Top Ten Things to Wish for If You Had Unlimited Wishes


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1 A diseased friend or family member to be cured

Such a sad thing when you have a seriously ill family member - jmepa1234

2 Ability to time travel

Alright let's go back to the future 10/21/15! - Danguy10

With this you could go back in time infinity to find a cure for death and make # 1 on this list invalid.

I guess you won't be needing the "unlimited" wish plan, after all... - Billyv

This can complete your all wishes

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3 Unlimited money
4 A machine to make you know everything

Who wouldn't like to know everything? That just eliminates the need for number 1 don't you think?

That means no school - jbella9000

Goodbye, school! - FireWasp2004

5 Cool house features
6 For you to be king/queen

Nah, I don't wanna be a leader. I'm terrible at leading - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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7 To visit a favorite movie or show
8 Ability to freeze time V 1 Comment
9 Ability to save a dead loved one

I would use this to revive my grandparents. - Pegasister12

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10 Bring back a TV show that was cancelled

Why didn't I think of this! - RockStarr

They take off good shows and replace them with stupid ones. I hate that!

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? Become the richest person in Hollywood
? Marry any celebrity you want

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11 Immortality

Immortality is painful. You never age, while your family and friends do. Slowly, one by one each die. You will never be able to see them again, only in memory. You can't access heaven to see them. You will be stuck with the pain of grief forever. No thank you. - Pegasister12

12 Ability to see heaven and hell before you die
13 To be able to go into a book and live through the plot

I definitely would not like to live through the psychological thrillers I read. - Britgirl

That would be a dream come true! - AnonymousChick

14 To be indestructible
15 To have unlimited wishes
16 Ability to know when people tell the truth

I want to have this ability because there are so many liars at my class - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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17 Ability to delete memories

Every time I watch a great movie or listen to an awesome song, I always feel kind of sad that I won't ever be able to experience that movie or that song like I did while watching or listening to it the first time.

I really need this. I can finally delete the memories of me making big mistakes, which I somehow can't forget no matter how much I try - FireWasp2004

18 A machine that creates anything you wish

I could make my favorite fictional characters into real people. That would be awesome!

19 To visit any place in the world
20 Ability to sing amazingly V 1 Comment
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1. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
2. A machine to make you know everything
3. Cool house features
1. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
2. Ability to time travel
3. Bring back a TV show that was cancelled
1. Ability to save a dead loved one
2. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
3. Ability to time travel

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