Things DP Haters Should Say to Danny Phantom

To crazy DP fangirls:

This list is for haters. Please leave and don't bully me

The Top Ten

1 I'm sick to you because you're crazy fangirls!

The fangirls are very, indeed, crazy.-Vestalis

2 Chat Noir is better than you!

Would he even know who is Chat Noir is?

Chat Noir is hotter than Danny Phantom. The eyes of Chat Noir look like an emerald galaxy.-Vestalis

3 You're gay!

Really I thought he dated Sam who is a girl

He is gay because of the fangirls' gay shippings such as Pitch Pearl. Honestly, I find this disgusting.-Vestalis

4 Go die!
5 Stop making Jazz cry, Danny Phanturd!
6 You have awful personality

Danny Phantom does have an awful personality.-Vestalis

7 You are angel at outside, but you actually a demon inside!
8 I'm so stressed because of you!
9 Your weapon is lame!

Yeah, his weapon is lame. He should have a gun or a sword as a weapon instead or even a hammer.

10 You are the rip-off of Randy Cunningham and Chat Noir!

Didn't Danny Phantom come before them? DP: 2004 RC:2012 CN: 2015

The Contenders

11 I love Miraculous! You guys can't move on! Hahaha...

Eh, I don't really care about moving on shows this time suck, the fan base for DP sounds awful I don't know much of them

12 I hate you
13 Your hate base is bigger than your fan base

Is this true cause I am not sure - epictoonsfan1

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