Top Ten Things Some Feminists Get Offended Over


The Top Ten

1 Masculinity
2 Conservatives
3 Men

Only the freak feminists the ones who ruined feminism.

Of course. - Userguy44

4 Pro-Lifers

Only the "chauvinistic feminists" hate pro lifers. There are a great many women that are pro life, and see abortion as nothing more than 'legalized infanticide.' - clusium

5 Jokes
6 Islamophobia

Which is SO ironic.

Shouldn't any sane person be?

7 Christianity Christianity

I'm a woman and this is why I'm not a feminist.

8 Gender equality

Feminism can also be hypocritical themselves.

9 The way men sit

You can't offended by the way a man sits and you shouldn't change a man's sitting position by nagging at him!

10 The existence of men

I'm a woman and this is crossing the line.

Seriously?! Not all of us are rapists! - BorisRule

The Contenders

11 Skinny people

Why would a feminist get offended over skinny people? That's body shaming!

12 Rape
13 Sexism
14 Rape jokes

Off course you shouldn't make rape jokes. They're hurtful and discusting! Plus, the people that haven't been raped before at all does NOT know how others (the raped ones) feel. I feel very sad for them.

15 Donald Trump Donald Trump

Maddox121 I was referring about how Donald Trump was calling women fat, ugly and how mean he was towards them.

Donald Trump objectifies every females in a very wrong way.

Maddox 121 Why don't you turn your cap locks off and type like a normal human being!

I hate Trump I agree with you.

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16 Men talking to them

It depends on the way how a man speaks to a woman and the same goes of the other way around.

17 Men being near them

It depends on the way how a man goes near a woman, and vice versa.

18 Guns

Gun violence are dangerous.

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