Top Ten Things that Should Not Happen in 2018

I know 2017 just started, but I would like to make a list about 2018, the upcoming year. The 2010s happened so quickly, just like that. These things should never happen in 2018, or else it will be horrifying. I hope no legends and other people die this year.

The Top Ten

1 A nuclear war starts and almost everyone dies

Worse than anything, cause many people will die and not a lot of people will survive. - AnimeDrawer

I'm watching yo a

2 A new disease comes out and kills millions of people
3 Donald Trump fails to be a good president

I hope he does not become a bad president, his idea of becoming allies with Russia is good. But with all the bad things I have heard, I am not sure about him. I wish him luck that he does his job right. - AnimeDrawer

He is going to be elite. Trust me - GamerMike35

Like all he's done so far. - Therandom

Already has. - Rue

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4 More good musicians retire or die and bad musicians still make music

No, I don't want Tom to retire, he has always made good music, no bad songs. I don't want Dahvie Vanity to stay in the music, that guy should retire, I hope so. - AnimeDrawer

5 People become more overprotective and more restrictive
6 TheTopTens declines so much that it shuts down

Actually it might be the best thing to do. Let me tell you something before you get angry at me. The point is thetoptens used to be a great site. I always liked it but then the admins have changed the rules and now it's not the same as it's used to be. We can't control the rules and the admins and now a lot of things have happened. A lot of the great users retired, the new users are running out of ideas for lists, people keep bashing lists and others people opinions, and visitors can't make lists or add items to lists anymore. And now visitors can't post commentst on lists anymore. I have the feeling that this comment that I have posted will not last that long and will get deleted in a few days. Whowever said that if comments will keep getting delet the site will fade away is right. I have the feeling this site will not last that long. If the admins will not change the rules and bring back everything to normal the site will sadly shut down forever! I don't know how long will the site ...more

This website sucks so much now. I wouldn't care that much. - Therandom

If comments continue to be arbitrarily deleted, or not posted at all, it will indeed fade away.

Hell no. I love this crappy site. - TwilightKitsune

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7 Cartoon Network makes shows that are even worse than before


Regular Show got cancelled, which was sad. SU, TAWOG, and WBB are decent shows, but Adventure Time is the best. I think that the new Ben 10 is gonna suck - PrematureTrumpedPermute

8 More bad spin off movies are made that ruin the original movies
9 Jacob Sartorius wins a Grammy for Best Album of the Year

That would just freak me out! - micahisthebest

That image scars me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Sanjay and Craig gets a reboot

Well, if it's a decent version, with zero fart jokes and was more like Regular Show and Adventure Time, I'd actually like it. - TwilightKitsune

I agree with what Twilight said. If it has less toilet jokes, I'd like it. - PrematureTrumpedPermute

The Contenders

11 Steven Universe ends

The fandom will not like it, based on how rabid it is... - Neonco31

It's probably going to end at Season 5 - PrematureTrumpedPermute

Please do - GamerMike35

12 World War 3 starts

This mostly likely will happen this year. - Rue

Did Donald Trump start it? - micahisthebest

13 Teen Titans Go! airs new episodes
14 an Emoji Movie sequel
15 A Teen Titans Go movie

It should be number 1!

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