Things We Don't Understand Why Certain People Like

The Top Ten

1 Emos that like Twenty One Pilots

THEY ARE NOT AN EMO BAND. They are a pop band. There are no guitars. There is little to no punk screaming. - PhoebeThunderman

I wouldn't call them a pop band. I'd say more of a rock or electronic band.

Not trying to be rude, but any person can enjoy whatever they want.

2 Weeaboos that like Adventure Time

This show is not influenced by anime. The Fionna and Cake episodes should have never happened as that attracted many weebs to the show. - PhoebeThunderman

3 People that like fetish art

I'm GLAD I don't understand them. - Ananya

4 People who hate Minions, but have never seen Despicable Me 1
5 People that play video games, while talking about current events
6 Emo weebs that like Littlest Pet Shop
7 Emo weebs that like Animal Jam
8 Kids that like Call of Duty

Because people can like whatever the want.

The truth is: A lot of kids play this game.

9 Kids who are too young to be on social media, but still do it

Because such kids don't want good childhood memories I guess - Ananya

10 Kids who think Teen Titans Go is better than the original Teen Titans
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