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1 Plan B

I got my new plan B deck and it pops really high helps me get more air on my tricks and I also have noticed, not that it really matters but the graphics don't wear off as fast as other boards

dude it's not even funnt how nice these boardds are I'ce never even seen one break #3 is wrong it should be #1 or #2 - burtonsuz97

Plan B is the best hands down! Thought Alien Workshop is 2nd! Zero sucks! - Akska

By far the best skateboard brand light durable with tons of pop

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2 Element

yeah element is good and almost super uber LTD is beast and habitat's bamboo is bomb but when was p-rod ever on element I'm pretty sure he is on plan be hahahahahahahahahaha lolz element586 better get your knowledge of skaters game up - ballaboi17


mike v bam margera and p rod do I have to say more o and me - element586

One of the best

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3 Zero

I've been skating with a zero for a while now, and I think they are really strong the design is awesome but the only think that I didn't like about them is that the tail gets messed up quite easily. -

Zero is the best element and plan B suck! I have only used zero and no boards have snapped or come even close to braking a board plus the boards look cool

really really good boards not my style of graphics though (the skulls and goth stuff) - arabhomie68

I love zero it is so good

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4 Almost

Dude why is almost #8 and especially why is it behind girl! RODNEY MULLEN duh - lhairsoft

there good

One of the best daewon song and rodeny

5 Enjoi

I have used enjoi five years back and it hasn't snapped and it also has a great pop

WTF why isn't enjoi at the top of the list? They are like the best! - Jeremiah11Tech

Funny clever jokes on there art boards just like girl

The enjoi boards are awesome and nice to do tricks on

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6 BirdHouse

Birdhouse skateboards have really cute graphics

They some cools one like evil cat

The best brand ever

7 Girl

cool Graphics and mike mo won the battle at the Berrics

girls decks have cool graphics and its SICK! - shosho

8 Darkstar

DARKSTAR ROCKS because the boards are super hard and lite plus the bearings are ultra smooth and the wheels INSANE awesome fast and hard construction their skateboards are altogether SWEET!

Darkstar is the best quality deck you can find the griptape WILL NOT fall of I bought a custom deck completely darkstar it was my first deck and I've had it for 5 I have never once had to buy new hardware and I ride every single chance I gget I reccomend it for people who are beginners to professionals. You can't go wrong.

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9 Airwalk

great pop I can ollie a foot with those things

10 Alien Workshop

unlike element and blan b, alien workshop are LIGHTWEIGHT. they have great pop good pokets for flipping. they arent very durrable but they last like 3 times as long as any plan b. maybe not element.

Alien workshop makes such an awesome skateboard. they last forever and have incredible pop.

Lightweight, great pop, nice graphics, last a long time. - Lordhasta

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11 Spitfire

Love there brand love the cartoon art

12 Blind

I have a blind and they are awesome. They have a new design that is truly based on physics and have an lightweight 8 and 9 ply that last forever. I weigh 210 lbs and have been skating my blind 2 months now no problem. Not even a pressure crack!

man blind is so cool the reaper on my board is my new best friend and if you ask I'm not desperate I'm just weird

I have had my blind for almost a year now and it doesn't even have a sign of a crack and I skate super hard

blind should be first or at least past alien workshop

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13 Habitat

seriously there is nothing wrong with habitat or alien its just seems habitat is a lil better moonpop last super long though

Habitat is a great brand. I love it!

A underrated gem in skaterboading

14 Zoo York

yess i got one of these and they pop like crazyyyyy - jokerhuff23

Has the most pop, and is super light!!!

15 Toy Machine

Toy machine is awesome because of The graphic their funny

16 Creature
17 Flip
18 Mystery

Mystery's are awesome! They're not heavy like elements and darkstar! freakin 14 is wrong! Mystery all da way dude! - MusicGalSyd3

The Mystery Smith deck I have is the best deck I got yet its not too heavy or too light its the best deck I've ever skated - Mystery2009

19 ATM
20 Baker

they are ok boards but the pop is good and so is the grip tape - RodneyMull89

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