Best Things About Dora the Explorer

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1 It teaches good morals

Yeah you should just leave home unsupervised and tell robbers "Swiper, no swiping" because that will work. (That was sarcastic in case you didn't know.) - PianoQueen

This List And Dora Sucks

No It Doesn't

This show is to innapropet for kids - Mrsantaclaw33033

2 It teaches kids Spanish
3 The "We Did It" song

This Is The Worst Song Ever Made

4 It's not offensive

Probably the one good thing about this show. - PianoQueen

5 It's interactive

I wouldn't say so. "Where is it? " (Kid points far way from the object) "That's right" The answers will be the same no matter what. - PianoQueen

6 Kids love Dora
7 Hispanics are cool

One word racist

8 It has two spin-offs

One of them is Dora and Friends: Into The City, but what's the other spin-off?

9 Swiper the Fox Swiper the Fox

The Only Good Character In This Atrocious Show - JPK

10 She's a stalker

In the pilot she asks what's your name and it's super disturbing and then she asks where you live so she could rob you then she asks how's your family and she would ask what school you go to so she could shoot every student in the school with a automatic gun and even kill your family

How is this good for kids?!?!

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