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21 Chocolate

why wasn't this on here WOW! and I nvr heard of ne of these other boards like popwar and also y is AIRWALK on here isn't tht like a walmart board - ballaboi17

22 Dexter

I hav got an dexter board and it is the best that I have ever had it is light as and fast as it is the bomb

23 Black Label
24 Hook Ups

They have good pop and they are made from a manufacteur that makes hookups

25 Real

I have real skate it is the number one

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26 Urban

I've got one and I can do tre flips and 360 heel flips they are like the best

27 Mini Logo
28 Anti Hero

How is anti hero, nor krooked, stereo and real!? most of these companies breath their money and don't care about boarding, but anti hero does. - AntiHeroDecks4Life

29 Tony Hawk HuckJam

I think tony hawk is the greatest skate boarder to ever live he is a beast and does tricks I never new posible. His boards are the greatest never broke and I have been riding it for years number 1 skater to ever live!

30 Revive Skateboards

Obviously the best...

31 Popwar

Ive had a popwar deck for about half a year and it hasn't even got any pressure cracks in it i skate board like all day every day it kicks ass

32 Boom

got the kool grip tape the grapichs are kool - RodneyMull89

33 Third Foot
34 Lakai
35 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz skateboards are so expensive and why is DGK not here DGK rules

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36 Stereo
37 Krooked
38 Expedition One
39 Shuvit
40 Foundation

Weak...snapped in about 3 weeks and I don't even skate hard I just got a REAL deck hope to have different results.

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