Top 10 Things That Are Not for Everyone

Things that are either too usual or challenging to get into. Stuff that may not be too appealing to the masses.

Note: Just because something's not for everyone doesn't mean it's not good. It's all about personal preference so if you actually can get into some of the things listed below then that's totally fine. And feel free to add whatever you want.

The Top Ten

1 Religion Religion

Agreed. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Pornography Pornography

I, personally, am offended by pornographic content (I have accidentally stumbled upon it once or twice), but I can guess that some people like it. - Cyri

While I'm not sure if what he said is completely true...masturbating is actually good for your health. - judo8alex

From what I’ve heard, it’s an ok thing, but you gotta know the difference from on-screen and reality. - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 Complexity Complexity

Everything is complex. But even the complex cannot understand complexity.

4 Socializing Socializing
5 Sports Sports

Yes even running puts an huge ache upon my binding soul by when I run to long or short or just decent my throat feels like cracked pressure and really dust leather I shall dat since that I've been born with a small throat then it expanded as I have so yes I'm a huge Aspie nerd yet a strong physics whiz obviously- Kevinsidis

6 The Internet The Internet
7 Love Love

I feel like I'm in between this one not because of the one I love but instead because of myself because I feel as if I might unintentionally mess things up and she doesn't like me. - Mcgillacuddy

8 Pseudoscience
9 College College
10 Nostalgia Nostalgia

I'd rather think about the future thank you - Pieclone

The Contenders

11 Social Media Social Media
12 The Paranormal The Paranormal
13 School School
14 Adam Sandler Adam Sandler Adam Richard Sandler is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer. After becoming a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sandler went on to star in many Hollywood feature films that combined have grossed over $2 billion at the box office.
15 Imagination Imagination
16 Black Metal Black Metal
17 Sonic Youth Sonic Youth Sonic Youth was an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1981. Founding members Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo remained together for the entire history of the band, while Steve Shelley followed a series of short-term drummers in 1985, and rounded out the core line-up.
18 Death Metal Death Metal
19 Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Brian Hugh Warner, better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American musician, songwriter, actor, painter, multimedia artist, author, and former music journalist.
20 Hurtcore
21 Suicide
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