Top Ten Things to Say to that One Fanboy/Girl Who Always Overly Defends a Fictional Character

"Don't hate him/her. He/she will cry If you do"

This is something that irritates me nonetheless. I don't know about you guys, but this is a really annoying statement to me.

This does NOT apply to all popular fictional characters and does NOT apply to all fans. Basically, this is a list. Made for fun.

The Top Ten

1 He/she will not care if you defend her and bash everyone who hates him/her 24/7

Why? Because they're not real. They're FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. It'd make sense If you'd defend them that far if they're real because they're real people with REAL emotions. But In this case, they're FICTIONAL. In other words, they don't exist In the real world and how you overly defend them Is just pointless and meaningless. You won't get some award for defending them, they won't go out with you or become best friends with you If you defend them. They won't agree to marry you, either. So don't get your hopes up. - MLPFan

This is so true about The Lion King fans. They are so darn close-minded and defensive of their favorite movie/characters/media that they want you to treat it the way you want to be treated, and even going as far as threatening to call the police on you if you say anything negative about it. GEEZ LOUISE!

Agreed. I wish everyone would realize that fictional characters are not real so they won't make the same doggone mistakes over and over again.

2 Get a life

Your favourite fictional character isn't the point of existence
Your favourite fictional character isn't the center of the earth
Your favourite fictional character isn't your god
And most of all,
Someone hating your fictional character is NOT the end of the world

#GetALife - MLPFan

3 He/she isn't even real

I do have a lot of anime crushes, but I never went to over the top of gushing at them online and act like a manchild when someone dislikes them. I just simply Ignore the haters. You guys should try It too - MLPFan

I’m sorry I don’t like that anime girl you worship, but she isn’t even a real person, so don’t hate me. - AliciaMae

4 Just accept it that not everyone loves him/her

Don't expect everyone to love your favourite character as well - MLPFan

5 There are way better characters than the one you're worshiping now

This doesn't apply to every character there Is, but so far there are way better characters than the fan favourite characters, but unfortunately get less acknowledgement. - MLPFan

6 You're just wasting your time and everyone else's.

I never knew that some people can be so dedicated to someone who doesn't even exist and shove their different dimensional friendship or romance is. But seriously, not only you're wasting the time you could've use to do something useful, you chose to throw a fit at people for not liking your favourite character, gush at them (the favourite characters, especially the ones from the opposite gender) online like some 2D obsessed guy, and shove your friendship or your different dimensional love to others by saying stuff like "Even that we live In different dimensions, we're still BFFs! " Or "YOU GUYS ARE JUST JEALOUS AT HOW TRUE OUR LOVE IS! ". And It also wastes other people's time because they're better off doing other activities anyway - MLPFan

7 Your waifu/husbando is trash

I know, this isn't an anime only list (so far, I've only saw anime/manga fans say waifu. Not trying to sound like a weeb, by the way. Because I'm not) but I really have the urge to say this. - MLPFan

8 So I'm a jerk just because I hate a certain character? That's nuts

Because according to these type of fankids, If you hate the characters they love, you deserve to be treated terribly even you were only voicing your opinion - MLPFan

9 He/she will not cry if someone hates her

Same like number 1. They won't even care If you defend them 24/7 or send threats to people who hate them. - MLPFan

10 Camp down

I think you mean calm down fella - GlassweighanCountess

The Contenders

11 _______[character name] is not the best fictional character ever made. Stop shoving how great you see him/her is to everyone's throats

I've saw more depth In a small cup of water (this doesn't apply to all characters. I'm just joking) - MLPFan

12 You sound like a Dumbass
13 No matter how much you may like ….. character name..... it's my job to spoil your fun, just because I can.
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