Top 10 Things That Should've Happened In the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy


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1 Jar Jar Should've Died Jar Jar Should've Died

No! I like jar jar he added a lot to the series (by that I mean one thing a darth jar jar theory) but still he doesn't deserve to die!

Should've died? He should never have existed in the first place.

The greatest accident ever created in the history of the life of George Lucas

Yeah there was a seen where jar jar died! WHY DID HE LIVE! - steelers1979

2 Mace Windu Should've Killed Palpatine Mace Windu Should've Killed Palpatine

Then the Original Trilogy wouldn't make sense, though.

He couldn't have. Palpatine was holding back. He unleashed his full force powers after Anakin cut off his hand, not because he couldn't have, but because he needed Anakin to participate on his side. Otherwise he wouldn't have revealed his being the sith lord to Anakin and the duel would never have happened. Mace did NOT best Palpatine, and thus, couldn't have killed him.

If he would have killed him, An akin wouldn't have turned evil, Pad me wouldn't have died, and younglings would have lived.

If Anakin didn't turn evil the prequels would make no sense and Darth Vader wouldn't have a reason to be Darth Vader

3 Ahsoka Tano And Captain Rex Should've Appeared In Episode lll Ahsoka Tano And Captain Rex Should've Appeared In Episode lll

Ahsoka is a important character to the Star Wars universe but at the end of the day her leaving makes her character a lot more interesting and putting her in a film would be amazing too but it should be Rouge One or she should have her own movie or T.V. show. But the prequels don't need to be rebooted or changed because that's why SWTCW was made. All of you ungrateful bastards, just be happy Gorge Lucas made more movies even if they were horrible.

It would make Star Wars a lot more interesting, that's for sure.

4 Darth Maul should've been in Ep. 2 and 3

Killing maul off after 1 movie was a huge mistake. He should have stuck around and been a recurring enemy for anakin and obi wan to face off with. - Jackamalio

Easily the best thing from episode 1, and he was just thrown aside. Why? For Count Dooku? He is a boring character. Darth Maul could've been developed further had he been in the other movies

Yes - 2storm

5 Obi-wan Should've Killed Anakin Obi-wan Should've Killed Anakin

Then there won't be a Darth Vader and the originals won't exist - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

6 Count Dooku Should've Been In Episode 1

That would make Dooku a so much better character

7 Commander Cody Should've Stayed Good
8 Yoda Should've Killed Sidious

But this could have never happened sidious was alive in 4-6 and they were written first - Batmaniscole

9 Count Dooku Should've Lived
10 Obi Wan Should Have Had a Love Interest

So cute! I want him to fall in love he deserves it - Stevenuniversefangirl

He did have in the clone wars series - Lemmingnator

That would be so cute. - Stevenuniversefangirl

€�A Jedi shall not know anger, nor hatred, nor love.

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11 Anakin Should've Killed Obi-wan Anakin Should've Killed Obi-wan

And then what? Obi-Wan gets resurrected so he can appear in the original trilogy? This would screw up the story.


12 Jar Jar should have turned into Snoke

People were dissatisfied with Jar Jar (to put it lightly) as well as Snoke. They are both tall, have people who hate them... It all fits! - Cyri

I haven't laughed so hard on the internet until I saw this lmfao

I didn't add all this. - Noah_Carnes

I laughed so hard

13 Mustafar Should've Blown Up During Lightsaber Duel
14 C-3P0 Should Have Had a Love Interest

Just so you are aware, I didn't add all this silly stuff to the list. Someone I know did.

What? I think this isn't a very good idea. I find it very silly (not a good kind) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Just so you are aware, I didn't add all this silly stuff to the list. Someone I know did, and I really didn't want them to. - Noah_Carnes

15 It should have had a better script

This is on of the trilogy's biggest problems.

16 Savage Opress Should've Lived
17 Padme Should Have Become Darth Padme

I would agree on this. That'll make her a somewhat original Captain Phasma. That would've been awesome. Should've been named: Captain Amidala, or Darth Mistress. LOL! - asantalo

It should have.

18 It Should Have Showed More Princess Leia
19 The Prequels Shouldn't Have Existed

Then Characters Like Darth Maul,General Grievous and Jango Fett Wouldn't Even Exist and the Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Anakin Skywalker Wouldn't Exist But Most Importantly Darth Vader's NO - s646451

20 Admiral Ackbar Should Have Been in the Movie

This entry is a trap. - Cyri


21 Jar Jar Should Have Tried to Shoot the Chancellor
22 Boba Fett Should Have Gone After the Jedi
23 Yoda Should Have Sensed Rey
24 Darth Jar Jar Should've Happened
25 It should've had better acting
26 Anakin and Padmé should Leave Obi-Wan to Die

Would totally change Star Wars!

27 Padme should have stayed alive
28 Han Solo Should Have Been Shown as a Baby
29 Qui-Gon Jinn Should Have Adopted Anakin
30 Qui-Gon Jinn Should Have Talked to Obi-Wan as a Force Ghost
31 Darth Maul Should Have Married Ventress
32 It Should Have Showed Jyn Erso as a Baby
33 Padme should have lived
34 Qui-Gon Jinn should have lived

He was obi wan's mentor and he should've either lived or came back as a force ghost

35 Jango Fett should have survived
36 Anakin Should Have Slaughtered More Tusken Raiders
37 Boba Fett Should Have Been in Episode III
38 More Emperor Palpatine
39 More Tarkin
40 Anakin should have stayed good
41 Darth Maul's real name as well as both Dooku's and Grievous' given names

I'm not sure Maul is the Zabrak's true name. He must have some like his brother Savage, I mean both a given name and a surname, like Maul Oppress. As for count Dooku and general Grievous, their given names yet have to be revealed.

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