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61 The Ghostbusters Crossed the Streams on Them and Then Trap Them
62 Skye becomes Queen of Adventure Bay and sends Major Goodway to the mountains with Jake

That would be the coolest thing ever (well this would be after Chase dies, so Skye will love Rocky now but then he has to break up with Tundra which he doesn't care if he does).
Then Rocky will be the King. Ryder's ATV will explode, Marshall poops his pants, Rubble gets a bulldozer stuck in the Lookout, and Zuma is stuck inside it. LOL, it would be cool.

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63 Skye becomes Queen

If Skye becomes Queen, does Major Goodway leave? Or does she go to Jake's house... and meets Lady Rainicorn? oops went off track...

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64 Make an episode when Chase gets banished into the underworld and gets killed by Hades

Lol... the worst pup in the universe getting BANISHED INTO THE UNDERWORLD? And he gets KILLED by HADES? Lol

That would terrify the littlest.

Hades and his skeleton army will make Chase uncouncious in seconds. He will die and All other pups turn into girls!

65 They make them watch Milk Money
66 Zuma farts so bad he dies V 1 Comment
67 Sonic the Hedgehog explodes Adventure Bay and only Skye and Everest survive V 1 Comment
68 Make an episode when another new pup joins them

All this other stuff is rude nonsense and mlp trash. What if a new pup joins their team?

69 Dora kills them, then herself
70 The make a movie and murder mlpyespawpatrolno
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1. Cancel the Show
2. Tell Rarity to stick a knife through their heads
3. Do not make them say "Paw Patrol is on a roll" anymore
1. Ryder poops his pants
2. Someone gives Ryder a wedgie
3. Sky screams so loud she explodes



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