Things Dora the Explorer Needs to Do to Suck Less

Hype Up my YouTube fans for Dora Almost Changes Her Ways!

The Top Ten

1 Not be on baby shows anymore

She looks like a 2year old but she's definitely older than that! The reason I think she's a 2year old is because SHE HAS A MONKEY AS A FRIEND Peppa big is WAYY better than this

2 Use your eyes and ears
3 Don't run away from home
4 Don't talk to the screen
5 Don't sing about everything you do
6 Don't go out and talk to strangers
7 Talk less
8 Do some of the work yourself

She definitely needs to do some of the work herself because she always relies on us audience to help her over the most simplest things Dora if you want to be an explorer when you grow up then stop being lazy and do some work yourself.

9 Die

Put some violences in it! - ChroniclerMan5

Should Be Number 1


10 Be a badass

That Would Make Everything So Much Better

Foxy is better at this

It worked with Captain America, why can't it work for dora.

The Contenders

11 Explode

Dora the Exploder - SFTF2Fans360Alex

Haha - Neonco31

12 Lose weight

Seriously how much does she weigh? 500, 2000, or over 9000 pounds

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13 Abandon Boots

So He'll NOT Appear in Almost Every Episodes. - ChroniclerMan5

14 Don't let boots appear in almost every episode
15 Get eye surgery

So she'll know where the things are.

16 Do something cool like a fighting battle
17 Wear a shirt that hides her stomach
18 Beat up Swiper
19 Shut up every once in a while
20 Make Swiper kill Dora V 1 Comment
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