Things That Should Be Gone In 2015

The top ten list of things that need to go away in 2015.

The Top Ten

1 War

It should've been gone a long time ago - gemcloben

Every one want this - belarbi

I'm from 2015, and this wish is not granted - DubstepLover

2 The Justin Bieber joke

Seriously, it isn't 2010 anymore. Justin Bieber hasn't had a hit in over 2 years, and these jokes have been beaten to death.

"Sorry" to burst your bubble (see what I did there? ), but he recently had a hit or two (sadly). - MKBeast

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3 Cutting yourself, taking pictures of it and uploading it online

It's just so awful! First reason, it's a very dumb thing to do. Why would you even cut yourself and what's the use of uploading it online? To let people know that you suffer or maybe you want people to pity you? Really, that is so pathetic! Second reason, by doing that, you are indirectly promoting self harm and it's not something that is worth to be promoted. If you're crazy enough to do that, then it's enough to be you yourself that's crazy, no need to drag other people into it, the world has been a worse place each day without you have to give new ideas about how to worsen it.

Are people kidding me!? This is what people do on tumblr and instagram? Stop cutting yourself! If you cut yourself to post a picture of your wound and upload it online, then you're promoting self harm!

I know right?! People who does this kind of thing are stupid! And plus, it's not gonna get them any viewers or sympathy from other people. If they think that cutting their hand and posting a video of it that they recorded on the internet is gonna get any sympathy from people than they're terribly wrong. More and more people are just gonna click on a different video and completely forget about you because they know you were too stupid to not cut yourself and know that it's gonna get you any attention if you do it.

Stop. It doesn't make you look cool, and it makes me feel sympathetic for you only because you have no control over yourself to stop the self-harm you're doing. - vanilla

That does sound pretty dumb

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4 Selfies

I've seen enough duck faces and selfies. I don't care if girls are offended by this but you aren't going to get anywhere in life by just taking selfies and being so narcissistic. I think it's funny how you all are so worried about what others think of how you look and so you take a picture of yourself to upload online to hear comments about your look, and every time you upload a photo of yourself online, people compliment you. your pictures all look the same. and the word "selfie" sounds like a baby word. if you traveled back 15 years and referred to self-photos as selfies, then people would laugh at you. by the way, duck faces aren't attractive anymore. they're getting boring now. the more you do it, the less attractive it looks on you.

I have had enough of these things. These stupid duck faces just really piss me off for some reason. Also it became popular in 2013 which was the year where I just lost hope in all of humanity. Two of the things that that were selfies and Miley Cyrus - YakkoWakkoDot

I take like 100000000 selfies but I don't have duck faces. It's just me in a weird costume, a serious face, or a smile. And I admit I'm not photogenic. At all. - AnonymousChick

I wish I was SIX still, then things like selfies would be unknown to me.

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5 The idea of heavy metal being the devil's music

This is the dumbest theory ever - gemcloben

My family loves heavy metal, I love too - ComelCumil

I wrote a song to make people realize how stupid this idea is. Metal/Punk/Rock/Core/Hardcore is not demonic

Heavy metal is just a kind of music, has nothing to do with the devil.

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6 Twerking

This is the worst dance ever! It's inappropriate and ridiculous. Why would someone invent twerking anyway? - NiceFellow

It's just one of the things that makes other countries think America is stupid

No one wants to see your ass (apart from those who have a crush on you).

Definitely banned. Very shame and immature - 05yusuf09

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7 Bullies
8 Trolls On TheTopTens

The visitor doesn't give a damn thing about Therandom comments!

I'm a troll and I'm immortal - DubstepLover

There are not any users who are really trolls, it's the visitors. - Therandom

They need to go... or change for the better. - Animefan12

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9 Swag

Why does this exist? Just tell me "You're the man" instead.

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10 Discrimination

It had existed even 50 years ago. Only the basis has changed now - Animefan12

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11 Nicki Minaj

I'm so glad she's at number 2. Keep her there please.

Get her off the face of the earth - gemcloben

I'll admit the song anaconda was funny at first but now it's just stupid. this woman barely has any talent.

In THIS PARTICULAR LIST, she's terribly underrated. - Animefan12

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12 The word "bae"

Not a real word, just used by dumb teens who are popular. Not really much I can say other than that. - AGK

This word is actually on the "officially banned" list for 2015.

It's Danish for poop you know that?

The the heck does it mean

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13 Smartphone addiction

Come On Guys This List would be worthless in A Couple Hours Time 2015 is coming soon and none of this would happen

Its only going to get worse - gemcloben

I still use a disc man, and believe me I'm 16 I ain't old.
I hate technology, people are used to it and can't live without it, Human race is getting socially retarded

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14 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

Too be honest I love big brother but I can what it's doing to people with no brain cells

15 Hatred
16 Emily the Strange
17 One Direction

I have a confession to make... I've liked the last three songs of theirs... - Britgirl

They're 0.8 direction

Zayn the poop eater left

That's what makes haters beautiful.

This joke is getting old...

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18 Cancer
19 Child Abusers
20 Dork Diaries
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