Top 10 Things You'd Like to Throw at Elsa from Frozen


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141 Flaming Paper Airplanes
142 Dirty Diapers

Yeah let's do this and then she'll look pretty not!

143 Flaming Baseballs
144 Endermen

Preferably the Ender Lord from Legendary Beasts.

145 Caillou

Now they'll both get bruises &I cry!

V 1 Comment
146 Lions V 1 Comment
147 Flaming Men's Underwear

Make sure it has waste stains because I hate elsa

148 Tough Guys
149 A Pufferfish
150 Hot Coals
151 A Giant Asian Hornet's Nest
152 Volcano V 1 Comment
153 Kraken Kraken The Kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.
154 Riana Rouge

Let me guess another Fake Anna is here. - Anonymousxcxc

Princess Anna of Arendelle: oh goodness no! You will never throw Riana Rouge at my big sister. - elsafan66

155 Sepiroth
156 Lord Hater

Feeding the troll! Feeding feeding, The troll the troll - TheKirbyCreeper999

157 Rapunzel Rapunzel Rapunzel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short sequel Tangled Ever After. She is the tenth Disney Princess, the first Disney Princess to be CGI-animated, and the first Disney Princess to have freckles or green eyes.
158 Baymax's glorious rocket fist
159 Hornet Nest
160 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips

Trevor will murder elsa by putting gas on her face, blow her up in a gas station and throw her body into the ocean.

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