Things That Should Happen to Caillou


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1 Make him grow hair


2 Cancel the show

I want this to happen so bad. I'm really need for pbs kids to do it. And by cancel, I mean no more Caillou series forever. - EpicJake

I hate this show like cancel I mean no more caillou series forever

This show is bad. Why does he have cancer?

no - zeebeethedog

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3 Get rid of his voice
4 No one wants to be his friend anymore

No - zeebeethedog


5 He stops whining, grows hair, gets different clothes, goes to high school, gets a girlfriend and stops being annoying
6 Get Mario to jump on his head

And he will kill the Goomba Caillou

Mario wouldn't do that bitch - zeebeethedog

7 Goes to St Judes
8 His parents start to hate him
9 He gets injured

That's the only thing that will happen.

10 Make a fat guy sit on him

And fart on him

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11 Miss Martin starts to hate him
12 Play loud music to him
13 We come into the world and kill him and the others as well

Oh yeah.

14 Make him be called Pebble
15 Babysat by Vicky
16 Rosie kicks his butt

Or kick him in the nuts.

17 Make him see the logos he is scared of

Like MTVs frankenskippy

18 He become the dumbest person in the world
19 Caillou in Jersey Shore

Everyone hates Jersey Shore, even Caillou

20 Dawn kicks his butt

That will be hilarious if dawn from Pokemon dp was in caillou.


21 Make Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn Kill Him

Yes, that would be so awesome

Seriously! who put this here!

22 Spanking
23 Someone pelts him with rocks
24 Make him Watch Barney and Friends
25 Make him watch F-Zero GP Legend
26 Make him watch Bubsy pilot cartoon
27 Force him to watch Oogieloves

His memory will be scarred

That'll rip off his childhood

28 Make him watch Steven Universe
29 Caillou should be put in Supernanny and Nanny 911
30 Caillou in Hunger Games
31 Caillou in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Caillou's parents will leave Caillou to NERV instead of daycare.

32 Gets eaten by a Titan
33 Eat hot sauce
34 Eat wasabi paste

His face will burn if he eats wasabi paste.

35 Babysat by Sam and Cat
36 Gets captures by Tengu Warriors from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
37 Seek anger management
38 Throw him off a cliff
39 Joins the military
40 Force him to eat gruel all day and night
41 Trap him in a cabin, put on a hockey mask, grab a chainsaw, enter the cabin and cut his head off
42 Get his parents and Caillou to go into the hunger games and be no-scoped by Katniss
43 Ground him
44 Marco Diaz and Chewy (Pecola) Kick His Butt
45 Caillou goes to jail
46 Gets cancer and commits suicide
47 Plays Five Nights at Freddy's
48 Marries Dora the Explorer
49 Marries Elsa

Then elsa will freeze him then no more of the garbage but elsa sucks though

Caillou Is Worse Than Frozen
But I Still Hate Frozen

50 Gets beaten up by the Dragon Ball Z characters
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1. Get Mario to jump on his head
2. Goes to St Judes
3. He stops whining, grows hair, gets different clothes, goes to high school, gets a girlfriend and stops being annoying
1. Cancel the show
2. Make him grow hair
3. Get rid of his voice


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