Top Ten Things to Wish for If You Had Unlimited Wishes


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1 A diseased friend or family member to be cured

Such a sad thing when you have a seriously ill family member - jmepa1234

2 Ability to time travel

I would go back in time to prevent myself from getting a car accident - drakkhen91

I would kill Hitler. - RoseWeasley

I could prevent Six Flags Astroworld from closed therefore Houston will still have a theme park!

I would go to 1994 and see myself as a toddler

3 Unlimited money

So I can bring back Astroworld and Nara Dreamland and open an amusement park of my own as well.

YES because my relatives are so cheap to me so this way I can buy whatever I want whenever I want! ’

4 Ability to freeze time

I wish this was possible!

5 A machine to make you know everything

Who wouldn't like to know everything? That just eliminates the need for number 1 don't you think?

That means no school - jbella9000

6 Cool house features

I would get a game room, hot tub, water park and amusement park in backyard, ball pit, and lots more! AWESOME!

7 Bring back a TV show that was cancelled

I would bring back Hercules the Animated Series

Why didn't I think of this! - RockStarr

They take off good shows and replace them with stupid ones. I hate that!

8 To visit a favorite movie or show

I would live on Olympus in Disney's Hercules

9 Ability to save a dead loved one

I would do this to save Disneyanime1234 from car crash
naFrovivruS from pneumonia
Michael Jackson from drug overdose
My relatives from diseases
Stefan Karl from cancer
AGP from diseases
John Lennon and Chrisitna Grimmie from murder
And Stephen Hillenburg from ALS - BorisRule

I would use this to revive my grandparents. - Pegasister12

I would do this to save DisneyAnime1234 - TwilightKitsune

10 For you to be king/queen

Wouldn't this be everyone elses wish? - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 Ability to know when people tell the truth

If it's like that,life will be much more dull. - SamuiNeko

12 Immortality

I will make myself and my relatives all immortal and all my worst enemies will stay mortal so they can die for making my life miserable! >

Immortality is painful. You never age, while your family and friends do. Slowly, one by one each die. You will never be able to see them again, only in memory. You can't access heaven to see them. You will be stuck with the pain of grief forever. No thank you. - Pegasister12

13 Ability to create planets

This ability would ensure the survival of the human race, you could create planets that are clean and perfect for humans and animals to colonize. - DJSchollen

14 To have unlimited wishes

My number 1 wish though is for Six Flags Astroworld and Nara Dreamland to have never closed and to have stayed in the great shape they were before they went downhill!

15 Ability to see heaven and hell before you die
16 Ability to sing amazingly

Then win the X factor

17 To be indestructible
18 To be able to go into a book and live through the plot

I definitely would not like to live through the psychological thrillers I read. - Britgirl

That would be a dream come true! - AnonymousChick

19 Ability to delete memories

I would delete all my bad memories such as getting yelled at by my parents and my teachers being mean to me

Every time I watch a great movie or listen to an awesome song, I always feel kind of sad that I won't ever be able to experience that movie or that song like I did while watching or listening to it the first time.

20 A machine that creates anything you wish

I could make my favorite fictional characters into real people. That would be awesome!

21 To Make Everything Free

I would make everything free FREE ME ONLY and everyone else would have to pay instead

If that were to happen, more crimes would happen and etc.

22 For Christianity to end

Not all Christians are bad - BorisRule

23 End animal abuse
24 To visit any place in the world

I would wish for the power of teleportation

25 To be able to live and be the protagonists of every video game you ever play, accompanied by a friend or two
26 To be able to meet your friends in TheTopTens in real life

This. I would love to do that! - Userguy44

27 To have never met certain people

There are some people I REALLY wish I never even met for one reason or another.

28 To meet your favorite celebrities

Although I will probably never get the chance, I think it would be great to meet some of my favorite celebrities. These are the ones I would want to meet most:
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Marilyn Manson
- Steven Tyler
- Alice Cooper
- Benjamin Orr
- Billy Drago
- Vincent Price
Sadly, Benjamin Orr and Vincent Price are deceased, have been for years. R.I.P. You were both amazing!

29 To look and stay young forever

I'm over 18, but I still maintain the appearance of a teenager, and still have the mind of one. If it were up to me, I would stay about 17 or 18 forever.

30 For people to stop hating and killing each other
31 For politicians to stop being corrupt

That would be nice, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

32 To be who you are in your own world

You could be the same person in reality as you are in your mind. I would really love that.

33 Absolute Strength
34 A unicorn
35 A powerful warlord

That's my dream. - Therandom

36 Half Life 3 to Come Out
37 To meet your favorite band of all time
38 For Obama supporters to die a painful death
39 To have everything you want
40 To rule the world

Not a good idea. - Userguy44

I can control everything I want

41 To have a perfect best friend
42 To be your favorite animal for 24 hours.

I can't think of anything I'd want more than to be a cat for a day. It would be so exciting. - Catlover2004

43 For Pokemon to be real
44 For your favorite fictional characters to become real

But be careful - BorisRule

45 Identical twin sibling
46 Make someone fall madly deeply in love you

I exactly know who. - Userguy44

47 To become the most famous person in the universe
48 To have no rules in wishes
49 To have the most perfect singing voice
50 To look insanely pretty
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1. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
2. A machine to make you know everything
3. Cool house features
1. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
2. Ability to time travel
3. Bring back a TV show that was cancelled
1. Ability to save a dead loved one
2. A diseased friend or family member to be cured
3. Ability to time travel

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