Top 10 Men's Watches

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1 Frank Muller

Iv got one. My grandfather gave it to me

2 Rolex Daytona

My grandfather wears it. It looks kinda cool.

3 Breitling Navitimer

No substitute, Breitling hands down my favorite wrist watch! Bold, beautiful, elegant, smart, and the only watch in the room that looks like a million dollars while dinning with friends at the Chez' Paul.

Totally classic Breitling design. The first watch with the circular slide rule bezel. Its been around since the 1940's and to this day is a smart classic design.

A show stopper. When your jacket slides up while reaching across the table, it generates a conversation all unto itself.

A timeless sporty classy watch.

4 Baume & Mercier

Every man needs a symbol of hip understated elegance flashing from his wrist. Here it is, gentlemen. Recognized for its classic lines, polished stainless steel and fine alligator strap, Baume & Mercier's Hampton Milleis watch is number 9 on The Style Group's Top 10 Men's Watches List. $4900

Solid, and underrated

5 Longines Lindbergh

Co designed by Charles Lindbergh, one of the original Aeronautical watches. Classic, smart enamel faced watch.

6 Audemars Piguet

Sliding into sixth on the Top 10 Men's Watches List is The Style Group's pick: the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch. With its unique octagonal form, titanium case and sporty influence, this watch is perfect for the man on the move who always wants to look good! $20,000.

The royalty of watches

7 Jeager-Le Coultre

Coming in second on The Style Group's Top 10 Men's Watches List is Jaeger-Le Coultre's Master Geographic watch. Designed by the much-celebrated jeweler, the Geographic is handsome looking with a polished white gold case and brown crocodile strap. $15,900

8 Vacheron Dual-Time

At number 4 is the Vacheron Constantin Malte Dual Time Regulator Watch. This makes The Style Group's Top 10 Men's Watches List for its sleek stainless steel and contrasting stylish black leather strap. This is one watch no man should be without! $20,500

9 Bulgari Diagono

The Style Group selects the Bulgari Diagono Sport Watch for the eighth spot on the Top 10 Men's Watches List. Constructed from premium grade stainless steel, it features bold, innovative lines and expert craftsmanship that proves it to be a must-have watch for men. $18,000

10 De Grisogono

Not to be outdone is De Grisogono Instrumento watch. Oozing utter sophistication, it is made from the finest stainless steel and displays a black guilloche, galvanized dial and two time zones. This smooth design takes the number 5 spot on The Style Group's Top 10 Men's Watches List. $10,000

The Contenders
11 Omega

It has the most gorgeous mechanical watches.

James Bond, and the olympics. Need I say more?

12 Tag Heuer Monaco

Paul Newman wore the original in the film 'Le Mans'. A classic sports square faced smart watch.

13 Patek Phillipe

It's simple the best, no other company except A Lange and Sohne has the ability to compete with the greatest watch company in the world. Their watches are clearly the best in the world.

14 Casio G-Shock

Casio the best Japan watch technology!

By far the best

15 Rado
16 Tissot
17 Casio Edifice
18 Rolex
19 Cartier Pasha

No list is complete without Cartier! Rounding out the Top 10 Men's Watches List is a Style Group favorite: the Cartier Pasha. This men's chronograph is a sporty style that is extremely refined with its stainless steel craftsmanship and luminous hands. $4,800

20 Emporio Armani
21 Hublot

Hublot is the best and must reliable.

22 Seiko
23 Ferragamo Timepieces
24 Zenith
25 Versace
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