Top Ten Things Dimash Kudaibergen Fans Need to Realize

This is a serious list; not a joke.
Have you ever been ticked off by the Dimash Kudaibergen fanbase on this website, what with all of their planck-time-unitly spam-voting to number one on every music-related list and lack of taste in anything non-Dimash-related?

Well, this list will explain the problems with them and what they should learn next time.

NOTE: If you're a Dear (Dimash Kudaibergen fan), then STOP acting a fraction of your age and accept these items, and don't even try to blanket this list with "OH, YOSHIPYRO IS RACIST!", "WELL, YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS THAT HE CAN SING UNLIKE YOU!" or "THIS PERSON IS JUST MEAN TO US AND DIMASH!"

By the way, I found where all of the spam-voting is coming from:

The Top Ten

1 The world, and not only the music and entertainment industry, is more than just Dimash Kudaibergen

His style can't be even competed today
The only person who understands the true value of voice and hands is called Dimash Kudaibergen

Look, it's fine if you think that Dimash is the best thing to exist in the music industry, but there is a LOT more to music and just entertainment in general. There is a fantastic number of brilliant T.V. shows, movies, plays, video games, board games, books and music made by different people that the universal number of people admire and remember for eternity and are, in fact, just as good as Dimash Kudaibergen's music! Why not try out media like Super Mario, Breaking Bad, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Freddie Mercury instead of rapid-fire-voting Dimash to the top of every list?

Wait, what if...there are no fans? What if Dimash is just spam-voting himself on an obscure website to feed his ego?

Good point. I don't know if that Dimash Kudaibergen Voting Station account was made by him.

Beside being a gret singer, he is a tech wiz an set it all up himself.

2 Dimash Kudaibergen can't be number one on every list

Look, I get it, there is NOTHING wrong with Dimash being number one on a list, but like CrimsonShark said: It is excellent to see Dimash recognised for his talents in music and he does deserve as fanbase... but groups have their limits. We respect that he is your idol and inspiration, but rather than finding certain lists and incessantly voting him to the top 24/7, like I said, try to check out other music artists that might be just as good as him.

3 Dimash isn't the only good singer in the world

Again, this website is for discovering new things; not rapid-fire-voting your favourite things to the very top of a list.

4 People have different opinions

If you think that Dimash Kudaibergen is the best singer, that's ABSOLUTELY fantastic. But some people might not agree; they would just think of him as mediocre or not like him at all. I'm sorry, but we can't all have the same tastes. Every human being like me is different.

Idc how much hate I will get for this, but I get annoyed by his voice. - XxembermasterxX

5 He is allowed to be number one, but the difference of votes between him and the other singer should be no more than 3%

What if people want a different singer to be at the top of a list? Like I said, it is ABSOLUTELY fine if Dimash is number one on a list, but someone else needs a turn at the top spot at some point. He can't be number one on a list forever; I'm sorry, things change.

6 Some people are sick and tired of their constant voting

And some are sick and tired of the complaining about it.

Especially people like me, since we want you all to vary your tastes, which all of you are vaguely listening to do.

7 Making a social media account or website as a way to get him to number one on a list isn't cool

You've seen the link, right? If not, click on it in the description!
Onto the main topic, I know that you all want Dimash to be recognised more, but no offense, THAT is going out of the boundaries. Making an account on social media or website just so you could get other people in the same fanbase to rapid-fire-vote him to the top is just UNCOOL. It makes you all look sad, pathetic and foolish. NOT COOL.

8 Some people aren't interested in him at all

Not everyone wants to know about him, and like I said again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Too much equivocation.

9 Some, if not most, people on the internet aren't familiar with him outside of Kazakhstan or China

Yes, I might be hypocritical there, we'd LOVE to know about a singer we aren't familiar with, but rubbing him in our faces isn't going to make us interested in him, isn't it.

Myself included.

10 TheTopTens is about discovering new things and experimenting your tastes, not so you spam your favourite things everywhere

And for the last time (maybe), there's more to the Milky Way than just ONE singer from a country in Central Asia! Will you all just discover new media FOR ONCE!?! Sorry if I got angry. I just couldn't keep the Dears in my mind any further...


The Contenders

11 Dimash isn't Japanese

Love Dimash, but yeah, it's only logical that someone from Japan sings at the Olympics HELD in Japan, lol

And that's why making him the number one singer to perform at the 2020 Olympics doesn't make sense. Asaka is much better.

12 He isn't God
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