Top 10 Things Writers Are Sick of Hearing


The Top Ten

1 Put me in the story!

Funny story (pun intended, sorry): Someone asked to be put in the story. They died very quickly in an arena battle. - Cyri

Pun? What pun? No pun here.

2 When's the story done?

The more pressure you give, the later. I need to breathe! - Cyri

It's done this summer. Then I get into some seemingly unrelated books that tie into my next main series. - Cyri

I get annoyed with this question all the time - toptendudes

3 You just can't write like (insert writer here)

I've had this so many times. The moment I stated who my favourite authors are, my own personal writing style was compared to them. Well, no, thankfully I don't write like them; I have my own 'voice'. I merely use my favourite writers as a reliable source of inspiration and encouragement. - Britgirl

Because that writer is not possessing me. Nobody writes the same way. - Cyri

4 Write (insert genre here), not the one you write.

Write what you are comfortable writing. - Cyri

5 Writing is a linear process, right?

No. No it isn't. - Cyri

6 Just kill off (insert character name here)!

Characters, in their writer's brain, are like people within the mind and the page. When they die, the writer can feel like they lost something. - Cyri

Some fans are so messed up in the head that they send death threats to writers over who gets killed off or not. What is wrong with people? - Zach808

How about I kill you instead - RustyNail

As in the person suggesting it, or do you dislike me? Either one's acceptable, I can't please everyone. - Cyri

7 Writer's block doesn't matter, just keep going!

I have experienced writer's block but I just find ways to overcome it and nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. There is inspiration everywhere you look. - Britgirl

I should really heed my own advice on a "most annoying things while writing" list. (The title's something of that nature) - Cyri

Oh, for goodness' sake, it is affecting me right now! It is tough to get past sometimes! - Cyri

8 Make it more realistic.

People confuse "realistic" and "believable" quite often. A dragon, for example, is never realistic, but they can be believable in the story's world. - Cyri

9 That's already a thing.

Sometimes, that's the case. Other times, it's not. (If a select few of you are reading this, Nira is NOT a Peril clone! ) - Cyri

10 *Looks at first draft* Wow, you suck.

It's a first draft, nobody gets the story right on the first try! - Cyri

The Contenders

11 You should write this how I want it to be or I won't read your work anymore

As is the case with all art, unfortunately. Some people just have to have it their way. - Cyri

12 Writing is easy

Thank you to the person who added this! It is only easy sometimes. It takes incredible patience. - Cyri

13 You must be a terrible speller.

Oh come on! We writers do go back over and fix spelling! In't not that big of deal! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

14 The main character will marry me?

No, they won't. I know exactly who ends up with whom. - Cyri

15 Oh, this character did (insert action here), they must be (insert weird lore thing here)!

It's so hard to tell so many people no, and it gets annoying fast. - Cyri

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