Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Paw Patrol

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21 Twilight Sparkle sends them in a portal to hell V 3 Comments
22 Wiped

Remember when T.V. channels wiped reels containing their old shows they didn't want anymore? Well, that should happen to Paw Patrol, so nobody will ever see it again! - imacg4

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23 Make Them Watch Sanjay and Craig

That sounds funny but disgusting

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24 They all join together to kill Dora The Explorer

Dora is worse than Paw Patrol, so I would be happy if this happened

That would make us love Paw Patrol

This is the only good one on the list.
Half of the list is full of mlp crap and the other half is sexual assaults.

I'm gonna report this list to DH top tens.

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25 They become #1 on the Top 10 Best Nick Jr. Shows

No they should be number 0 and take them off the list

I agree with the person under the person under me

*Worst, you mean?

Yes Paw Patrol is so super amazing 😀

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26 The pups fight a Nuclear Dragon who kills Chase

Wow. I was so annoyed by that loser Chase... AND NOW HE DIES? This is the coolest thing on the list.

New Episode: Pups and the Nuclear Dragon.
Story: The pups play in the lookout. Then a Nuclear dragon comes and sais "I want to kill you! "
Pups flee but Chase is brave eough to fight. He pounces but the dragon shoots toxic gas at him and he falls down, dead. The paw patrol bury him and then Skye becomes the new leader of the pups so she kicks them all out except Rocky and Everest and brings in other pups, like Tundra, Elsa and others.

27 Chase gets trolled in Minecraft

Chase walks around...
Chase: Say wha-
Chase: Seriously.

28 The pups kill Caillou

I'd say that Paw Patrol is better than Caillou because none of the characters in Paw Patrol whine, unlike Caillou does

Die Caillou but not goanamate Caillou

29 The make a movie and murder mlpyespawpatrolno
30 They get rid of the theme song

Definitely it makes my ears bleed it like listening to alive mice being blended

Every show needs a theme song so if they get rid of it they should create a new one.

31 Katie gets killed in Five Nights At Freddy's V 4 Comments
32 Varg Virkenes goes to Adventure Bay and burns Paw Patrol headquarters

Varg Virkenes? Who is this Varg Virkenes?


33 All the dogs get run over by a 16-wheeler

All the dogs got runover by the smokey and the bandit with his 16 wheeler frind LOL

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34 Chase forced to go alone

Chase is force to go alone and die. I love my doggo Chase, and he's a way better dog than the trash police.

Go alone and DIE? Lol

Wow. Good idea.

35 Arrested V 1 Comment
36 Princess Celestia teleports them to the moon V 1 Comment
37 Spot the Jaguar kills Ryder and the pups V 2 Comments
38 They get murdered by Tirek V 1 Comment
39 Justin Bieber sings to them all

Lol they would get so bored but the first song is COLD WATER

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40 They all get stomped on by Kraang Prime V 1 Comment
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