Top 10 Things That Should Happen to the Teen Titans

The toddler titans. WARNING: This list may contain some harsh thoughts. Please go onto another list if you find this creepy or scary.

The Top Ten

1 The toddler titans are thrown in jail forever

I though the Titans were supposed to be "Heroes"
In the original, they did their job.
In TTG, they do more crime than being a hero. - aarond9010

2 Robin looses his voice

So mean... but I think this should happen to Robin... I’m just picturing the titans dancing because of this... I really like this show... YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN!

3 MLP characters kill Raven

That is plain MEAN

4 Beast Boy gets beaten up by Peter Griffin and then he farts on him
5 Robin gets thrown down the stairs
6 Starfire gets her head shaved
7 Cyborg gets run over by a truck
8 Beast Boy gets kicked in the head multiple times until he bleeds from everywhere

That is just mean!

9 Robin gets eaten by a bear
10 Ed, Edd n' Eddy attack them

The Contenders

11 Raven gets hit by a big rock by Terra
12 Get headbutted by Jasper

I want to see this happen in an episode

13 Original Teen Titans Kill them
14 Spot the Jaguar kills them all
15 Everyone dies
16 Peridot smashes them with robot
17 Eren Yeager (From Attack on Titan) Commands Every Titan (Including the Beast Titan) to Slaughter the Toddler Titans.
18 Painbot spills the titans' blood by killing them with his powers
19 Ryder hits Robin with his ATV
20 Robin walks the street and Ryder hits him with his ATV
21 Use the Armageddon spell from the Ultima series to wipe out Teen Titans Go
22 Summon Kazuma Kiryu to destroy Robin
23 Send the Toddler Titans to hell
24 Have Joel and Vinny from Vinesauce kill the Toddler Titans
25 Send the Toddler Titans to Final Fantasy 10
26 Have the Original Teen Titans replace the Toddler Titans
27 Piss on the Toddler Titans
28 Invite Tidus into the show to annoy the Toddler Titans
29 Shoot Them
30 The Kids Next Door Take Them Down

Numbuh 1 burns Robin with a flamethrower
Numbuh 2 smashes Beast Boy in the head with a mace
Numbuh 3 slashes Raven with a katana
Numbuh 4 blows up Cyborg with a bazooka
Numbuh 5 slices Starfire to bits with a chainsaw - ZootopiaFan

31 The Mane Six take them down

Twilight would zap Robin with her magic
Applejack would kick Starfire in the face
Pinkie Pie would throw explosive balloons at Cyborg
Rarity would sew Raven's mouth and eyes shut
Fluttershy would get her bear to attack Beast Boy
Rainbow Dash would sonic rainboom into Terra - ZootopiaFan

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