Things that Make the 1990s and 2000s Better Than the 2010s

I’m a 2000s kid, being born in 2003. In my opinion, both the 1990s and 2000s were better than now. Because of reasons below, feel free to add your own items on this list.

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1 Better Cartoons

I agree with this reason for sure. As someone who was born in 1999, I grew in the early to mid 00s for the most part. I got to grow up with shows like Jimmy Neutron, The Early Sponge Bob, and Fairly Odd Parents, Dexter's Lab, Ed Edd and Eddy, Billy and Mandy, etc. The kids nowadays have to grow up with awful shows, like Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, Breadwinners, The Amazing World of Gumball, etc. I feel bad for the young kids of today for sure. - RogerWatersfan1999

Gumball and Adventure time are quality cartoons. Go past the first season of Gumball and the first 2 seasons of AT and you'll see what I mean - 445956

Ducktales, Gumball, Regular show TMNT the Loud house those are good and there 2010s cartoons - B1ueNew

Yep. All entertainment instead of stuff that matters more. - Skullkid755

I sort of regret making this, it makes me feel as if I’m a nostalgiatard, when I’m not. - MrCoolC

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2 Better Music

No explanation needed - MrCoolC

Yes! Can't they at least make one good song in the 2010s for once?

*more overrated music* - B1ueNew

3 No Smart Phones

Yeah, I agree that Smart Phones have been bad for our society. I'm 19 right now, and I remember the era before smart phones in the early to mid 00s. People were way less egotistical back then. Even when smart phones first came out in the late 00s, people did not abuse them nearly as much as they do today. - RogerWatersfan1999

I know that the first smart phone was released in 2007, but it’s overused now. - MrCoolC

Ok and? - B1ueNew

4 No Vine

Vine isn't even a thing anymore... - Swellow

Yeah I agree with Swellow vine ain't a thing anymore - B1ueNew

5 Better Memes/Trends

No dumb challenges. Back then, there were better memes such as over 9000. - MrCoolC

In my opinion memes like Pepe The Frog and Doge(Which are 2010's memes) are better than Over 9000 and This is Sparta. - DarkBoi-X

6 PlayStation 2

Best selling console of all time - MrCoolC

Most overrated game console ever. - B1ueNew

7 GTA: San Andreas

Sure it may be a good game, but this is subjective. - Swellow

What about it? - B1ueNew

8 Gamecube

Subjective. - Swellow

9 Gameboy
10 Bionicle

Screw Hero Factory. - ChroniclerMan5

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11 Better Movies

Nope. I strongly disagree here - B1ueNew

Um, the 2010s also had good movies. (Yes, I’m complaining about something I made) - MrCoolC

12 Game Boy Advance

The best handheld console of all time - PerfectImpulseX

13 Sega Dreamcast

Yes, this underrated console. Nice game on this console. - MrCoolC

14 No
15 Fewer Mass Shootings

What about Virginia Tech and Columbine? - MrCoolC

16 Wii
17 Windows XP Windows XP
18 No Selfies
19 Less Concern about Looks
20 Better Economy

The world seemed less harsh of a place prior to the 2008 Recession

21 No Donald Trump in the White House

Trump is awful but George Bush and Bill Clinton were worse. - DarkBoi-X

Yeah because George W Bush was such a amazing president - B1ueNew

I didn’t put this here, and George W Bush was one of the worst presidents. - MrCoolC

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