Top 10 Things Dora the Explorer is Really Teaching Our Kids

Dora The Explorer is a very dangerous show for kids. Dear Parents and Guardians whatever you do please do not show your kids this show you have all been warned.

The Top Ten

1 It teaches kids how to get rid of a criminal in the dumbest way

It would be hilarious, yet painfully sad to see somebody try to deal with a crimminal as Dora does with Swiper. - jrodz

Thief no thieving!
"... Really? "
Thief no thieving!
"...You're kidding me, right? "
Thief no thieving!
*Thief just walks away like "what"* - mattstat716

2 It teaches kids to lose touch with reality

No its teaching small children around the ages of 3-5 if they can see it.
She asks childish questions which isn't harming you.

Very Accurate List

3 It teaches kids to go wandering off all by themselves


And there's no banana trees. Dun dun dun. - mattstat716

4 It teaches kids to do very dangerous things
5 It teaches kids to go near a dangerous animal

Oo oo, ee, ee, ah ah.
"Hey, look, a monkey! "
*Attempts to give it banana, proceeds to be attacked."
(And that's what would happen.) - mattstat716

Australian kid with his parents go to the rain forest.

Kid: "Look it's Mr. Skinny Legs
Parents: *gasp* "No, sonny it's dangerous"
*get sting*
Kid: "Good lawdy! "
Parents: "I will sue that piece of garbage episode! "

6 It teaches kids to lose their voices by screaming in front of the TV

Wot am I looking at?
"A cow."
What's that?
"I SAID A COW! " - mattstat716

7 It teaches kids to become dumber
8 It teaches kids to go and talk to strangers
9 It teaches kids Spanish

Tilly from Tots T.V. spoke fluent French and when Tots T.V. aired in America Tilly spoke fluent Spanish.

The only good thing about this show

10 It teaches kids to have serious accidents

The Contenders

11 It teaches kids to be blind
12 It teaches kids about talking to animals

Well, I mean... That's not bad, is it? I'm pretty sure lots of people talk to their pets. Um... right?

13 It teaches kids to eat with their mouth open
14 It teaches kids to say "Swiper no swiping" to a fox.
15 It teaches kids how to ask stupid questions
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