Best Things About Applejack


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1 She is strong.

Her strength is awesome! Best pony right there!

I love applejack! If I meet the brony notion I will so cut him. With a knife. Repeatedly - DubstepLover

I'm with someone who wants to kill that Brony Notion thing.

Indeed - JPK

2 She is pretty
3 Amazing accent
4 Honest

Well, She Is The Element Of Honesty - JPK

5 Funny

You guys think Pinkie's funny but Aj is HILARIOUS. If you ARE and mlp fan, you would have watched the first episode. And some pony to watch me over. She cares about Applebloom, she's being overprotective because she cares besides that was the hilarious part! Check-in in 5 seconds LOL and she's cool in this episode! DID YOU SEE HOW SHE FOUGHT OFF THE CHIMERA?!?!?! - QueenTerra

6 Singing Talent
7 A good friend

She helps people out

8 Nice hat

Just Kidding, It's Still,Beautiful To Look At - JPK

9 A more "Loyal" than "Honest" Pony
10 Nice color tones

The Contenders

11 She's a silly background pony
12 She's sassy
13 She's very likeable

Yup - JPK

14 She isn't a bully
15 She's cool
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