Top Ten Things to Blame Donald Trump For

Why Donald Trump? It's really nothing personal - honestly! It's just that I love his name and whenever anything goes wrong, it sounds funny to say "I blame Trump for this."
Don't take this list seriously; it's just a bit of fun. Add anything you'd like to blame the Trumpster for. Absolutely anything goes - however weird, warped, stupid and insane it is. Feel free to add or vote / comment as you wish.

The Top Ten Things to Blame Donald Trump For

1 Slow internet

This is kind of true, actually.


2 Cold porridge

6 words. Donald. Trump. Is. A. Awful. Cook

3 Burnt toast

NOOO! NOT THE TOAST! It was my favorite... *sniffles* - KingSlayer93316

4 Feminists
5 Your bad luck

My worthless Lottery ticket?

6 England's unpredictable weather
7 Feeling like everyone hates you
8 Racism
9 Mismatched socks

Why do I have different socks on? I BLAME TRUMP FOR THIS - KingSlayer93316

10 Your favourite band splitting up

The Newcomers

? Coronavirus

The Contenders

11 Silly top ten lists
12 Cabbage
13 Your missing sense of humour
14 The colour brown-red
15 Lists getting merged
16 Bad hair day
17 Lisps
18 Forgetting a birthday
19 Dust
20 Bad TV service
21 Being pregnant
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