Top Ten Things to Blame Donald Trump For

Why Donald Trump? It's really nothing personal - honestly! It's just that I love his name and whenever anything goes wrong, it sounds funny to say "I blame Trump for this."
Don't take this list seriously; it's just a bit of fun. Add anything you'd like to blame the Trumpster for. Absolutely anything goes - however weird, warped, stupid and insane it is. Feel free to add or vote / comment as you wish.

The Top Ten

1 Slow internet

This is kind of true, actually.


2 Cold porridge

6 words. Donald. Trump. Is. A. Awful. Cook

3 Burnt toast

NOOO! NOT THE TOAST! It was my favorite... *sniffles* - KingSlayer93316

4 Your bad luck

My worthless Lottery ticket?

5 Feminists
6 England's unpredictable weather
7 Feeling like everyone hates you
8 Racism
9 Mismatched socks

Why do I have different socks on? I BLAME TRUMP FOR THIS - KingSlayer93316

10 Your favourite band splitting up

The Newcomers

? Making Republicans Go Downhill

The Contenders

11 Silly top ten lists
12 Cabbage
13 Your missing sense of humour
14 Coronavirus

trump made no help to the coronavirus situation

15 The colour brown-red
16 Lists getting merged
17 Bad hair day
18 Lisps
19 Forgetting a birthday
20 Dust
21 Bad TV service
22 Being pregnant
24 Countries now hating America
25 The smoking age being 21 years old
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