Top Ten Things You Don't Spend Enough Time Doing

The Top Ten Things You Don't Spend Enough Time Doing

1 Studying

Yea I should probably work on that - NightJinx

2 Working Out

I don't have a workout regime or go to the gym (I can't be bothered to become obsessed with it) but I run / jog and swim about five days a week. I also dance; all of these are really more of a hobby than taking exercise seriously. Housework is good for working out too - it's just not as much fun. - Britgirl

I have tried working out and it doesn't work at all! 😠

3 Being Out in the Sun

I suffer from sun sensitivity so If I'm outside too long I may become barbecued human! :(

Nah I don’t want to look like a tomato. - NightJinx

Ew no thanks - BananaBrain

4 Sleeping
5 Playing Sports
6 Having Sex

I'm losing my virginity soon so there's that ✌ - BananaBrain

There’s other things in life. - NightJinx

7 Volunteering
8 Spending Time with Family

No! Families (and pets) comes first! 😭

9 Educating Yourself on Social Matters
10 Watching Television

The Contenders

11 Being on The Internet

I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the internet

I'm on the internet rn - BananaBrain

12 Spending Time with Friends

I do that all the time lol - BananaBrain

13 Going on Vacations

I'm going to the Poconos this summer so yee - BananaBrain

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