the best animated character ever, as a child and still to this day I was OBSESSED with Raven! Her powers are the strongest AND coolest. I can't even tell you how much nostalgia I have when I see pictures of her online! The amount of times I would run around the house with a blanket around me as her cloak shouting

Raven is my favorite character ever made the show ended many years ago and I am still obsessed with with her (is that normal O. O) I can easily relate to her personalty and she is the funniest character in the whole show!

I just love her when I saw teen titans for the first time I loved her strait away and now I draw her nearly every day she is just so perfect and I love her magic spells and stuff like that she is always a bit grumpy some times but that makes the show a bit funnier sometimes she is very angry...

I love Raven. Her powers are amazing, she's serious and more reserved and sarcastic, and she's really brave. I absolutely loved her arc. Her voice is normally so emotionless but there's a lot of emotions and struggle under the surface which makes her so relatable. And she's badass.

She is the best hands down! She has the most powerful and the coolest powers ever! I love her story she is the most interesting character of them all. She has a dark side into her but she still fighting for the good, she is smart and deep I love her so much

After her other awesome traits she's really in tune with starfire, and she's really nice to her new friends, for ex: the light guy (Arthur) was their friend for awhile and they went out to eat and watched a light show, she's not as cold - hearted as she seems

She's mysterious with a dark side, funny with her sarcasm, not perfect which makes her realistic and I can relate to her, and she has very epic intense moments like the time she was battling Terra. It was poetically intense and realistic -Selma

Raven is so cool and dark and sarcastic. She is the coolest super hero of them all. When I first started watching the series my favorite titan was definitely Raven and Robin, but I don't like the two of them as a couple, yikes! Anyway she has dark magic and is a true hero.

Raven is forever my favorite teen titan. She is super funny and sarcastic. Her humor is definitely something to laugh at. Her powers are super amazing. And no I don't care that I am saying super in pretty much every sentence. She definitely deserves to be number 1!

She is so awesome, and I usually don't like the cold and emotionless character, but raven is so awesome with her family struggles and how she has to keep her emotions under control for the sake of others

People say that some characters can beat Raven (not in her white form). But in a battle where there was no holding back and all powers can be used to their fullest, all she would have to do is use her telekinesis to take control of them and then she wins.

She. Is. The. Best. I can relate to her the most, and am basically her in real life. (Minus the powers. ) By the way, if Raven took on all the Teen Titans, SHE WOULD (probably) WIN. Go Raves!

I like raven because she is the funny type actually even if she doesn't show it and her powers in opinion are stronger and more powerful then everyone else. Raven is always calm and usually knows what she is doing.