Top Ten Things Some Feminists Get Offended Over


The Top Ten

1 Masculinity
2 Conservatives
3 Men

Only the freak feminists the ones who ruined feminism.

4 Pro-Lifers

Only the "chauvinistic feminists" hate pro lifers. There are a great many women that are pro life, and see abortion as nothing more than 'legalized infanticide.' - clusium

5 Jokes
6 Islamophobia

Which is SO ironic.

Shouldn't any sane person be?

7 Christianity Christianity

I'm a woman and this is why I'm not a feminist.

8 Gender equality

Feminism can also be hypocritical themselves.

9 The way men sit

You can't offended by the way a man sits and you shouldn't change a man's sitting position by nagging at him!

10 The existence of men

I'm a woman and this is crossing the line.

Seriously?! Not all of us are rapists! - BorisRule

The Contenders

11 Skinny people

Why would a feminist get offended over skinny people? That's body shaming!

12 Rape
13 Sexism
14 Rape jokes
15 Donald Trump Donald Trump

Maddox121 I was referring about how Donald Trump was calling women fat, ugly and how mean he was towards them.

Donald Trump objectifies every females in a very wrong way.

But this is the only thing they should get triggered about - ihatetrump

I hate Trump I agree with you.

16 Men talking to them

It depends on the way how a man speaks to a woman and the same goes of the other way around.

17 Men being near them

It depends on the way how a man goes near a woman, and vice versa.

18 Guns

Gun violence are dangerous.

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