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21 A Scarf for Percy

This episode is amazing! My favorite 3rd season and classic series episode!

The accident never gaets old!

22 Thomas Saves the Day

Someone had already posted this, and then it was gone?! This is my favourite because in this episode, Thomas gets his branch line

23 A Close Shave

I love this episode so much. My favorite part is when Duck said, "It's too late! " One time, I did a pumpkin project out the book. I used green paint for the sides, gray paint for the face, black paint for the eyes and mouth and the number 8, and I used cotton balls for the shaving cream. I was in second place.

24 Thomas and the Firework Display
25 Trouble for Thomas

WHAT?! My 2nd favorite episode of Season 1 is only #10 on the best episodes ever list?! Well at least it's something. Very good episode, with a very good scene with Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks. - TheThomas5252

26 Percy's Chocolate Crunch

My all time favorite episode

27 Time for Trouble
28 Tender Engines

I love this episode, Henry was funny.

29 Horrid Lorry

Great episode, one of the best from season 5, introduction to the Lorries and Butch too!

30 Dirty Objects
31 Donald and Douglas V 2 Comments
32 The Sad Story of Henry

My favorite episode hands down.

33 Rusty and the Boulder
34 Thomas and the Trucks

I've always loved the plot and the music in this episode. - FinnsWorld

Look out for the train!

35 Molly's Special Special
36 Thomas and the Jet Engine

This episode may not be very realistic, but as a kid, it was an absolute blast. The fast pace, energetic music, and the other engines' reactions to Thomas racing at high speeds across Sodor was what really made this episode great. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

37 Tickled Pink
38 Percy's Ghostly Trick
39 Thomas and Stepney
40 Thomas, Percy and the Post Train

This is the best Thomas episode ever made.
Thomas and Percy are the two best trains

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