Top Ten Things That Should Happen In the Future

The Top Ten

1 Someone invents a cellphone that never needs to charge
2 Everybody stops littering
3 No such thing as public school
4 Arthur wins an award

Well it certainly deserves one. - Puga

5 No cable TV
6 Cities on planets like Mars
7 Flying cars
8 Puga becomes king

Waiting for SevenLizards to comment on this...

9 A another universe being created

There are several other universes already... - Metalhead1997

please do!

10 Table 58 gets cancelled

The Contenders

11 Doughnuts become free
12 Some science fiction games and movies come to life
13 Arthur gets canceled
14 Israel stops being an independent country
15 Make a miracle pill that makes you 99% smarter.

99%?! Why not 100%? -High Expectations Asian Father

16 SpongeBob and Sandy get together

Have you considered that SpongeBob might be pansexual? - Metalhead1997

This should not happen - Turkeyasylum

17 TheTopTens closes

Aha! A Troller might be on here - nothingbutcool

That would be depressing! - Turkeyasylum

18 Ant & Dec give Arthur a toothbrush
19 Someone trips over a book
20 SevenLizards starts liking Arthur

Or at least respect people's opinions and stop shoving his opinion down people's throats.

21 No religions

Religion will always be around... - Metalhead1997

22 Scientists cure all diseases

Not possible. - Metalhead1997

23 North Korea gets rid of its dictator
24 United States stops putting its nose in other country's business
25 Finding an Earth-like planet
26 Life becomes perfect
27 Earthbound Gets Bought by Square Enix
28 The Resurrection of the Videosmarts Interactive Video Learning System by a current toy company
29 No more Justin Bieber

He'll die someday anyway. Just let time flow. - Metalhead1997

30 Xbox should stop
31 North Korea will be free
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1. Cities on planets like Mars
2. Flying cars
3. Some science fiction games and movies come to life
1. Arthur wins an award
2. Someone invents a cellphone that never needs to charge
3. Everybody stops littering


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